One of a kind Halo Ford Raptor up for sale!

Remember this awesome prize from the multiplayer contest back in January? It’s up for sale by the winner!1146873_10153328933540788_1552458982_o-680x453-1

Strongside, winner of this one of a kind prize is selling it. Wow, I don’t know what to say. I guess he’s hard up for cash. Otherwise, no way I’d give up something like this, had I won it.

The following text is reposted from another article (source link at bottom of this article):

In the world of video games, one vehicle stands out as one of the most rugged and capable: the Warthog from the Halo series. It can traverse rocky alien planets, endure gut-wrenching drops and plow through paths of alien scum all in a day’s work. Unfortunately for us not in virtual reality, we will never know what it feels like to drive the Warthog off of a cliff in the middle of a firefight, but one of our latest listings will get you as close as humanly possible.

The Ford Raptor recently listed on duPont REGISTRY was the grand prize for the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge tournament held in 2012 and 2013.  The truck is being listed by Michael Cavanaugh (AKA StrongSide) who came in first place during the global Halo 4 tournament after the grand finals in Jan. 2013. Cavanaugh has kept the truck in his garage, only adding 226 miles to the odometer. He says that he treats it as a trophy and a reminder of his success in the gaming world, making it, quite literally, a trophy truck.

The Halo Ford Raptor was crafted by none other than Galpin Auto Sports, who is known for making some of the most unique vehicles on the road. Indeed, it is a one-of-a-kind machine on this, or any other, planet. The exterior is covered with a finish designed to match the famous Warthog, with United Nations Space Command (UNSC) logos from the Halo series on the sides and bed cover. Some more exterior eye-catchers are the 17″ Ford Racing beadlock wheels wrapped with 35×12.5 R17 Nitto Mud Grapplers.


Inside this truck is where the theme of the car is really brought out. Custom “Halo” upholstery covers the seats, matching the exterior perfectly. More importantly, there are four TVs found throughout the truck. There is one TV on the dashboard, one that drops down from the ceiling and two found on the headrests of the passenger and driver seats. Connected to each of these TVs is an Xbox 360, making it perfect for road trips. Cavanaugh said he and his friends would spend some nights just sitting in the truck, playing video games. If you are looking for the perfect road trip truck, there is no better option out there.

Of course, being a Ford Raptor, it can handle just about anything you throw at it. With 11″ of wheel travel and a Whipple supercharger attached to the 550hp, up from the stock 411 hp, 6.2-liter V8 engine, this truck is an off-road monster.

So, now is your chance to own this one-of-a-kind Halo Ford Raptor. It’s perfect for someone looking for an off-road and  road trip-worthy vehicle. Just imagine playing the upcoming Titanfall video game while you wait for your friends driving their Call of Duty Jeeps.

Should you want to buy this…(heh, yeah right…that $200,000 price tag isn’t going to move this fast. I wonder what the best offer will be), you can go to this link. More pics of this cool one-of-a-kind vehicle at that link!

Amazing enough, it only has 226 miles on it.

Source Link

Hmm, now where did I leave that spare $200K lying about? LOL


Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Collector’s Edition Pack

MB grey logo
Mega Bloks Collector’s Edition Pack: Set #97205

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: N/A
Set Piece Count: 59
Minifigs: Spartan Mark V [B] GOLD, Spartan Grenadier GOLD, Spartan HAZOP GOLD, Spartan Air Assault (Active Camo); Elite General Blue, Elite Commando Blue X2, Grunt Minor Blue
Weapons: Pink energy sword, Focus Beam, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Launcher; SMG (Active Camo), DMR, Assault Rifle, Grenade launcher
Accessories: 2X3 figure stands (8 pieces)
Price: $20. Target Exclusive
Special Features: N/A

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

Collectors Edition Pack Front
This packaging is quite different than anything else that we’ve gotten from Mega Bloks. It’s pretty cool.

Collectors Edition Pack Back
The back of the box shows the figures off very nicely. As well, it shows two of the Blue series sets.

