Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Micro Fleet Falcon

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Mega Bloks Mirco Fleet Falcon: Set #97341

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 2 minutes sorting, 5 minutes building (this includes my time stopping to take pics for the review)
Set Piece Count: 70
Minifigs: Mark VI Blue (Halo 4 style) with removable armor and added shoulder/elbow articulation
Weapons: Sniper Rifle
Accessories: Mini Snowbound Turret, removable back helmet baseplate.
Price: $13-15 (I received mine at no cost from Mega Bloks)
Special Features: Rotors spin.

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Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Broadsword Midnight Strike

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Mega Bloks UNSC Broadsword Midnight Strike: Set #97380

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 hour sorting time, 4 hours 30 minutes build time. Your time may be less. Mine includes taking the pictures and setting up the set for action poses at the end.
Set Piece Count: 716
Minifigs: The Master Chief (New articulation and removable armor), Cortana (solid paint not see-through), The Didact
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Sticky Detonator, Shotgun, Saw, Pulse Grenade
Accessories: N/A
Price: $70 (presumably). I received mine via Mega Bloks for no cost.
Special Features: Various wing flaps pivot, Cockpit opens/closes, removable nuclear missile, gun mounts pivot. Top portion of ship is removable to reveal weapons and missile storage. Missile can launch via pivot “switch”.

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New Master Chief Bearbrick figures!

The following text is from Waypoint:

Be@rbrick Series 28 Blind Box Mini Figures

bearbrick smallMedicom is pleased to announce that Series 28 will be featuring the Master Chief under the “Hero” category as Halo’s first ever Be@rbrick character. The Be@rbrick series is notorious for having rare chase figures which are not shown on the package. I wonder if you can find ours?

Medicom Toys’ Be@rbricks figures are a collectible toy series from Japan which feature a variety of artistic themes on a standard bear-shaped figure. The Be@rbricks blind boxed series features eleven 2.75” figures with art from different categories including basic figures, artist series, and licensed brand figures with each design packed in a mystery box. Continue reading

Official Master Chief motorcycle helmet coming 2015!

The following is from an article on NecaOnline.

With Microsoft’s exciting announcement for Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to Xbox One this Fall, it’s the perfect time to reveal a surprise of our own! Our Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet is still a work in progress, but we’re excited to share the video and images below with you. Continue reading

Play Arts Halo 2 Anniversary Master Chief!

Just announced today, there will be a Halo 2 Anniversary Play Arts KAI Master Chief figure.Square Enix Play Arts KAI Halo 2 Anny Master Chief-wm

Obviously the one shown in the pic has not yet been painted. Price and Release date not yet mentioned, but you can bet, I’ll post it when I do find it. Likely to be $60-80.

This is to be shown at SDCC 2014, so it may be likely it’s going to be sold there as well.


Fan Made Ragnarok Diorama using Halo Mega Bloks

I came across a thread on a Halo Mega Bloks fan site that showed a Ragnaok diorama.

The following was made by “Scott ‘warmaster’ mckie“. From here, I’m going to let him use his own words as they were in the original thread.

Hi guys, i started this project for bloksfest2014. I never thought it would get to the size or quality that it turned out, its was massively liked at the show and won me first place in the diorama competition and won me a pelican set signed by mega themselves!

The build.
Time: 6 weeks
Weight: 45kg
Length: 5ft
Width: 2ft
Cost: around £100, £200+ inc figs.

So heres the start

Rag raw box

Rag raw foam

Rage fillover

I then added paint and details

Rag filled FINRag filled FIN2Rag section

HFFL: From here he doesn’t give any more text, so I’ll fill it in.Rag section2
Above a close-up of ChiefRag Pelican COMPA comparison of the diorama pelican scene with the actual scene from the in-game map.Rag ground close-up
Above shows the detailing of the ground very nicely.Rag warthog sceneA very cool scene of a warthog being hit and taking damage.Rag Mantis sceneSome added firing effects on the Mantis.

This is a nicely done diorama using realistic element with Mega Bloks as well. Being a diorama builder myself, though it’s been some time, I can certainly appreciate the work and detail that went into this project.

So what do you folks think of this? Did you like the diorama? Do you like the mix of realistic and Mega Bloks? Would you have preferred it to be all realistic or all Mega Bloks?