Heavies playlists is LIVE and it’s FUN!!!


Okay, yes, I know it went live yesterday. Point is, I was having a lot of fun playing it, I didn’t stop to write up an article about it.

So there are two main gametypes within Heavies. Team Heavies, which is what it sounds like and Kill of the Hill. Honestly, if there are others, I didn’t notice as those two were all people were voting for.

I played on Ragnarok, Vortex, Wreckage, and Shatter. Now for one, I’ve got to say, I’m happy that enough people have the DLC that I could play on those maps in matchmaking, instead of custom games.

Heavies was/is definitely needed and a VERY welcome return to Halo, in my opinion. I wish it were a permanent playlist or integrated with BTB!

Back in my Halo 3 days I used to rush the Scorpion. It was BEAST back then and could take one hell of a beating. In Halo 4 though, while it’s shots are powerful, it’s armor isn’t quite so. Instead of getting into vehicles, much of the time I was going about the map destroying vehicles by any means necessary. This included sniping, Spartan laser, sticky detonator, over-charged plasma pistol then sticking it with a nade or boarding it to melee it to death.

It was EXTREMELY FUN! This isn’t a playlist for the uber hardcore competitive players. Well, it can be, but don’t expect it to be. It definitely caters more to the casual and casually competitive crowd. Callouts help, but when you’ve got all sorts of vehicle mayhem going on, it almost isn’t needed. That said, a good Banshee pilot can be VERY pesky, which happened on a couple of occasions.

I went into the playlist with the thought that I was going to focus on killing Scorpions as I’m trying to finish that commendation. However, while that didn’t go out the window, I found that I was just enjoying the WHOLE game of carnage.

So folks, do yourselves a favor for the next two weeks and play some Heavies!


Slow day for Halo, NOT…Matchmaking discussion on twitter! (Synopsis)

Today was pretty slow for Halo stuff, until Carl from Virgin gaming asked what farming techniques might be applied in Halo.

As well, BS Angel asked what our favorite and least favorite gametypes were in Halo 4.

I had plenty of tweets back and forth with both of them.

While tweeting with Carl, I mentioned my ideas for tiered weapons drops. This would be based on number of kills and you would get ver specific weapons in those drops. None of the randomness as it is now.

For example:
• Tier 1 – Awarded at 5 kills. You get your choice of Shotgun or Needler.
• Tier 2 – Awarded at 10 kills. You get your choice of DMR, Carbine or Concussion Rifle.
• Tier 3 – Awarded at 15 kills. You get your choice of Rocket Launcher or Fuel Rod.
• Tier 4 – Awarded at 20 kills. You get your choice of Sniper or Incineration Cannon.

Along the way, someone (I think it was Cyren from Beyond) added that there should be a death penalty placed upon this.  Basically you die, you either lose ALL of the meter towards those weapons drops or at least SOME of it. I definitely agree with that.

If this were instituted, skilled players would be rewarded for skill and those not so skilled wouldn’t. Yes, that might deter some from playing, however, it also takes out much of the awful randomness that Infinity drops put in the game currently. At present you can’t rely on what power weapons are on the map. With the ideas above, it still would be hard, but you’d know that later into the game, more powerful weapons are going to pop up. Also, you and/or your teammates can call-out in game when they are making a drop so your whole team knows when that weapons in coming into the game.

That adds tactics, which also equate to a portion of skill.

The tweets between BS Angel and myself talked about playlists. I mentioned I liked Team Objective the most. While I dont’ really have a least favorite, I mentioned CTF. Now, don’t get all “WHAT THE HELL” on me. I LOVE CTF. However, when 343 took out Team Objective and put just CTF in it’s place, WE the players LOST our ability to choose. This is PARAMONT to continued success of the game. Also, consider there are commendations to get in the likes of Oddball and King of the Hill for examples. Making those gametypes only available in the rotational playlists or in the rarely voted on option in BTB makes it difficult to work on those commendations.

Along the way, Cruellegacy (former Waypoint moderator) chimed in and mentioned how working on commendations changes gameplay. I do agree with that. However, changing playlists in a way that takes out CHOICE for we gamers changes what GAME those players are going to play. By that I mean, MANY people bolted for other games rather than sticking with Halo. Why? Well, certainly in part because classic playlists like Team Objective were gone. Team Objective was VERY popular in Halo 3 and Reach. Why 343 decided to take it out still confounds me to know end.