Collectors Edition Pack Figs in bagsHere are the minifigs pre-assemebled in separate baggies.

Collectors Edition Pack WeaponsThe weapons included. Nice assortment here. Not really a fan of the Pink energy sword, but not a detractor though.

Collectors Edition Pack StandsMinifigure stands.

Collectors Edition Pack Figs CovenantCovenant minifigs. I didn’t show the additional Elite Commando here as it’s the same. The Elite general is a great color.

Collectors Edition Pack Figs UNSC goldHere are the gold Spartans. SHINY!

Collectors Edition Pack Figs UNSC AC
Oh that sweet active camo effect!

Collectors Edition Pack Figs ALLHere’s the whole gang hanging out and waving to the crowd.

Collectors Edition Pack Figs BattleIs a battle about to ensue? Hmm, looks like the Air Assault Spartan is getting the drop on one of the Elite Commandos.

Summary: No time needed to build this as it’s just the figures, weapons and their stands. The figs came pre-assembled. This is a nice set. The Gold color is very nice. I do wonder why there were two of the same style elite in this one, especially since it wasn’t the common Elite minor (most common in the game). Still, the Covenant figures are great for army building. Of course I LOVE the active camo figure. As a fan of clear figures anytime one of these is offered I’m always glad to add it to my collection.

The valur is decent enough. At $20, it puts each figure at $2.50 each, which is less than the single blind pack figures.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9 out for 10 medals. It would have got a 10 had it had a different figure other than the duplicate.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the review. If you have this set yourself, please give me your thoughts on it too!


NECA and 343 Industries announce partnership for new line of Halo Merchandise

neca logo white

Text taken directly from source link.

Hillside, NJ – November 12, 2013 – National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA), entertainment conglomerate and global leader in licensed consumer goods, has partnered with 343 Industries for a new worldwide merchandise program for “Halo®”, the award-winning franchise that has shaped video game and entertainment history.

“We are thrilled to be part of a franchise with such wide-reaching impact,” said Joel Weinshanker, president and COO of NECA. “Bringing the rich universe of Halo to tangible form is an honor, and we’ll be working closely with 343 Industries to ensure Halo’s loyal fans around the world are pleased with the result.”

The new line will be available to consumers beginning in April 2014, and will include a wide assortment of products, including 1:4 scale action figures, mini figures, DOT-approved motorcycle helmets, prop replicas, board games, and HeroClix miniatures games for a variety of platforms.

“We love seeing the Halo worlds and aspects of its universe being translated into new forms and functions, but it’s rare that we get the chance to see its rules, modes of play and strategies reinterpreted through another lens, so we couldn’t be happier to return to the world of HeroClix and Halo with our old friends at NECA and the broader partnership, with replicas, large scale action figures and more is going to bear some amazing fruit. But I won’t lie, the idea of cruising around on my motorbike with a Halo-inspired DOT approved helmet gives me goose bumps,” said Frank O’Connor, Franchise Development Director of 343 Industries.

HFFL: Hmm, yet more action figures? I wonder what McFarlane and Mega Bloks think of this partnership???
I just hope I have money by the time this stuff shows up at retail. I can just imagine one of those Spartan bike helmets now….
Oh and more HeroClix? COOL! I have all of those to date and really enjoyed the line. I wish more had been done. So this looks like that opportunity.
Prop Replicas? Oh my, might we expect some weapons props???? Let me pick my jaw up off the floor for a second…

Halo Mega Bloks Sneak Peek. 4-fig pack and weapons pack!

VanOcean, has struck again, uncovering two new sets to come from Mega Bloks for their Halo line.

The first is a 4-figure multi-pack.

MB Spartan IV Battle Pack FrontWhat’s great about this set is that you get two good army builders in the grunt and jackal. As well, for folks like me who like active camo figs, we get an AC Recruit Spartan IV. Also, there is a Red Scout Spartan. VERY good set, imo. A little odd the packaging shows a clear AC spartan while the set comes with a blue AC Spartan. But I’m NOT complaining. I LOVE AC figs (as most of you long time readers know!).

