HFFL’s Forum Rank Emblems revealed!

The HFFL forums have been open for about 10 days now. While the ranks were available to see on the forums first day, I haven’t showcased them here. So without further ado, here are what the ranks emblem look like and the name of each:
(Click to make graphic bigger)

These rank emblems and names closely follow the current U.S. Navy rank emblems.
Starting from the top left to right. Recruit being the lowest rank with no emblem.

The red striped emblems are Petty Officers, then the gold strips are chiefs, followed by gold bars for officers, then large bars with stars for Admirals. The last three are special ranks. VIP Admiral is just that. Someone within either 343 or one of their partners gets this rank. Note that there dis a capital “V” on the top star. Moderators get the same ranks but with an “M” instead of the “V”. And finally, the rank reserved for myself…yes, I know, but I am the owner and admin of the site. Fleet Admiral.

Come on over and join the forums and get in on a lot of Halo discussion. We talk about everything Halo, from the current and previous games; to Halo merchandise, including Halo Mega Bloks; to novels and comic books; and much more!

You can register here for free: http://halofanforlife.freeforums.org

I look forward to your participation!

Friendly reminder folks, HFFL now has a forum!

Opened on the 26th of Feburary, HFFL now has a forum. I invite you to register and participate in discussions about all things Halo.
Registration is free. You’ll have to register separately for the forums even if you’re a subscriber to the blog as that’s a different site altogether. It’s just link to here.

Here’s the link for the forums: http://halofanforlife.freeforums.org

I and the current members of the forums look forward to YOU joining us!


The NEW HFFL forums are now OFFICIALLY OPEN!

After some delay and having to switch to a new forum setup/provider, HFFL is proud to announce the new forum!

Please go to: http://halofanforlife.freeforums.org and register.

I have to approve all registrations first (just like when you register for the blog as well). This is to weed out spam accounts.

Once you’re fully registered, please create an introductory thread. Also, please for ease, use the same name there as you have here on the blog.

Thanks and I look forward to your participation.


Found a forum hosting site. HFFL Forums coming soon!

Getting up early this morning, I had an e-mail from a friend letting me know about a forum hosting site. After checking it out for a bit, I think this will work for HFFL. I’ll be working on the layout/design, etc., for the forums over the next few days and hope to have it ready very soon. Meaning end of the month if not sooner.

In the meantime, I’d like to know what forum sections you’d like to see in these forums.

If you look to the right in the categories bar, the forums will have a similar set-up. So anything already listed there will be in the forums. Anything else you all can think of that might need adding?

This forum is for YOU, so please let your ideas be known. Either reply below or send me an e-mail at sal@halofanforlife.com. I look forward to your participation.