I’ll admit, I prefer objective over slayer matches any day of the week. I like the idea of working toward something OTHER than just killing an opponent. It adds more of a reason as to why you’re playing. Well, it does for me anyway.

So, if you want to see what all the hub-bub was about, I invite you to check out my twitter feed at: https://twitter.com/HaloFanForLife or @HaloFanForLife. And please, if you do, give me a follow if you haven’t already! THANKS!


I LOVE Halo Paintball!

So I played several games of Paintball yesterday and had a blast. I played a couple on my own, then a few with my friend, Brent. After a few games I brought in another friend, Erickyboo and then a surprise… Petetheduck himself! Yep, Pete’s a friend of mine. So when he popped on, I sent him a game invite and he joined in for several games. It was quite fun playing with the fella who created the map itself. BTW, Pete did pretty darn good in those games… Pete joined another party of friends while Brent, Eric and I partied up with a bunch of other friends.


If you haven’t played Paintball yet in Action Sack, let me give you the lo-down on the settings.

• 1 life per round
• 5 rounds per game
• Mobility perk only
• NO jumping
• No grenades
• Unlimited Plasma Pistol ammo

Scoring is a bit weird in this, but honestly, I didn’t care about scoring at all. I was out to have fun and get those Plasma Pistol kills!

When the game starts, you’re right next to the wall where there is a soft kill boundary. Take a few steps forward and you’re out of it easily, so no worries.

The game is pretty fast paced with nearly everyone spamming plasma shots from the get-go. I got kills from across the map this way (and was also killed that way too….). Rounds tend to last no more than 20-30 seconds or at least it seems like that. Of course the time for each round is longer, but I honestly can’t say how long as we never even got close to a round going the distance.

For those worried about K/D, consider that since you only have ONE life per round in a five round game, the WORST you can do is go 0-5.That’s EASY to come back from, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I had some really good games and some not so good. However, the key to this is that I was having FUN as well as working on my Plasma Pistol commendation. I knocked out more than 70 plasma pistol kills yesterday. That’s more than the 14 MONTHS preceding it playing Halo 4 nearly everyday. So yeah, this is GREAT for working on your Plasma Pistol kills!

I’m sure you can tell by this article that I HIGHLY support Paintball. I’ve been campaigning for it to be in Matchmaking for many months. I have no clue if any of my campaigning for it helped get it into matchmaking. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m just happy Paintball is IN. I’ll be playing this hardcore every night at least until I get my Plasma Pistol commendation done. So if you want to work on yours as well AND have some fun, send me a game invite over XBOX LIVE to my gamertag: HaloFanForLife1. I’m trying to be on at roughly 7pm EST each night and play for at least 2 hours.


Team DLC and Paintball are in matchmaking!

Today is first day back for Team DLC. This playlist will only be available for two weeks folks. So, if you bought the DLC, jump into the playlist and get your monies worth!

Also, the fun new Paintball gametype has been added to the Action Sack playlist. I’m personally going to be looking to play this one a lot for the next couple of weeks. I want to finish the commendation for Plasma Pistol kills!

If you want to game with me in either playlist over the next couple of weeks, send me a game invite to my gamertag: HaloFanForLife1


343 Artist Shae Shatz posts a new piece of cool Concept art!


The above in Shae’s words:

The concept above was done for HALO 4. It was some work for a portion of a level that was ultimately scaled down so the team could execute it within time limits. Along the course of this experience, one would encounter a series of banshees in water that was knee deep while fighting a variety of other foes. 

So now I’m curious which level this was to be? There are a few places I can think of that this could have been added.


Rocket Race is up and playable!


The Rocket Race playlist is now available, and will be playable until January 6th. In this game type, players race with a Mongoose, partner, and Rocket Launcher to each checkpoint. The game type is available on the following maps: Exile, Meltdown, Shatter, Wreckage, Vortex, Ragnarok, Longbow, Harvest, Daybreak, and Complex.

Played the DLC maps in Halo 4 lately?

I will say that it is bit frustrating not being able to play on DLC maps paid for. I for one am of the mind that there needs to be a DLC specific playlist. Yes, map sizes vary widely so some DLC maps may be better than others depending on party size.