MB Spartan IV Battle Pack BackTaking a look at the back reveals three other sets. What looks to be a Black and Yellow Cyclops (or maybe Green and Yellow), a Ghost set with a white or silver Elite Zealot and a Spartan, and the UNSC Weapons pack II as seen below.

MB UNSC Weapons pack IIOkay, this is a KNOCKOUT set! First it comes with an incredible army builder in the regular Halo 4 marine style. Not to mention an energy core, a couple of sandbags….AND SKINNED Weapons! YES!

The AR and DMR get FIRST-EVER skins! The DMR is even more special as that is the skin you can only get through Spartan Assault!

The back of this box also shows the previously pre-viewed ODST drop pods coming for the holidays.

MB UNSC Weapons pack II contentsHere’s what you get in the Weapons pack.

And here are two action posed pics.

MB UNSC Weapons pack II actionMB UNSC Weapons pack II action2All pics are from VanOcean, a Mega Bloks fan in China.


Custom Halo Mega Bloks structure: UNSC Infinity Double “Deck”er

So I was bored and ill last night and today. Instead of just doing nothing at all, I decided to do something constructive, literally.

I took apart my previous Mantis Repair Bay tower, seen here:
UNSC Repair Bay and Ops Tower w-figs

And this time set out to create a sort of UNSC Infinity Bridge as well as repair bay underneath it. The pieces from this come from Halo Mega Bloks Countdown set.

Here is what I came up with:

UNSC Infinity DD complete FRONT
With the tall girders supporting the upper deck nicely and cross-beams attaching some of them, this double ‘deck’er structure is sturdy.

UNSC Infinity DD complete LEFTA view from the left. Note the hanging hose from one of the cross beams. I’m calling this some sort of a pneumatic pump tool to aid in fixing vehicles.

UNSC Infinity DD complete BACKHere is a view from the back (could be front if you consider the windows of the bridge look out…) Note the yellow rack. It contains all the tools needed for repair. As well, there is a winch just above to help replace engines or lift other heavy parts into place.

UNSC Infinity DD complete RIGHTA view from the right shows a smaller repair bay, likely for a mongoose.

UNSC Infinity DD complete Holo TableAbove is a view of the Holo table with control panel. I really wanted to make a holo table, so this was my chance to do so. Considering the self imposed limited pieces, I think it came out nicely.

UNSC Infinity DD complete GarageA better view of the garage. This shows the tool rack better, as well as the pump to the left and the winch above the rack.

UNSC Infinity DD complete TOPA top view. Don’t step off the edge!

UNSC Infinity DD complete BOTTOMHere’s a bottom view for those who might want to recreate this. It’s a pretty straight forward design. Not difficult at all, IMO.

UNSC Infinity DD complete Mechanics LIFTNow as you may have noticed in the first pic (Mantis repair bay), there were some green pieces. I converted those into a mechanic’s lift for a warthog to drive on to. This makes it easier for the mechanic’s to get to the underside of the vehicles. The open space near the middle locks the wheels in place.

UNSC Infinity DD complete Mechanics LIFT w-WarthogA demonstration of a warthog in place. Works both ways of course. Simple yet effective in it’s design.

UNSC Infinity DD complete Warthog in garageHere is the Lift and Warthog in place in the garage. It’s good fit. Snug, but not completely cramped.

UNSC Infinity DD complete Warthog in garage TOPA more top-down view showing the hog in place.

UNSC Infinity DD complete ComparisonFinally, a comparison pic showing the new Pelican as well as the Mantis that was in the former incarnation of this build.

I had fun building this as I just went off of an idea in my brain and ran with it, so to speak.

Do you like it? I sure wish MEGA Bloks would make more structure playsets. I’d love to have an official UNSC Infinity Bridge. For now, I’ll make due with my own.


Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Electronic Pelican

MB grey logo
Mega Bloks UNSC Pelican Gunship: Set #97129

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 hour of sorting, 4 hours 15  minutes to build. Total 5 hours 15 minutes.
Set Piece Count: 1161
Minifigs: Spartan Pathfinder (Spec Ops color – Spartan Grant though not named as such); Spartan Operator (Spec Ops color – Spartan Hoya though not named as such); Spartan Scout (Silver color – Sarah Palmer though not named as such); Electronic Promthean Knight Battlewagon
Weapons: Shotgun, 2 magnums, 2 SOCOM magnums, DMR, 4 frag grenades
Accessories: N/A
Price: $68-110 depending on where you buy it from.
Special Features: Front and back cockpit window hatches pivot up/down; VTOL (4) thrusters rotate; wings rotate; top access hatch open/closes; gun mounts rotate; rear landing gear pivots down; main engines rotate; rear hatch opens/closes; side weapon access door flips up/down; vehicle attach post pivots down/up

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER) (Video Review at end of article)

MB 97129 Pelican BOX FrontThe front of the box. AS you can see to the right, you can press the button to test out the lights and sounds. VERY cool! 

MB 97129 Pelican BOX BackThe back of the box shows off the features nicely as well as the minifigs and other sets.

MB 97129 Pelican ContentsHere is what you get inside. Plenty of bags to sort!

MB 97129 Pelican SortedAfter roughly an hour, I got the pieces all sorted out. Only one part was missing and one a little deformed. I called up Mega Bloks customer service and they are replacing them. I should receive them shortly.

MB 97129 Pelican 1st steps bodyAnd so the build begins. Here we see the first few steps of the body being assembled.

MB 97129 Pelican 2nd steps bodyThe structure seen from both sides is a transitional piece that connects the cockpit with the body.

MB 97129 Pelican 3rd steps cockpitHere is the attachment of part of the cockpit, transitional piece and body. Note the pins are green. Hard to tell from the instructions. Also, shown bottom right is where the temporary electronic connection is for customer testing through the green button on the front of the box.

MB 97129 Pelican 4th steps cockpit buttonHighlighted in red is the button on the cockpit that you can depress to make the set make various sounds and show lights.

MB 97129 Pelican 8th steps side exhaust
The side exhaust is attached to the body. The gold color really sets this portion apart.

MB 97129 Pelican 13th steps rear landing gearThese are the two rear landing gear assemblies ready to be attached to the Pelican.

MB 97129 Pelican 14th steps rear landing gear insertion pointThis is where the pin of the landing gear is inserted.

MB 97129 Pelican 15th steps gun mountsThe side gun mounts are cool. Might I suggest you insert the small pins in the round parts first before adding them to the main mount. I had a heck of a time trying to put the pins in first.

MB 97129 Pelican 16th steps gun mounts-rear egressThis series of pics shows the gun mount able to be rotated. Nice feature!

MB 97129 Pelican 17th steps wing assembly STEP 95Ah, step 95…this is where I made a mistake. I put on the other part instead. After building the whole wing, I realized it was wrong and had to take it apart somewhat, add the correct piece and rebuild. This is were lighter color for the green would have served we builders better. Tough to tell the difference between those parts.

MB 97129 Pelican 18th steps wing assembly 2The wing assembly is fixed and ready to be attached to the body!

MB 97129 Pelican 19th steps wing to body assembly
This step really makes the Pelican come alive that much more. At this point, it’s looking like a Pelican. You’re about 2/3 of the way through building it here.

MB 97129 Pelican 20th steps main engine assembly
Building the rear engines, I found that I was missing a part. I went ahead with the build, knowing the piece was missing. Thankfully it’s not crucial for stability. I did call customer service and they are sending out the part.

MB 97129 Pelican 21th steps main engine to body
Here is were the pin meets the hole for the engines to be attached to the ship.

MB 97129 Pelican 22nd steps top hatch accessThe top hatch in steps of being completed.

MB 97129 Pelican 23rd steps moving partsThis pic really shows the cool moveable features of the Pelican. LOTS of play value here!

