All the Black Box Locations in Halo Wars!I

Now, I know some of you will say, “This is old news.” However, with Pre-orders of HaloFanForLife1 wars 2 including the Halo Wars Definitive Edition, its VERY much pertinent again.

HaloCanon posted this tuse. I’m reposting it here, with permission.

Well, I know what I’m playing today!

I do not have the definitive edition. I never got all the black boxes, so that’s something I’m going to go for now.

Halo Wars now only $4.99 for XBOX Gold subscribers!


While not the free I was helping to petition for, Halo Wars IS now being sold on the XBOX marketplace for an extremely low price of $4.99.

Folks, if you have never played this game, get it. It’s TOTALLY worth it! Even if you have the game, via disc, get the digital version. It’s a great way ensure you’ll have the game loaded on your XBOX ready to play whenever you want to.



Go HERE to purchase from the XBOX Marketplace.

I want to thank Colin Perkins for passing along this intel!