So I’d suggest a Team Slayer DLC playlist and a BTB DLC playlist.

The maps for each would breakdown as follows:

Team Slayer DLC (4v4):

BTB DLC (8v8):

Broken up like this, there is a good distribution of maps per DLC playlist. Of the ones I put in for Team Slayer DLC, only Landfall is a bit big for 4v4. However, it’s been used for such already, so people are fairly used to it.

The BTB DLC maps are the biggest of the 11 DLC maps. While a couple of them may seem a bit tight for 8v8, they are definitely a bit too big for 4v4. Now if BTB DLC were actually 6v6 then all of those I put in that list would definitely work.

Regardless, population is low. So how do we get these two playlists without affecting the regular population much?

Consolidate the current playlists a little. We need to have Team Objective again. CTF needs to go into that playlist. It will be the big draw for that one. Then add in Oddball, Regicide, and King of the Hill. With those others also having commendations attached to them, it makes sense to have them in a unified Team Objective playlist. I’d MUCH prefer that than a rotational playlist that comes around every few months.

One thing is for certain, if there isn’t something done to better manage DLC maps, the next game’s DLC sales will suffer GREATLY. I’ve already had many friends tell me they aren’t going to buy DLC for the next game because of the issues with DLC in Halo 4.

I for one look forward to new maps, so not having DLC in the next Halo game is NOT an option for me. However, if the franchise is going to flourish, DLC must be handled much better.


The right Halo at the right time.

This is a partial repost of an article on stuff.co.nz with Phil Spencer of Microsoft:


Last year, Xbox 360 owners got to play the first Halo not made by Bungie Studios, the well-received Halo 4 from Microsoft’s new 343 Studios. That wasn’t always the plan.

“A couple of years ago we had the discussion of: ‘Should we do Halo at launch and not do Halo 4 last year?’” Spencer recalled, “But I was committed to getting Halo 4 done last year, and there was no way we were going to turn around with 343 a full Halo game in a year. So that was the plan we set on. I feel good about that.”

The Xbox One will soon get a port of Halo: Spartan Assault, the top-down action game released earlier this year for Windows 8 and Surface tablets. But that’s not a big Halo game. It’s not the huge new Halo teased at E3.

“Unlike some franchises that manage through 1000 people, Halo is 343 and that team obviously has tight control,” Spencer said.

“They are our Halo team. A discussion around having a Halo game at launch – a true Halo at launch, meaning like a Halo 4 or 5-size game – would have been something we’d have had to start two or three years ago.

“We had the discussion, and we thought having Halo 4 come out when it came out from 343 and having them really land their first full version of Halo that they developed internally would be great for the 360 customers, great for 343 in shipping something.”

The Xbox One isn’t backwards compatible to the Xbox 360, but a game like Halo 4 seems like it could have life on the Xbox One. Spencer said that doing a port wasn’t something he wanted for launch.

“I want launch to be about new things that are taking full advantage of the hardware, especially as a first party. Any kind of strategy with the back catalogue was something I thought we would think about later.”

I wondered how hard it even is to do a port of an Xbox 360 game to Xbox One.

“It’s not difficult,” Spencer said, pointing out that Microsoft was developing some cross-platform expertise by making games like the new Zoo Tycoon and next year’s Max and the Cursed Brotherhood for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

“Whether that’s a port or just dual development, you get a sense of what it means to move games between the two platforms,” Spencer said.

“It’s not just ‘recompile,’ but obviously our controller is very similar, we know our codebase, we’re on a certain number of engines that we’re porting in different directions, so it’s definitely possible to do things like that.”

For the full article (that doesn’t contain any other Halo stuff, but more on XBOX One), go HERE.

end copy/paste

HFFL: So it sounds to me that Phil Spencer did NOT have faith in 343 to turn around a Halo game quick, meaning Halo 4 last year, then Halo 5 this year. So they are using Spartan Assault as a buffer between main games. Do note, that he specifically calls it Halo 5.

Also note that it is possible even “not difficult” to bring 360 games to the XBOX One.

Hmm, I’m still of the mind that Halo 4 should have been release THIS year to coincide with the launch of XBOX One. An extra year of development would have been great. A beta might have happened then as well as a lot of the features that were left out may have been put in.