MB 97129 Pelican 24rd steps FINThe set completed sans stickers. (Most of you know I don’t like putting stickers on my sets. I worry about them peeling off or scuffing and looking horrible later on.)

MB 97129 Pelican Orthogonal viewsOrthogonal views of the Pelican. It’s 17 inches front to back, 15 inches width and 7 inches tall. It’s quite impressive in person!

Now on to the minifigs, accessories and leftover pieces!

MB 97129 Pelican Minifig Knight BattlewagonThe Promethean Knight Battlewagon is VERY cool. As you can see by the last pic, it’s electronic too! The watcher that comes with this is static, meaing it’s wings and limbs do not move. It’s actually the battery casing for this minifig. The only small issue I have is that this didn’t come with a regular head besides the one with the armor opening to expose it’s skull. Still, that last shot really shows off the FUN of this feature!

MB 97129 Pelican Minifigs SpartansBeyond the knight you get three spartans. From left to right, Spartan’s Hoya, Palmer, and Grant. Though none are named directly, one of the Mega Bloks personnel let that slip during a video from this year’s New York Toy Fair. I’m VERY happy to have there. Palmer’s visor isn’t the right color. That is SO minor though and I plan on fixing that with a repaint of the visor on mine.

MB 97129 Pelican minifig battleMinifig battle! Who’s going to win? I’m placing my bet on the Spartans!!!

MB 97129 Pelican WeaponsSpeaking of, here are the weapons close up that you get with this set. Not to mention the Binary Rifle and Sword form the Knight are removable!

MB 97129 Pelican LeftoversAs always, Mega gives us left over pieces. This set has a LOT of them. The tan camo ones were used during the build as stability pieces. I’m happy that Mega made them in this color as they can be used as terrain pieces to go with your tan baseplates if you so choose. I chose a different path for them though…

MB 97129 Pelican field kitTwo variations of some sort of battlefield kit.

MB 97129 Pelican mini-pelicanThis is what I REALLY think is cool that I was able to make from the left over parts. A MINI-Pelican! Okay, not quite accurate, but it’s clearly recognizable! I love it when I can make a mini version of the set from left over pieces!

MB 97129 Pelican LIGHTSHere are the lights of the guns and cockpit in the dark. Extremely cool!!!

MB 97129 Pelican FIN ALLLast but not least the whole set with minifigs in place, the leftovers being show and the weapons scattered about.

Summary: The build time is not particularly fast. The sort time alone made me wait until the next day to start building it. Then, I built at a casual pace working over three days to finish this in steps. Still, if you’re adventurous you CAN build this in one sitting.

There are a few small issues I have with the build. For one the instructions needed to be lighter in color.
• It became hard at some points to tell the difference between dark green and black parts.
• The rear vehicle post I feel should have been shorter, but I’ll take it. Better than NOT having it.
• Step 95 as you saw above made me misstep and I had to rebuild the wing. Again, it was the color of the instructions that made this happen for me as I couldn’t tell the difference between the parts shown.
• The top hatch does leave a gap between it and where the cockpit meets the body. This is not too bad though. Just something I’d have tried to cover up a little better.
• The main compartment in the back, like the pelican’s predecessor is still way to thin. I know this was done to use less pieces and keep the set affordable. Still, I’d have preferred a wider body.
• Actually, for that matter, the cockpit could have been wider too. Those both though are something that becomes necessary to do to keep a set affordable.
• The rear engines no longer pivot up and down, instead only right to left somewhat. Using the joint system from the mantis would have potentially solved this.

Upgrades I enjoyed from the previous version are:
• Lights and Sound! Really, these are cool!
• Nice DARK green color. VERY military!
• Plenty of moving parts!
• Side gun mounts are fantastic! Yes, this was an upgrade by 343 and Mega Bloks interpreted it nicely into the build.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9 out for 10 medals. Even with the few issues I had, I still find this to be an INCREDIBLE set. VERY much worthy of the Halo Mega Bloks line!

