New York Toy Fair 2014 Halo toy news: Mega Bloks Elephant Troop Carrier-more details

MB grey logoThere’s a bit to talk about with this set. Before that, let me state that pics are from I’ve cropped and color corrected them for clarity.

The boxed set on display:
Elephant Troop Carrier BOX

Here’s the same shot but with perspective fixed on it:
Elephant Troop Carrier BOX fixed perspective
Now let’s talk about what we’re seeing here. First off we’re finally getting Carter and Jun from Halo Reach! I’m loving that a jetpack is include as well. Now is that UNSC Sergeant brown skinned? If so, then we’ve also got Master Sgt. Johnson! Add two more marines and a medic and this set is chock full of figures! As well there’s a mini Cortana fig. It looks like this Cortana might have a light up base as well.

This is a big set coming in at 1200 pieces. I’m hoping that this set is no more than $100, but I have a feeling it will be more around $125+.

The design/construction of this set looks to be better than the previous Elephant we got. I’m stoked for this set!

One last photo of it on display outside of the box among the other sets:
Elephant Troop Carrier Display

Mega is coming out with some big sets this year. This one, the RC Mantis, the Broadsword and then the massive Scarab. It’s going to be crazy expensive this year  to get them all.


New York Toy Fair 2014 Halo toy news: Mega Bloks NMPD Police Car, Cyclops and Hornet sets!

MB grey logo

Nmpd_seal outline

Wow, the New Mombasa Police Department (NMPD) is being well represented this year. It’s the first time we’ve had any sets for the NMPS and we get THREE of them! Pics are from I’ve cropped and color corrected them for clarity.

First up the NMPD Cyclops:NMPD Police Cyclops shelf display
This is a pretty nifty little set. I like the colors of it. Cool that it uses the crowd control shield that the Mega Bloks COD line uses. And YES, we get an NMPD Police trooper.

NMPD Police Cyclops shelf close upA close up of the shot reveals better detail on the mini figure. The NMPD seal on the head and chest as well as “POLICE” on the chest really makes this figure stand out.

NMPD Police Cyclops full display
Here it is as it is being displayed among the other sets at NYTF 2014.

This set comes in at 55 pieces. The other Cyclops sets that have come before were at a price range of about $15-17 depending on where you got it from. So I expect this one to be about the same as well.

Next the NMPD Police Car:
NMPD Police Car Box shot
A very cool looking little car. Many of the cars in Halo 3 ODST took this shape, but none stood out as much as the NMPD Police car. This set chimes in at 235 pieces. With the NMPD Officer and Brute Chieftan added to the set, I can see this being marked at between $23-26. I love how Mega went with the VISR mode on the Chieftan. That’s the red outline markings in case you didn’t know.

NMPD Police Car DisplayHere is the set as display at NYTF with the other sets.NMPD Police Car Opened

And yes, it opens up to insert the officer to drive in.

Now I wonder since it’s displayed with the Helmet figure, yet shows the hat wearing figure on the box, will we get two heads for the mini fig so we can choose how to play/display it?

The third of the NMPD sets, the NMPD Hornet:
NMPD Police Hornet Box
The boxed shot.

NMPD Police Hornet Box fix perspectiveSame shot but with fixed perspective. We can see that it has 400+ pieces to it. It comes with a NMPD trooper and pilot. Man, I’m really loving this NMPD subline! This uses the new style Hornet build also seen in the Hornet Vs Vampire set (of which I’ll have a toy review on the blog in a couple of days!).

NMPD Police Hornet DisplayedA fuzzy but out of the box shot of the NMPD Hornet. WOOT!

So are you looking forward to the NMPD sets? I know I am!!!


New York Toy Fair 2014 Halo toy news: Mega Bloks Flame Warthog!

MB grey logoHere’s something that I didn’t cover yesterday. A Flame Warthog! YES!! This is another of those sets I’ve wanted Mega to make for some time. It’s just cool and fun looking! Pics are from I’ve cropped and color corrected for clarity.

Flamehog shelf display 1Once again we see that the new articulation figures are present. No word yet on how many pieces this is. Though by previous Warthog sets and that this has two figs with new articulation, I can see this set going for $25.

I like that both figures are Gungnir Spartans. Oh, on that note, it’s misspelled on the box art. I’ll have to let Mega know about that so they can fix it before it ships (if possible).

Flamehog shelf display 2The set on display on the Mega shelves. The figs look great! Dig those RED seats!!

Flamehog display 1On display with the other sets. Hmm, what’s that in the background? Why it’s an Active Camo FLOOD Elite! It’s not part of this set, so I wonder if it will be part of the blind pack series down the line or another set?

Flamehog display 2Flamehog display 3
I have to say, this set was unanticipated, but VERY much welcomed! I just hope it comes already painted and not stickers we have to put on.


New York Toy Fair 2014 Halo toy news: Mega Bloks Broadsword-more details

MB grey logoHere are some more shots of the Broadsword set. Pics are from, I’ve cropped and color corrected them for clarity.

