Be on the lookout for a small contest in a few days. ONLY HFFL subscribers are eligible!

I’ll be having a small contest in a couple of days. ONLY HFFL subscribers are eligible!

The ONLY way you can enter the contest is as such:

• Subscribe to (see the tab from the main page on how to do so.) It’s FREE!!!
• Reply to the contest article
• E-mail me your entry – More details on that when I post the contest.

So what is the contest? Well, you’re going to have to keep your eyes glues to HFFL to find out!

TheSSMotion Christmas Toymation Fest is HERE!

Today, Tom, from TheSSMotion, asked if I’d be interested in posting their contest here on HFFL. Of course I’m happy to.

For the second year in a row TheSSMotion is hosting their Christmas Toymation Fest! Last year they had some amazing entries. The theme is ‘BATTLE‘ and it must be no more than three minutes long.

• Submission Period is the 20th November to the 20th December.
• Voting Commences from the 31st of December to the 4th of January
• Winners Announced on the 5th of January
• Theme of Stop Motion is Battle
• Can be based around any MB theme and not just Halo! Continue reading

HFFL’s 3rd Anniversary Trivia Contest Question #2

Hello friends, subscribers, readers and fans! Here is the second question of HFFL’s 3rd Anniversary Trivia Contest Questions. Questions may either be from the Halo Universe at large, or specific to the blog.

In order to be eligible to win, you must be a registered subscriber of the blog. It’s free to do so and you can check that out HERE. Continue reading

HFFL’s 3rd Anniversary Trivia Contest Question #1

Hello friends, subscribers, readers and fans! Today marks the start of a week long worth of trivia contest questions. Questions may either be from the Halo Universe at large, or specific to the blog.

In order to be eligible to win, you must be a registered subscriber of the blog. It’s free to do so and you can check that out HERE. Continue reading

Halo 3 Tourney Aug 30-31

Halo 3 tourney

Just in case the text is a bit hard to read: is hosting an online Halo 3 tourney. This is a 4v4 tourney. You can signup as late as one hour before the tourney starts.

It’s FREE to enter.

1st place is $400/team
2nd place 812hz Gaming Gum X4

Sign up on

I’m registered there as well as several of the HFFL gaming group guys. Hopefully we can field a team for this.


Happy to announce the 2nd Annual HFFL LAN Event!

HFFL 2014 LAN logo

This year, I’m going to do something different than last year. I’m having this at my home and it will be 8 hours of gaming and more!

Mark your calendars for August 16 (Saturday). As for the time, I’m going to ask you folks to pick between 1-9pm or 2-10pm that day. Please only reply if you plan on coming to the event.

There will be a FFA and Doubles tourney. Possibly 4v4 if we have enough attend. Prizes TBD.

This is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I’ll have much more details to follow. I’ve got to secure prizes, the time as mentioned above, some logistics for additional XBOXs and screens.

Now here is where I need your help folks. Unlike last year, which was held at a LAN center, I’ll be hiring the same fellow, but instead of going there, have him come to my home. This is more expensive than last year. However, also as mentioned above, it’s going to be 8 instead of 3 hours. I was able to keep the cost pretty low with admission being $15. However, this year I need to raise funds due to the added expense. Otherwise it’s going to cost $35 per person, and I’d like to avoid that high of a cost to each, if possible. So even if you don’t plan on coming, I’d really appreciate it if you’d consider donating to the blog, via the paypal link on the main page.

Here’s the good thing about that, if everyone who came to the site in just ONE day of the 365 days in a year donated 50 cents, I’ve have enough to cover the LAN and the blog’s renewal. I hope that you find my blog is worth at least that much in entertaining Halo articles, news, art, reviews, the Spirit of Fire Podcast and so on. From now until Aug 1st, or if I raise enough sooner, I’ll be holding the fundraiser for this and on occasion post a gentle reminder. This isn’t mandatory. I’ll never ask for “dues”. My site is free to all.

