The Hidden Meaning in Halo

I was contacting by one of the guys from the Youtube channel, Wisecrack, regarding their ‘hidden meaning’ in Halo. I took a  look at the vid and though it’s at times a little odd or quirky, there are definitely some good points made.

Be forewarned, there is some cussing in the video. If you are under 18, get permission from your parents or guardians (no, not Halo 5 Guardians…LOL). 

So, what did you think of the vid?? Reply below!

A Disturbing Halo 5 Countdown Clock with Frank O’Conner…

Okay, so while there is a small countdown to Halo 5 here on HFFL, I found a link to this all too disturbing countdown starring 343’s own Frank O’Conner. Not that Frank is disturbing, but it’s how his fingers and hands are used to count down…

Here’s just a screenshot of it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.05.29 AMThere are five images of which the first is seen above showing varying pics of Frankie and his fingers. Be sure to click through the rest of them. I particularly like the Fingerhawk…

Check out the countdown HERE.

Campaign Forging | Halo 3: ODST Coastal Highway

I saw this on the Podcast Evolved Facebook page and knew I just had to share it!

Build your own Cubee Master Chief or Spartan Locke

You might have seen large versions of these at Gamestop.

Whether you have or haven’t, the following two graphics (click to make much larger) will allow you to make your own, albeit at a much smaller size.

Have fun, but more importantly, BE CAREFUL (when cutting the pieces out).

Feel free to download and print. If you do make either/both of these, send me some pics and I’ll feature them on the blog!


Promethean Soldier’s face made from Mega Bloks

Every once in awhile, I get an idea for a custom build with Mega Bloks. The new Phaeton Gunship seemed to already have much of what I wanted to do here. That being make a Promethean Soldier’s head. Now, I didn’t have enough pieces to make a fully 3D head. So instead I concentrated on the face with elements of the side and top of the head.

This was made with only ONE set of the Phaeton. No other pieces from any other set were used. So if you want to make this, you can and know exactly what you will need to replicate it.tom-Promethean-Soldier-face_sm.jpg”>tom-Promethean-Soldier-face_sm-600×469.jpg” alt=”Custom Promethean Soldier face_sm” width=”584″ height=”456″ />

I worked primarily from the following two graphics to make the face:  Continue reading

Brute Chieftan/Gorilla Cosplay

I saw this on Facebook earlier today. IIRC, one of the folks from Podcast Unlocked reposted the link to it.

It’s a Brute Chieftain of course, though the under costume is that of a Gorilla. (I’ve always thought of Chieftains as Gorillas evolved anyway, so it works for me.

Click pics to make them bigger.Gorilla Chieftan2
Continue reading

Cool new Master Chief and Cortana minimalist artwork

I happened upon these via twitter. Unfortunately, I do not yet know who the artist is. As soon as I do, I’ll be sure to credit them. (If you know, drop me a msg with a source link)

While the visor is correct here, we get the drift.
MC minimal

I most definitely like the Cortana poster more.Cortana minimal

Like one more than the other? If so, let me know why. Reply below.


Halo Cosplay and the 405th!

I like cosplay. I’ve been known to wear costumes to conventions (and elsewhere) myself. Though not as extreme as many out there. I always admire those who have the time to build elaborate costumes, especially those of Halo Spartans. Below are a couple of pics I came across over the weekend. And at the end, some pics of a Spartan Locke Helmet in progress by a member of the 405th (Halo Cosplay group).

Below is from a recent convention. Love the variety of armor as well as color!Spartans Continue reading

Looking down the barrel, a Halo Fan art piece!

My wife actually alerted me to this one. It’s by an artist by the name of Greg Horn.

Master Chief barrel look

I don’t know what medium the artist used here. Regardless, it’s pretty sharp!  What do you think of it? Reply below of e-mail me.

If anyone has any info on the artist or a contact link, please send me that info to my e-mail:


Halo Fan Art: Spartan Olympia Vale!

I found this perusing the net over the weekend. The artist is Christian Blanche ().

Spartan Olympia Vale

This is a very well done rendering, IMO. I’d like to see more Spartans from this artist, They tweeted at me that there is a Spartan Fred incoming!


“My Sword, My Shield” (Halo 5: Guardians Fan Trailer)

I want to thank my friend, PensHalo, for tweeting the link out to this. It’s a nice fan made trailer. I like that the person used Malukah’s song for it.

Spectacular Spartan fan art!

I found  ths piece of art via a tweet by @The_Lionheart. I asked for permission to repost and was given it.


I like the art style here.  I could see this in a running cartoon series.

you can find the original artwork HERE!!

Here are some more Halo pieces by the same artist:  Continue reading