Fero to release unsanctioned Hutn the Truth trailer?

According to Janina Gavankar, the voice of Fero, from Hunt the Truth, she may be releasing an unsactioned (or is it really sanctioned…) Hunt the Truth trailer???

Here’s here tweet about it:


Interesting…I can’t wait to find out what this is about?!

HUNT the Truth Season 2 Episode 5: Where the Third Life Shines

S2E5 Intro


Sunlight. Birdsong. Linens and pine. If not for the cultists, it would have been quite nice.

Man, Dasc is CRAZY!! 

HUNT the Truth Season 2 Episode 4: Jackals

Bad Tastetumblr_nw67bvAXZV1uokpa1o1_1280

The Kig-Yar “stew” went a long way toward explaining the state—and scent—of the ship. What remained unexplained was how they had acquired such an abundance of eyeballs. Continue reading

HUNT the Truth Season 2 Episode 3: Safe House

Tangled Webtumblr_nvt8rk1siU1uokpa1o1_1280

I wasn’t sure which was harder to comprehend: The writing on the wall or the mess he’d made of the safe house.

Maya is on the run. After nearly being killed in a massive assault on a rebel base by ONI, she flees to what she thinks is a safe house… Continue reading

HUNT the Truth Season 2 Episode 2 From Fire to Blood

HtT S2E2-2 intro

A character that has appeared in the Halo comics makes her return in this episode of Hunt the Truth. A very POWERFUL character…tumblr_nvgablWVY41uokpa1o1_1280

The human language doesn’t have a word big enough for the thing on Conrad’s Point. “Pit” or “hole” or “crater” – they’re not big enough. “Impossible,” maybe. And yet there it was. Horrible and possible all at once.

A city lies in ruins, Maya meets a madwoman, and the Colonies mourn the death of a hero.


Okay, so you’ve listened to this episode yes? (If not, don’t go further as there will be spoilers)

Fero (Maya) really put herself at risk, huh? Well, really ONI did that to her. And killing off Ari? WOW! Ilsa Vain’s appearance isn’t completely unexpected, given her presumed escape in the Halo comics.

Conrad’s Point is a location that was shown in a hologram in the Fireteam Osiris intro. I think it’s a little odd that Black Box has an English accent. Hmm, is that an homage to Jarvis from Iron Man??

It’s definitely no surprise that ONI would hit the NCA (New Colonial Alliance), even with their operatives still at the location.

This half mile crater though…Likely the spot where a Guardian will come out of. Well, that’s my guess anyway, based on the E3 2013 trailer.

HUNT the Truth Season 2 Episode 2…Failed Transmission

HtT S2E2 intro


Hmm, just a glimpse of what is to come…

HUNT the Truth Season 2 Episode 1: Cube B-349

Under Glasstumblr_nv70pdFTjh1uokpa1o1_1280

Poor Benjamin Giraud. Still hunting the truth. There was still a shred of hope in him. But now that’s gone too. Hard to tell, through the blood.

A missing man appears on Midnight, “anomalies” appear in the Colonies, and Maya receives her new assignment.

 Prepare for Episode 2: Cube B-349
HtT s2e1 Cube 349 intro
      S2.01. CUBE B-349

HUNT the TRUTH Season 2, Episode 00: The Only Deliverable


Season 2’s ‘pre’ episode if you want to call it that was released yesterday (as of this writing). In it, we find out the identity of Fero…All is not as it seemed it was in Season 1 of HtT!


SPOILERS below this point…. You’ve been warned! Continue reading

12 Things We Learned About Halo 5‘s Hunt the Truth Season 2-SPOILERS!

Okay, first of all…do NOT read below if you do not want to be SPOILED!!!

halo-hunt-the-truth-2Okay, now that you’ve decided to have some spoilers, let’s proceed.

This is a reblog of another article from Time.com.

Article by Matt Peckham

Continue reading

Hunt the Truth wins CLIO award!

Gees, I completely forgot to post this… Apologies!

Hunt the Truth one a prestigious award in the form of a CLIO, for Streaming/Downloadable Content.

CLIO Awarsd logo

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.34.23 PM

Congrats to the team! Let’s hope they get another for Season two!!!

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HUNT the TRUTH Season 2 starts…TOMORROW!!!


According to an article on TIME.com, season 2 of Hunt theTruth starts tomorrow, 9-22-15!

The following is a reblog of that article:

In a series of podcasts, the mythology of the Halo universe was thrown into tumult. What will happen next?

It’s strange days in Microsoft’s Halo universe. Uncomfortable mysteries abound as Halo 5: Guardians nears. The series’ hulking Master Chief—savior of 26th century humanity—is inexplicably AWOL. Super-soldiers hunt super-soldiers. Ghastly revelations threaten cherished mythologies. Unrest looms. Continue reading

HUNTtheTRUTH season 2 starts recording!

Frank O’Conner let us know a few days ago that this past Saturday, the second season of HUNTtheTRUTH began recording!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.04.49 AM

This is exciting news. Well, to me it is anyway. I really enjoyed the first season. Season 2 will feature Cobie Smolders (Avengers: SHIELD Agent Hill, How I Met Your Mother) as the lead character, Petra Janecek. This is a role she reprises from season one of HtT.

Season 2 runs all the way up to the release of Halo 5 Guardian!

HUNTtheTRUTH: The Finale. A two-part episode and MORE!

Here it is folks, the finale of HUNTtheTRUTH! This is a two-parter. So have a seat and get ready……

But first, here’s a little extra something that was tossed in: 

How far would you go to defend your heroes? Looking at the statue of the Chief on Barrier, I knew what my answer was.

tumblr_npybz3nYZS1uokpa1o1_1280 Continue reading

Canon Fodder – Conventional Warfare

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Can you hear it? The dull rumble foretelling the shattering roar of an impending storm? E3 is nigh upon us, fiction fans, and you will soon find yourself arms spread wide against the glassy rain hurtling against you, shining like stars whipping by your awaiting eyes and ears. Many of you have been already basking in the glow of the recently-revealed cover article from our friends at Game Informer. I can promise you, the floodgates are only about to open wider once Monday comes and E3’s opening salvo arrives in the form of the Xbox Keynote event. If you are wanting to stay up to date on all the updates, be sure to keep your browsers tuned to HaloWaypoint.com, and your eyes glued to the Halo Channel, as we’ll be bringing you all the hot E3 coverage beginning on Monday, June 15th. The coverage will kick off on your Xbox One at 9:30am (PST) for the Xbox E3 Keynote. Once that’s done, hop over into the Halo Channel for continuing coverage, including VOD assets from the briefing itself, as well as stream coverage from the Xbox Daily show live from the E3 show floor. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a minute of it. Continue reading

HUNTtheTRUTH: The Silicate Industry and the Profits of Tragedy on the Outskirts


It was hard to imagine this wasteland as a city. Glass stretched for miles in every direction, frozen like an ocean in mid-churn. Even here, where excavation had left some kind of human thumbprint, the landscape was a harsh one. Continue reading