UNSC Broadsword BOX
The box shot on display at NYTF.UNSC Broadsword BOX fixed perspectiveHere’s the box shot with the perspective fix. Note the “Super Poseable” over Master Chief. I’m a huge fan of starships. Have been since my Star Wars fan days back in the ’70s. So I took to liking this ship immediately when I used it in Halo 4. I knew immediately I wanted Mega Bloks to make it. SO glad they finally are. And it’s even better that we’re getting the DIdact with it!!!

UNSC Broadsword Didact
Speaking of the Didact, here’s a bigger closer shot of him than previously posted.

UNSC Broadsword DisplayHere is the Broadsword built and on display at NYTF. Looks amazing!

With this set clocking in at 800 pieces and having the new figure articulation as well as the Didact, I can see this set going for $90 easily. Though I hope it’s no more than $80.

So on a scale from 1-10 (10 being best), how excited for this set are you? I’m at a level 10!




New York Toy Fair Halo toy news: Mega Bloks Signature Series…

MB grey logoOkay, not much to see, but Sparky (my friend and VP at Mega Brands (makers of Mega Bloks), tweeted this pic of the Signature Series box.

MB Signature Series box
Hmm, what can it be???

Why it’s a SCARAB!!!

MB Signature Series Scarab_sm

I know this has been on the wanted list of MANY a Halo Mega Bloks collector, myself included. I’m SO glad it’s finally being made!!! Also, note the PROPHET mini figure! First time one has been made by Mega Bloks!!! AND Brute Honor Guards!

MB Scarab minifigs



New York Toy Fair Halo toy news: Mega Bloks DIDACT

MB grey logo

Here’s a much better and closer up shot of the Didact figure coming soon from Mega Bloks! MB Didact Final Battle 2Considering the three characters present, I’d say this will be called, “The final battle” or something along those lines.

That’s a TON of detail on the Didact figure. Cortana is painted differently form the previous release and isn’t translucent. Master Chief is of the new Super Articulated variety with removable armor!


New York Toy Fair Halo toy news: McFarlane

McF Toys logoMcFarlane hasn’t stopped making Halo figures, contrary to many people’s opinions.

In fact here are at least two of them begin shown at New York Toy Fair:

Halo XBONE Master Chief trailer-wm
Obviously this is Chief from the XBOX One trailer.

And adding yet MORE fuel to the fire of Halo 2 Anniversary coming out, here is Master Chief in his Halo 2 armor!
Halo 2 Master Chief prototype-wm




New York Toy Fair 2014 Halo toy news!!! Mega Bloks

MB grey logoFinally we have some news.

Check out this pic from NYTF of some of the new Halo Mega Bloks:

Mega Bloks Halo 2014-wm

Here’s what I see in this:
Left side middle: DIDACT figure!!! (Next to Cortana)
Left Side Middle, just under Didact: NMPD Cyclops
CENTER: Remote Controlled Mantis!!! AWESOME!!!
Top Left: Broadsword!
Bottom right corner: NMPD car
Right side middle: New Elephant or is it the Oliphant from Halo3: ODST?

Better view of the Elephant. It’s a TROOP carrying Elephant:

Elephant Troop Carrier



New York Toy Fair Halo toy news: Mega Bloks

New York Toy Fair is set to start tomorrow.

We get our first Halo Mega Bloks preview by way of text:

MB grey logo

MEGA BLOKS Halo® The phenomenally successful building set line is invigorated for 2014 with all-new buildable vehicles and playsets, and the introduction of the new Mega Bloks Halo super-poseable micro action figures with interchangeable armor. With over 20 new items in the range,Mega Bloks Halo offers kids and collectors enhanced play experiences based on the iconic Halo entertainment franchise. The Mega Bloks Halo UNSC RC Attack Mantis features a wireless remote control weapons system with multiple rocket launchers!

HFFL: Okay let’s break that paragraph down a bit.
“line is invigorated for 2014 with all-new buildable vehicles and playsets”
– Should it have said REinvigorated? Regardless, all NEW buildable vehicles and PLAYSETS. Okay, so I’m hoping this means with regards to vehicles, they are redesigns of vehicles already done. One exception though I’d like to see is the newer style Banshee. I prefer the smaller curvier wings to the longer straighter ones of the classic trilogy.
– Playset! YES!!! Now what location(s) could they be? There’s a TOn to choose from. Would these be smal like the Cryo Bay one for last year or larger like the High Ground set from the previous year?

“introduction of the new Mega Bloks Halo super-poseable micro action figures with interchangeable armor”
– NEW super poseable figs w/interchangeable armor? Okay, either my mind is BLOWN, or, we’re still getting the same style figures and not the scale/articulation like the COD figs have. As for interchangeable armor? OMG! YES!!! So this has me thinking Mega might just be doing a new scale size. UGH…While it’s nice to have better figures, changing scale always kills things for me. I don’t want to recollect everything all over again. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

• over 20 new items
– This could be anything from single pack figs, to multi pack figs to vehicles and playsets. Again a wait and see. Regardless, still a nice bit to collect, build and play/display.

– That sound you just heard was my mind being blown away for sure by this next item.

