Halo 3’s final mission “Halo” built in Halo 5’s Forge!

Okay, this isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s still pretty dog-gone good!

This just goes to show you what CAN be done in Halo 5’s Forge. And this is actually pretty basic with regards to design.

The shaking effect was created by using the earthquake filter. That really helps to sell the video!

This was made by xXBarthXx. If you’d like to download this for yourself, go here!

Halo 5 Forged map: Jumbo Jet

I saw a link to this via Twitter and had to share this here.

Okay, so it may have been taken form a different game, but still looks like fun to play. Not Halo enough, huh? Well, if the outside were changed to look like the spacecraft from Reach that was shot down, that would fit in perfectly. I believe this can be done with this map. Anyone up to the challenge??

Neca Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Review

This review comes to us via HaloFanForLife friend, Mario or rather Marioucche.

Give it a watch. He compares this with the Halo 3 Legendary Helmet and the Master Chief costume helmet from last year.

Mario, I hear ya man. I’m too short to wear something like this, but you bet I’d own it if I could afford it. Hmmm, instead of just using it as a display piece, why not wear it while playing Halo? LOL. In any event, it looks great!!!