Regardless, that didn’t happen, so we Halo fans will have to make do with Halo 4, then Spartan Assault, until the next major title comes out. I for one am really looking forward to playing Spartan Assault!


Headhunter Gametype in Halo 4!!!

Halo 4 modders figured out how to unlock the Headhunter gametype. Check the vid below!

Links for the gametype and a map are at the youtube link above. Now let’s see how long it takes 343 to put this into matchmaking…


Halo 5 map??? Or new Forge World for Halo 4?

Vic DeLeon of 343 tweeted the following two pics last night:

821467034821467046He states in his tweet, “Can’t sleep. Making worlds again.”

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 4.06.15 AM

I asked him if this was for the next Halo game or Halo 4. Waiting on a response, if any.




That 294MB Halo 4 update yesterday? Here’s what it did.

If you haven’t played Halo 4 in the last day you will be prompted to download a title update which addresses several known issues. Here is a breakdown of what is included:

  • Fixed an issue where player Loadouts would reset back to default
  • Fixed an issue where players in Forge were unable to see other players while in Monitor mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Mark V, Prefect, and Ricochet forearm armor would display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where Champions Bundle armor sometimes disappeared in networked War Games matches
  • Fixed an issue where Champions Bundle armor appeared incorrectly in Theater film clips

Source Link

Well,I for one am happy that the loadout issue is resolved. That was a pain in the arse. I do wish that the Champions Bundle armor could now be seen in Spartan Ops…Doutbful that’s going to happen though.


Multi-Regicide is HERE!

The winner of the second Community Choice poll for the rotational playlist is Multi-team Regicide, or Multi-Regicide.

It’s starts today and I’m excited to play this. I need only 31 more Regicide wins to FINALLY unlock that elusive Kingslayer emblem. Seen below:

Hopefully I can knock those wins out in short order.

I’ll be playing a crap-ton of Multi-team these next two weeks until my goal is achieved….


About that Guilty Spark Emblem…


So you still have time to unlock the Guilty Spark Emblem.

The issue is that you won’t unlock it immediately as most everyone thought. Nope, instead you’ll get it a week or two later. What proof of that? Here you go, via Twitter:

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 6.24.38 PMNow why is this the case?

Okay, yes we’ll get it, but really a week or two out? Folks, THIS is the very kind of thing that is just RUINING the Halo franchise. I have to say that myself and my friends ALL expected this to unlock IMMEDIATELY. Not later, not a week or two from now.

Yes, I’m mildly thankful we get a special emblem, but honestly, it’s not all that big of a deal. What is though is the manner in which it was ‘advertised’ and then to be administered.

Why didn’t 343 SAY it would unlock a week or two from now? You know why…because we’d have all griped about it before hand. Instead 343 once again doesn’t bare enough info and once again it pisses off fans. When will they learn you just shouldn’t MUCK with your fan base like this?

Yes, I hear those of you saying, but it’s something free. Or be thankful. As I said, I am. But seriously, 343 needs to get their shit together. If you’re going to promote an item unlockable through your game for having played a game on a specific date, then it’s DAMN SAFE to assume most if not all expect that item to unlock once they’ve reached the criteria.

Now for those who say it’s not possible…Really? Look at challenges. Daily, weekly, monthly challenges. They are all times events that have locked in dates/times as to when you can accomplish them. THIS IS NO DIFFERENT. Instead of XP, we get an emblem. You’d have to think someone thought enough ahead to make this a timed feature too.

Once again this leads me to ask WHO IS MAKING THE DECISIONS at 343?



Halo 4 a year later…

I’ve already said ad naseum my issues with Halo 4. Yet some “friends” and others try to refute my claim that Halo 4 has failed us. The following shows charts of the decrease of the Halo 4 population as well as certain events that happened during this timeline. It’s a GREAT read and should prove beyond doubt that Halo 4 just wasn’t up to snuff.

What’s better about this is that it IS NOT me saying this. Fyrewulff, was (maybe still is) a community cartographer. So he is a respected member of the community. So don’t take my words for it, read his:

This is a repost of an initial post of a thread on NeoGaf, by FyreWulff:

Well, it”s been about a year since Halo 4 released.

Halo 4 was 343’s first full go at their own Halo title since Bungie left the Microsoft umbrella to go work on Destiny.

