Halo Monopoly

Halo Monopoly

EB Games (of Australia) has a listing for a Halo edition of Monopoly. It’s up for pre-order now and will sell for $68 Aussie dollars. This will release in Nov this year. It’s also listed as being exclusive to EB Games. (The image above is likely not the final box version.)

We in the states know that EB Games and Gamestop are one in the same now. I did a little looking around and couldn’t find a listing for this anywhere else but in Australia.

I do hope this comes to the rest of the world. I’d like to play this. I wonder what would be used for houses though, or if they will still be the same as the standard game??

Would you buy this if it came to a store near you?

Let me know, reply below.

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Limited Edition Halo 5 Console, Controllers and Headset

You want a Limited Edition Halo 5 XBOX One console? Well, Microsoft has you covered.
You want just a Halo 5 Controller? Microsoft has you covered in three ways!
You want a set of headsets to go with those above? Astro has got it for you!

Let’s take a look at all the Halo equipment goodness coming!

First up the Limited Edition Bundle!

For $499 U.S. you get the Limited Edition Halo 5 Guardians console with Limited Edition controller, plus a digital code so that you can download Halo 5 Guardians pre-release and have it ready to go at midnight!

XboxOne-1TBConsole-Halo5-US-CAN-GROUPSHOT-RGB-png Continue reading

Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Gungoose

MB grey logo 

Mega Bloks Gungoose: set # CNH24

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 2 minutes sorting, 3 minutes building
Set Piece Count: 97
Minifigs: Noble Six (This being YOU as the lead character in the gameHalo Reach) This is the ‘default’ armor version for the character.
Weapons: Assault Rifle
Accessories: N/A
Special Features: Wheels spin, steering handle turns
Cost: $10 (US)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER) Continue reading

Incoming Halo Mega Bloks toy reviews!

MB grey logo

My wife surprised me with a nice bit of Halo Mega Bloks on Friday. At first it was the new Ghost and Gungoose set. But then, she further surprised me with the Phaeton and…. the UNSC Vulture!!!





I spent the whole weekend building. This explains some of why I haven’t posted join the blog for a little bit.

Unfortunately, the Vulture set had a few missing pieces and two malformed pieces rather critical to the build. I’ve already called Mega for replacement parts.

In the meantime, I’ll be editing the photos I took of the first three and will be posting those reviews within a day or two.

I’ll have the Vulture’s review up once I get the replacement parts in form Mega. Though, I’ll give you a tease of it, in the Phaeton review, just so you know I do indeed have the set…

So please STAY TUNED!


Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Drop Pods Spring 2015

MB grey logo 

Mega Bloks Drop Pods

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute to put the figure together.
Figure/Set Piece Count/Weapon:
• Blue Elite Minor:
26pcs, Needler
• Black ODST:
22pcs, SAW
• Green ODST:
22pcs, Spartan Laser
• White ODST:
22pcs, Rocket Launcher
Accessories: Each with a 2X4 blok bearing the word ‘Halo’ in the armor color of the figure.
Special Features: NA
Cost: $4 (US)

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SpruKits Halo Level 2 Spartan Locke Toy Review! EXCLUSIVELY only on HFFL!

Before I start this review, I need to thank Bandai for being generous in sending me this set. This is a pre-production set, meaning, it’s one of the ones made before mass production begins. You can tell by the sticker in the upper right corner of the front of the box. I’m told that means ‘sample’ in Japanese.

Further thanks are due as I was told I am the first ‘press’ person to receive this set and noone will get it for roughly a month’s time. So this is the exclusive review that you can not find on any other site. (Please see statement at end of article).

Let’s get started with the review! Continue reading

Mega Bloks ‘secret’ Halo set being slowly revealed…

A darkened image was released by Mega Bloks yesterday. A fan lightened it up to show that it was for a Halo set.

Well today, Mega Bloks showed the image without it being blackened.

Mega Bloks secret setThis is all likelyhood is the box for the Signature series set for this year. The only revealed Forerunner/Promethean set for Halo 5 Guardians thus far has been the Phaeton, that I previewed here, back in February when I went to New York Toy Fair. Continue reading