I HIGHLY recommend getting it. That said, I got mine from Wal*Mart for $68 online as opposed to say Toys R Us for $110 in the store. So shop around a bit before you buy and save some money!

Video review to come tomorrow!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the review. If you have this set yourself, please give me your thoughts on it too!


New Halo Avatar items on XBOX Marketplace!

avataroctober25_660Now available on the XBOX Marketplace for your avatar are from left to right:

Attack and Defend
Avatar Hard Light Shield
The includes an energy sword and hardlight shield. The marine costume is not included. That just happens to be what I have my avatar wearing at the moment…

Gek ‘Lhar CostumeAvatar Gek Lhar The ill-fated Gek Lhar met his demise at the hands of Spartan Paul DeMarco. But you can bring him back to life with this costume for your avatar.

Jul ‘Mdama Costume
Avatar Jul MDama
Jul is the leader of the Storm Faction of the Covenant and now you can be too with this Avatar costume of the newest Covenant baddy!

and finally..Mister Chief Costume
Avatar Mister Chief
The ill-begotton artistry of Frank O’Connor somehow makes it as an avatar costume. Well…at least it’s a dollar LESS than the others…

You can find these and more (though older) Halo avatar items on the marketplace HERE, or alternatively check them out through the marketplace on your XBOX 360.


Halo Mega Bloks Pelican done. Review tomorrow!

MB grey logo

It was a long build, but it’s finally done.

After a couple of missteps in the process, I finally finished this. There are now 90 photos I have to edit first, the write up the review and upload the pics. The final build is fantastic!

MB Halo Pelican New-hffl

So PLEASE come back tomorrow to see how this build went, where I messed up, how it got fixed, and a pretty darn cool “leftover pieces” build!


Halo Mega Bloks Pelican taking longer than expected…

MB grey logo

Well, I had hoped to have this done yesterday. However, it’s taking a bit longer than expected. I’m at step 50. There are just over 140 steps in the building of this. So I’m a little better than 1/3 of the way there. It’s looking good so far. I have much of the main body done.

MB Halo Pelican New-hffl

I’ll be working on this today and will hopefully have it finished before tonight’s Halo Fan Friday League (HFFL’s community Halo night).



So that order from Wal*Mart for Halo Mega Bloks sets…

So that order from Wal*Mart for Halo Mega Bloks sets…they messed it up. Yep, couldn’t get a 2 item order correct.

We ordered the Mega Bloks Pelican and Red Spade set. What did they bring out? The Pelican and Brute Prowler set. Up folks, look at my e-mail receipt, look at what the box is you brought out? Doesn’t match up….

Thankfully, they did take the prowler off the order and refunded the money back onto my wife’s card. But still…kind of ridiculous that a simple order got messed up.

Ah well, so I won’t have the Red Spade set review as hoped for. But I will have the Pelican set. That will definitely be tomorrow though. I haven’t slept in more than 30 hours and I have a 4+ hour podcast to do tonight. So yeah…building this tomorrow instead.


Halo Mega Bloks Pelican for $68 at Wal*Mart (GREAT PRICE)

MB grey logo
As a fan of Halo Mega Bloks, you folks know I love the sets. I love them even MORE when they can be found for a great price.

While perusing Wal*Mart’s site this morning, I found that the Pelican set was being sold online for $68 and change. Folks, that’s $40 LESS than Toys R Us. While I’m a strong supporter of TRU, $40 less just can’t be beat. Normally this would be $100 at Wal*Mart anyway, so it’s a great deal no matter how you slice it.

Here’s a screenshot for proof (that shows that time stamp in the upper right corner):

MB Pelican GREAT priceNow, you’re mileage may vary, so check the site. Hopefully it’s the same nationwide. (Can’t speak for the rest of the world though…).

My wife got a bonus last week, so I asked her for this, especially since it was a great deal. She obliged in fact saying I could get the Red Spade set (shown in the bottom right corner). She’s a GEM folks! I love her DEARLY.