If enough is raised to cover the cost of the LAN, then it’s free to come to. If not, then whatever the difference is will be split between all LAN Attendees.

Food and Refreshments will be available as part of your admission. Food will be the good old American classic summer foods: Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. PLUS, I may just make a special dish…

If you want to bring someone that won’t be gaming, that is fine. There will be a small charge for refreshments to them. That TBD by the amount of attendees.

Bookmark the Event page HERE! I’ll be updating that page with more details as I get them.



First ever Halo 4 exhibition match between 343/Community Pros RESULTS!

livestream_exhibition_3-19_700-v2-693bc1c483e348dbb2e5ab8ada7edecfAs I write this the stream is still going one with Rukari hosting BS Angel and Bravo. However, the exhibition match portion of the stream is over and HFFL brings you those results!

Game 1 343 resultThe first game went to the 343 pro team which showed some great team work. They held a big lead for much of the game with the Community Pro team started mounting a comeback. Ultimately though, 343 won with a final score in a match that ended close.
343 Pros 310 – Community Pros 290

Game 2 Comm result
The Community pro team came together in this match and dominated the 343 pro team. Having much of the map control during the game and scoring tons of throw in goals, some coming from open ramp through the slot The 343 team never came close in this match.
Community Pros 310 – 343 Pros 100

Game 3 343 result
This game saw some good run-in goals by the 343 team. Some clutch moves as well. Neighbor for whom we were watching the stream through had an awesome triple kill. He was also a nuisance during much of the match for the Community pro team. The community pros couldn’t overcome the mounting lead by 343, which the 343ers won handedly!
343 Pros 310 – Community Pros 150   Advantage 343 2 games to 1.

At the end of this match we watched as Neighbor talked some smack to Ace. Ace had went +11 in the match only to see his team lose. See folks, in objective games it’s NOT about who has the best K/D…

Game 4 343 result
The 343 pro team completely dominated the Community pro team in what would turn out to be a blowout for the final game of the exhibition match.
343 Pros 310 – Community Pros 150   343 wins the first ever Exhibition match 3 games to 1 not even needing to play the 5 game.

A great victory for the 343 pro team and a bit humbling for the Community pro team.

Bravo promises to bring more of these exhibition matches and streams in the future. One can hope that won’t be too long in coming. It’s always great to see/hear from the official folks!




Cheer on team “NRG” in the Ricochet Hub tournament!

PensHalo, a friend of mine and one of the longer term readers here has enrolled a team for the Ricochet Hub tournament starting this week. He asked fellow HFFL forum users if they wanted to participate and several of us jump in on it.

Besides Pens, I’m one of the other team members, along with HFFL Big Cheese, TheHal0Array, and Dijabouti. The fact that all five of us are also in the HFFL gaming group is pretty cool, but not so necessarily coincidental.

I came up with the name of NRG. It stands for National Ricochet Gamers. However, if you say the letters “N’ “R” “G” together quickly, it sounds like Energy. That’s what I was going for.

I’ll keep you all posted on our standings in the tournament. Our first game is on Saturday night. In this league you play a best of three each tournament night you game. We’ll earn one point for a win, none for a loss.

Ricochet is a 4v4 game type, so one of us will be an alternate. This will shift to each of us so everyone has a chance to play in the tournament.

Cheer us on folks!


Color Me This: Halo Initiation #1 Monday progression

I wasn’t feeling so well yesterday and took a break from this. However, I did work on it today. Here is where I am so far now:

Halo Initiation 1 Monday Progress
Here is what the progression has looked like over the last couple of days:

Tomorrow, I’ll finish up the Brute (in this case the damage being done. As well, I’ll add highlights and shadows to both Palmer and the Brute.

Then Wednesday, I’ll add in a background, thereby completing the project.

Anyone else working on this? I’d love to see your progression as well! Send me an e-mail at with your progression shots. jpg format please.