• UNSC RC Attack Mantis features a wireless remote control weapons system with multiple rocket launchers!
– Remote Controlled Mantis!!! O.M.G.!!!!!!!! Built from bloks? I wonder if it will scrunch down and stand tall? Will it walk? Can it move it’s arms while firing the rockets? How much is this going to be?

Stay tuned to HFFL tomorrow all day. I’ll get to the bottom of Halo Toy News coming out of NYTF and pass it on to you good folks as soon as I’m able to.


Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack

MB grey logo
Mega Bloks Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack: Set #97420

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 10 minutes (includes sorting time as well)
Set Piece Count: 93
Minifigs: Master Chief Mark VI (Halo 4 style) armor
Weapons: Grey Railgun
Accessories: N/A
Price: $14.99-16.99 depending on where you buy it from.
Special Features: Back of helmet can be used as a display stand. Helmet can be used for small storage.
And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack Package
I’ve said it many times before that I really love the white border packaging. It makes the box look clean and less cluttered. The back of the box shows the other two Micro Fleet sets currently available. 

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack SIDE
This side view shows how far out the helmet juts from the box.

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack ContentsHere are the contents of the box. Strangely enough, none of the bags were inside of the helmet. When you look at the box, the portion that is to the left of the helmet is where the bags are located within.

The next two pics show the helmet and attached base.MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack Helmet
MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack Helmet 2As you can see, you need to press down on the top tab to release the back baseplate.

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack SortedAll the pieces sorted out.

This next set of pics shows the build progression of the mini-rocket hog.
MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack 1st steps
MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack 2nd steps
MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack FINThis comes together very quickly and I had no issues with the build.

Orthogonal views of the hog.MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack ORTHO

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack 4rnr-baseHere is the mini Forerunner structure included with the set. As I explain in the video, the structure technically can stand on it’s own, but those little 1×1 slope pieces are free floating and not connected to the structure. So, I made a modification to this build as seen below:

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack 4rnr-base alt buildTo the left a mini-Forerunner ship. It kind of reminds me of an A-wing from Star Wars. The only piece not used it that 1X3 slope piece. However, add it to the back and stand it upright as shown to the right and you’ve got a structure that can stand on it’s own without any free floating pieces.

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack MinifigIf you do not have a “Master Chief” figure, then this is a good choice to get him. While not the same as the one in the Forward Unto Dawn set (which has different markings), it’s close enough.

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack Shrunken Hog“Honey, who shrunk the warthog?”

MB Micro-Fleet Warthog Attack Complete setA neat little set.

Here’s the video review:

Summary: A quick set to build. I think there was a misprint in the number of pieces though as it’s less than 93. I’ve been asking Mega for years to make mini vehicles and ships. This is a great start. Might there be more Micro Fleet sets to come in the future? I’m betting on it.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9 out for 10 medals. If it were a little less in price it would have got a 10. NOTE: I did receive this free from Mega. So while the price didn’t affect me here, I’m still giving my honest opinion.

You can see this set and more at Mega Bloks Halo product page HERE.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the review. If you have this set yourself, please give me your thoughts on it too!


Halo Toy Review Valentine’s edition: Mega Bloks Metallic Series ODST (Red)

Today is Valentine’s Day, so what better color set than a RED set to review!
MB grey logo

Mega Bloks Metallic Series ODST (Red): Set #97420

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: N/A
Set Piece Count: 11
Minifigs: ODST (Metallic Red Highlights with Black Under Armor) The red is really more rust/copper in color.
Weapons: Silenced SMG
Accessories: 2X4 Blok with Metallic Red “Halo” printed on on of the long sides.
Price: $4.99
Special Features: Two-part Drop Pod mold (Not a buildable drop pod)
And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

MB Metallic ODST Pod RED Package
The packaging is the drop pod itself, which is a two-part mold. There is a thin sheath of clear plastic that surrounds the pod to keep it intact while hanging on pegs, while waiting to be bought. I just like how they look like hand grenades! Though this one looks more like a piece of fruit, with it being red. LOL

MB Metallic ODST Pod RED Contents
This pic shows the contents of the pod, as well as the pod separated into it’s respective two pieces. The minifigure does not come assemebled. It takes no time at all to put it together though.

The insert sheet shows all four of the sets.

Finally here is the minifig close-up.
MB Metallic ODST Pod RED Minifig

It has a great metallic sheen to it. I really like the teeth markings above and below the visor. The blok the fig stands on comes with it and is imprinted with the word “Halo” on it, in Metallic red ink to match the minifig’s detail color. The red on the figure is more of a Rust/Copper color than straight red. I like it!

Here’s the video review:

Summary: No time needed to build this as it’s just the figure, weapon and its’ stand.

Overall Rating: I give this set 10 out for 10 medals.

For the money, this is a good deal. Consider that the single blind pack minifigs are $3-4, for the same or maybe a dollar more, you get the two-part drop pod. If you’re a fan of ODSTs then these are the sets for you!

You can see this set and more at Mega Bloks Halo product page HERE.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the review. If you have this set yourself, please give me your thoughts on it too!