I chose the ship to store option so I could have this later today. Now, all this said, that price MIGHT be what it is in stores as well, but I can’t confirm this at the moment. So either call up your local store, or go there. But why waste gas or bother them with a call (when you sometimes won’t get the best customer service). Instead, get this online. BTW, it’s also FREE shipping. Not just to the store, but since it’s over $50 free to ship to your home. Sure, it will take a few more days, but again, if you want to save on gas…

Anyway, once I found this price, I KNEW i had to pass it along to you my good readers.

I’ll be a HAPPY builder later today! Look for the reviews for each in the coming days (barring some screw up with Wal*Mart – crosses fingers in hope there isn’t a problem).


20 figure Special Edition Halo Mega Bloks figure set (for $30!!!)

MB grey logo

Glad to finally know what’s in this set. There are some definite gems in there that make the set WORTH the $30 sale price, IMO.

Here are some product shots found on eBay of this set:

20 MB figs front box

20 MB figs back box20 MB figs close upIn my opinion, this is a great set for several reasons.
• A ton of figures for a great price
• Army builders galore
• Previously released figures in NEW team colors
• Previously released figures sought after

Now about the price, it’s been said that it’s really $50, but on ‘Black Friday’ there will be a sale of it for $30. Even at $50 for the amount of figures and accessories plus bloks, makes this worth it.

With there being several grunts, elites and brutes, not to mention a couple of ODSTs, it’s a great deal for army builders.

The Cyan color Covenant figures have never been done in that color before. In fact Cyan is one of the lesser used colors in Mega Bloks repertoire of Halo minifigs. Yes, they aren’t game accurate for the FPS games, but come on, these are TOYS!

Some figures like the steel colored Spartans are sought after. Others like the Translucent Cyan Brute and Translucent Green CQB are great for guys like me who like translucent figs.

The green spartans are also cool as the represent the original color of the Mjolnir armor. I’m totally diggin’ that Green Recon!!!

One last thing to note is that we’re getting some great tiles with multiplayer emblems on them.

Now I can only HOPE that MEGA will make one with my gaming group’s symbol on it:
HFFL Emblem

For a further breakdown of the figures I’m going to use part of a post from a local Halo Mega Bloks collector, reader of the blog and friend, “W2daERN“:

Orange Grunt (Series 6)
Orange Spec-ops Grunt (Shade Turret)
Copper ODST (ODST Hawk)
Green CQB (TRU Dream Team)
Green Flame Marine (Various, weapon from dream team)
Green EVA (EVA’s Last Stand)
Silver ODST (ODST Battle Unit)

New Figures: 
Orange Elite Commando
Cyan Grunt
Cyan Spec-ops Grunt
Cyan Jump-Pack Brute
Cyan Brute
AC-Blue Jump-Pack Brute
Orange Elite Flight
Orange Combat Elite
Black EOD
Black Scout
Black Security
AC-Green CQB
Green Recon

Again folks, this is a GREAT deal, especially for those of you who collect Mega Bloks.


New ‘Holiday’ ODST drop pods from Mega Bloks?

Fellow Halo Mega Bloks collector ‘Vanocean’ found these.



It looks like these drop pods are more of a two-piece mold, so as to be used as part of the packaging. Notice there is no extra paint detail with any of them. Also, the current drop pods wouldn’t be able to be used as packaging given their multi-piece design.

I’m liking these. Looks like you get a fig, weapon, blok and of course the drop pod package. I’m curious if these will be out for the holidays. Would make sense. And besides, if you’re like me, you’ll use the drop pods for a Halo themed Christmas tree. I only with the one that came with the green ODST was bright green as the red one is bright also.

Another cool thing to note is that it looks like the ODSTs have a teeth mark paint app on their helmets. VERY cool!

Not sure on the price, but I’ll venture a guess of $5-6. Normally a blind pack fig is $3 and that comes with a weapon and stand. This having the drop pod, even if a one or two-piece thing would add the couple bucks more.