New Halo Pinterest Pins!

As many of you know, I peruse Pinterest form time to time and pins anything new I find to the HFFL Pinterest board.

Today brings 21 new pins. Feel free to download or pin any of these yourself and don’t forget to check out the HFFL Pinterest page HERE for PLENTY more Halo art, crafts, cosplay and MORE!

Below are just the thumbnails. Click on each to get the full pic.

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Master Chief/Agent Locke Halo Art!

I found this via Deviant Art. It was made by an artist named GajinRocket.


Is it rough is some places? Yep. Is it part sketch? You bet. Does that take away form the piece? No in my opinion at all. It certainly has it’s own unique character to it. Note the detail of Cortana’s chip in Chief’s hand.

This is a piece of art I’d definitely buy a large print of.


UNSC Recruitment poster

I can’t recall where I found this one at, so apologies to whomever made it originally (if anyone knows who and can send links to verify that, please do so I can give proper credit).

I thought this looked pretty cool.

UNSC Recruitment Poster

Would certainly make for a nice wall poster, don’t you think?