Color Me this: Halo Initiation #1 Alternate cover progress…

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I worked on this some more. Here is a four-panel graphic that shows from left top going in a ‘Z’ pattern (Click on pic to make bigger):

Original                                         Friday Progress
Saturday Progress                      Actual Artist final color

So I filled in Palmer, much more of the Brute Chieftan and added a little bit of lighting on the green parts. I fill in using solid colors to start, then go back and add highlights and shadows on different layers in photoshop, using special filters. You’ll see this later.

I’m looking forward to what this may turn out to be. I have a pretty good idea already and know where I want to take this, but I’m allowing myself some freedom if the colors/affects aren’t quite working with me to change it to something else.

So are you hard at work on yours?  Remember I’ll showcase your artwork on the blog here.

Oh and PLEASE, do not worry about matching up against mine. Heck if you do better, GREAT! If not, please realize that I’ve been an artist for 40 years. And in the digital realm (Photoshop) for 16 years of that.

So don’t think you need to compete with mine or even the actual artist work. Heck, go crazy with this. Maybe send in an all multi-colored pink hued Brute! Or give him a plaid pattern on his armor. Be creative. That’s the whole point of these “Color Me This” articles. Have FUN!


So how is your colorized Brute coming along?

So have you started colorizing the Halo Initiation #1 alternate cover yet?

Here’s the file to download:


Here is my progress so far:

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 3.03.40 PMSo not much so far, but will get there over the next few days. Some of the colors will be close to the same, but not totally. And the background I’ll be doing will be VERY different.

The pic above shows my progress so far, and the right being the original artist’s rendition. You’ll be able to see the differences as time goes on.




Winner of the Draw a Carbine contest.

I’d like to thank all of the folks who participated in this contest. Without further ado, here is the winner’s submission:

image-3The winner is Grant Humbert. Grant, I’ll send you the code via the e-mail you used to register with the site.




Contest for Halo 4 “Engage” Carbine skin

Okay, instead of the normal trivia questions which are usually EASY with just a quick look-up on Google, I’m going to make this a bit more interactive.

I want to see your HAND DRAWN Carbines. NO PHOTOSHOP.

Here is the computer rendered file from 343. Use for reference if you’d like.Halo 4 Carbine

You have until Sunday 11:59pm (EST) to send me your drawing. You must be a registered member of the blog to enter. It’s free to register, so send me an e-mail at sal@ if you want to sign up for the blog. Just give me your desired user name and a password you want to use. You can include your drawing in that e-mail as well. Nothing over 1MB please.

If you’re already registered, send me your drawing via e-mail as well and be certain that you include your screen name here on the blog. (I”ll be checking those)

I’ll pick one for the entries and send you the code.

Drawings may be in pen, pencil, marker, crayon. Again NO computer rendered files. If I have to guess if it’s computer rendered or not, it will likely be disqualified without notice.

So let’s see those Carbines folks!!!


HFFL 2nd Anniversary GRAND PRIZE trivia question!

This promises to be MUCH harder than all the rest of the daily questions before. This is for the grand prize of a Halo Mega Bloks Night Ops Gauss Hog (as previously reviewed here).

UNSC Gauss Hog BOX Front

What are the THREE ways I hate to die the most in Halo 4?

To answer you must reply to this article. To reply, you must be a registered subscriber of the blog.

Lots of replies. Noone has got all three right within the same answer. So…I’m going to help this along a bit. ALL THREE have been within the answers so far. So you just need to figure out WHICH of those are the correct three. The grand prize is still up for grabs for ANYONE (who is registered with the blog).

[UPDATE] After MANY tries, the question was finally answered correctly. I absolutely hate being Sniped! Then when Reach came out, I added Assassination to that. With Halo 4, the Boltshot QUICKLY became my most next hated way to die.

Thanks for playing folks! Prizes will be mailed out this weekend. Stay tuned to as more contests will be on the way!