The reception of Halo 4 was thus. A graph of Halo 4’s peak population, every day, for the last year:


(all graphs in this post provided by www.halocharts.com , by the way )


Let’s go over the major events in Halo 4’s run. Here’s the big overview:


The First Two Weeks

In the run up to Halo 4’s release, Microsoft seemed interested in getting as many people to play the game as possible. So they took the early perk unlocks from the LE and told people that everyone that played within the first two weeks would get the perk unlocks too. This sets the stage for a fairly big blow to this game, but it’s not the first one.


A week into Halo 4’s life span, Black Ops 2 releases. And half of Halo 4’s population vanishes, never to return. November 12th – a whole six days after the game releases – is the last day Halo 4 will see more than 300k peak population. It won’t take much longer – ten days after release – for Halo 4 to see the last time it goes above 200k, on November 16th.

14 Day Buy and Play

Everyone who has gotten their codes for the first two weeks either redeems them or hands them out. People that wants the perks use the code for themselves. A lot of people, including many GAFers, HBOers, and other Halo communities toss the codes to people that want them, since they’re not too interested in the perk system. The population continues downward.


And then.. the Crimson Map Pack release happens. And something hilarious happens: everyone with the specializations code can download Crimson as if they have the map pack. For free. What? WHAT? Yep. Seems in their rush to get the specializations code out, Microsoft forgot that the software key that unlocked the specializations was the same one that unlocked the map packs for free download. Awwwkward. Okay, it’s a fuck up though, they’ll just fix it right?

Well, they did. But they did it in the worst way possible. Absolutely the WORST handling of a mistake I have seen, and destroyed absolutely any pretension in my mind (and other’s minds) that 343 had any autonomy from Microsoft. So what did they do?

Lie through their frickin’ teeth.

They goofed. We understand humans develop games, so whatever. Patch it up. In less than 24 hours, we went from 343 employees, Microsoft employees, and Xbox Support acknowledging it was a fuckup to Microsoft outright pretending it was not actually a mistake at ALL. They invented a fake program called “14 Day Buy and Play” that supposedly ran at Halo 4’s release (the term didn’t even exist until that day), sent it out as a press release, and Kotaku and most other gaming sites happily regurgitated it as legitimate. So not only had Microsoft fucked up, they then proceeded to tell us no, they didn’t screw up, they meant to do it all along.

They then issued a patch a week later that fixed the bug and took the free Crimson map pack away from the people that redeemed it. Hrmm, for something intended, strange they had to patch the game to end the trial period.

To make it even worse, 343 could have at least poked fun at the whole thing, or acknowledged the screw up was a screw up and they were letting people play it for a bit before taking it away. Instead, they posted the 14 Day Buy and Play press release directly on their website. With a straight face.

343 lost a lot of good will on that day, with a lot of people. It definitively set the tone people treated 343 with after that.

Boltshots R Us

Halo 4 trucked along. At this point, players were getting frustrated. Big, annoying balance issues were identified, such as the DMR being overpowered and the go-to weapon for ranged kills, and the Boltshot being the CQB weapon above all others.. Content share was completely broken; you couldn’t search for files nor could you initiate a download from the website. The game had menus and UI for it, but none of it worked. Along with a lack of campaign films and Forge features being dropped from Reach, this kneecapped the content creation arm of the community.

They would finally fix file search and tagging in late January, 3 months after release. These features worked day 1 in Reach.

Finally, 343 addressed the Boltshot with a title update on Feb 21, a couple of days before the Majestic map pack:


The title update + Majestic caused a minor uptick in Halo 4’s population (the missing days were due to issues recording the numbers). Between the announcement of Majestic and the week after Majestic’s release, Halo 4 would lose another 20,000 peak players.

Tune It Up

In late March/early April, 343 issued another title update. This title update implemented support for death indicators in game (previously relegated to a perk) and the ability for 343 to deploy weapon tuning via embedding the weapon data inside gametypes, allowing them to rebalance guns without a title update. And thus began what was a critical mistake by 343: sticking to the script and not acting like they were bleeding out players.


