Halo 2 Anniversary Mobile and screen wallpapers

Halostarscope.com has been in the Halo community news lately with the cryptic message given via XBOX’s twitter account. Now it seems there are two Halo 2 Anniversary wallpapers you can get from the site.

My friend and fellow Halo enthusiast, ‘PensHalo‘ found two of them. No word on if there are more than these. I did try to find more and didn’t find any others.

These two screen and mobile wallpapers feature a Halo ring along with the Arbiter and Master Chief in the Halo 2 Anniversary graphics. Feel free to download both! Continue reading

HMCC Forge Tutorial: Scripting from Certain Affinity.

Scott Maclean form Certain Affinity walks us through how to use scripting in the Halo 2 Anniversary Forge of the Halo Master Chief Collection. I have to say after watching this that there is an endless amount of potential for maps with this new scripting service that Certain Affinity has given to us.

The video below is 22 minutes and worth every second of it! Continue reading

HMCC/H2A Forge Map Awash: Detailed forge/playable space (It’s HUGE!)

I was curious just how big the foregable/playable space was in Awash. Awash is a new Forge map in the Halo 2 Anniversary Forge portion of the Halo Master Chief Collection.

First things first, I went to the four corners of the map and placed a 1×1 block. BTW, the 1×1 blocks at 10ft square. Next I placed the large green grass tiles at the corners. Then to get the size of that, placed enough 1×1 blocks side by side on one of the sides of the grass tiles to get that measurement. It’s 30×30 (which is 300ft on one side). Continue reading

Halo Master Chief Collection Achievement Guideline – Part 3: Halo 2 Anniversary Achievements

Here we are at the third of the series of articles for the achievements of the Halo Master Chief Collection. At the bottom will be links for the other parts to this simple guide. Today we look at the Halo 2 Achievements.

This is just a guideline of course. You may find other ways to get these achievements. It’s just my way of helping you through this massive list.

HFFL Community Friend ‘Tetrahedrite’ wrote up his own guideline and shared it with me. We talk and agreed to share in this guide. I’ll do my best to make mention of his specific contributions.

Now on with this part of the guide: Continue reading

Halo 2 Anniversary Skulls

So the skulls for Halo 2 Anniversary have been found out.  This info was passed on to me by HFFL member Rythmic Warrior. There is a LOT more skulls than I had thought there would be.

I have to admit, some of these seem a bit ridiculous. And I can’t imagine have a LASO run with all of these active. That would be beyond cray cray… Continue reading

Halo 2 Anniversary’s AWESOME Forge!

FINALLY! We are getting a GREAT look at what Halo 2 Anniversary’s Forge can do. And I have to say, I’m in AWE! I LOVE it. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and forge like hell!!!

After the advertisement (which I couldn’t avoid, sorry), watch the whole vid. It’s simply amazing what is coming to H2A’s Forge! Continue reading