New Halo Pinterest art!

Every so often I post an article of Halo art, crafts, etc. that I find on Pinterest. Today brings seven new entries. Oh and if you didn’t know, HFFL does indeed have a Pinterest Page, you can find it on the menu to the right when you’re on the main page. For now, you can find it HERE.

Now here are the newly added pins and as always, click to make bigger (Feel free to download any of these as well as any of the ones you find on the HFFL Pinterest page):  Continue reading

New HFFL / Halo XBOX One Backgrounds! (Free to download)

So this morning I took to finishing up 4 more backgrounds for the XBOX One. The first in each one shows the initial box placement, while the second is the version to download and use. The BOX colors are there for placement only and you can choose whatever color of boxes you want.

Enjoy and please let me know if you download and use any of these. I’m interested to see this on others XBOX Ones! (Click to make bigger) Continue reading

Where Halo meets Mayan Art

Yesterday Kotaku posted an article regarding a fan-made piece of Halo art. I agree with their sentiments that it feels more than just fan-made. It’s ART.

Fan, Sita Navas created a wonderful piece of art with Master Chief and the Arbiter depicted in a Maya like setting. Within the piece there is even a Mayan Cortana, along with a Assautl Rifle, Energy Sword and 343 Guilty Spark.

To say Sita nailed the look is an understatement. Continue reading

Halo 3 Co-op Campaign Antics Pt. 1

My buds MixMaker117, SEspider, HFFL Big Cheese and I had some fun playing Halo 3’s campaign. As always, Mix was recording the antics that ensued.

(At the end there I was AFK for a little bit, so the guys couldn’t help it but to make me spawn off the cliff, MANY times. Aren’t they nice…LOL.


A very cool Halo homage/pro video

First, before you watch the vid, I want to say that ˆ’m not fond of the name of the vid. That being “Halo: The Return”. Halo never left, some of it’s fans did. Yes, we could converse about how Halo changed, but we’ll save that for another time.

In the meantime, take a look at this homage vid that shows some sick pro plays and builds up to the reveal of the Master Chief Collection. Continue reading