No, you’re not reading that wrong. It took 343 two months to actually deploy a weapon tune update from the moment it became possible, when the original point of the update was that they could make changes instantly. They would lose 20,000 people in this time period. What did they spend it doing? Hyping up a Community day where they flew out people from the community so they could ‘reveal’ the weapon tune update on a big, advertised stream. Even though the update was in gametypes and could be shared with the community immediately, we had to wait for MS’s marketing department to get their rocks off before we could feel like 343 was actually trying to salvage the sandbox. In a sensible world, the weapon updates would have been thrown in a beta playlist and updated weekly, with the community day just being a nice thing to celebrate the final version. 343 seemed to be intentionally ignoring their dire situation and did not act like they needed to address huge problems immediately. Because..

Stability Perk

The weapon tune update actually did legitimately address a lot of issues with the game. Halo 4’s weapon tune update actually stopped the bleeding, and stabilized Halo 4’s population.


A whole six months after the game came out. Six months of people showing 343 what was wrong with the game, that they could have all identified within the first two months. Unfortunately, 343 never seemed willing to deviate from their marketing and support script. People were walking out the door as 343 said “Trust Us”, and didn’t come back.

Soon after this, 343 would release the Bullseye Map Pack, which was 2 maps. One was a remake of The Pit from Halo 3! Yay! The population didn’t get boosted at all. It also introduced armor that could be bought with Real Money Only and they dug in even more on perks, after backlash from the community over them. Then promised those perks would become available to everyone else, which still hasn’t happened.


The Game of the Year Edition, which released at a reduced price point and includes all of the game’s DLC, came out somewhere in the chart. See if you can find it.

It’s in the second population valley from the left

Some points I didn’t have a good way to write up or didn’t care to:

* Halo 4 lasted a whole two entire months in the Top 3 of the Xbox Live activity chart. Halo 3 didn’t fall out of the Top 3 until Halo Reach released – 3 years after it’s release. Halo Reach didn’t fall out of the Top 3 until 343’s title update for the game after they took over the game, 12 months after release.

* Roughly a year after release, Halo 3 had a 1.1 million peak population day. Reach had a 900,000 peak population day after the same amount of time. Halo 4 clocks in at 20,000 peak for it’s annual checkup.

* 343 attempted to require the Majestic DLC for Team Slayer. The DLC requirement took the playlist from the top 2 in population to almost the bottom. They removed the DLC requirement afterwards and removed the DLC requirements from their weekly playlists after the first weekly playlist struggled to maintain over 150 players in it. Keep in mind the Majestic map pack was included in the map pass…

I imagine a lot of people have a lot to say about Halo 4, I’ll follow up later with my breakdown of gameplay and breakdown of campaign. Thought I’d start the thread off with an overall recap. The storm approaches. I’m talking about HaloGAF

Reference Material

Campaign Screenshots









Character Studies

Master Chief






So there you have it folks. Reach WAS and IMO still IS a better game than Halo 4. If anything the numbers themselves PROVE that. I’ve said before, I think Halo 4 is a good game, but it’s NOT a great game, and most certainly isn’t even near the top of Halo games.  Too many additions that took the game away from what the core of Halo was into being something Halo isn’t just made many long time fans leave. Without them to help carry the franchise along, those casual friends of the long time fans left as well.

There is only so much we the remaining loyal Halo fans can do. It’s up to 343 to make or further break this franchise.

I should be joyous and happy for the 1 year anniversary of Halo 4. Instead, I look back with grim solace over what was lost…


Source Link

Multi-team to make a limited return with Multi-team Regicide, via rotational playlist next two weeks.

Multi-team is the next playlist to come into the rotational playlist for the next two weeks.

It looks like Multi-Team Regicide is going to win the community choice poll as well. I’m SO happy about this. The reason being is that I’ve been trying for MONTHS to finish my Regicide commendations so I could unlock the Kingslayer emblem. (Seen below)


The reason for this is that it’s crucial to my web series “MaC Rounds.” Why? Mac Rounds is a web series that follows the further adventures of Crimson and Majestic Fireteams. Majestic uses the Kingslayer emblem on their armor, as seen here on Spartan Grant’s left shoulder:

Grant Kingslayer

With Regicide being picked for the community choice of Multi-team for the next two weeks, I have a better chance of completing the commendation sooner. I only need 35 wins in Regicide to get this done, so you can bet I’ll be playing this playlist a LOT for the next two-weeks. Hopefully I can get it done BEFORE those two weeks end!