Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta

A few qords from Dan Ayoub, Studio Head of Strategy Games at 343 Industries
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Hi everyone –

Last June we invited our fan community to jump in and get hands-on with a slice of Halo Wars 2 with our first multiplayer beta. As discussed, we received a tremendous amount of valuable feedback on both the technical and gameplay side that has helped the team continue to refine and improve the overall Halo Wars 2 experience as we march towards launch on Feb. 21, 2017. Continue reading

Official Halo Wars 2 Logos and Guideline Usage!

You saw it here FIRST on HaloFanForLife.com!

Here are the OFFICIAL Halo Wars 2 logos and avatars. Below is a guideline graphic for how to use them on your sites. If you do, please relink back to here and put either my name or website as credit for having supplied them. Thanks.

Use this guideline when posting these official logos.HaloWars2_Logo_Guide Continue reading

A look at what comes in the Halo Wars 2 game cartridge!

We are now 50 days out from the official retail release of Halo Wars 2. A friend passed this along to me, so I just HAD to share it!

Below you can see what is included in the box of the Ultimate and Special editions (PC editions). halowars2_se_front_finalhffl_smhalowars2_ue_front_finalhffl_sm

HFFL: I’m surprised there are so many discs for this. But will be happy to get them!

Some more info about the various releases:

Halo Wars 2 Standard Edition
Release: February 21, 2017
You will get: Continue reading

Atriox: We HAVE seen him before AND we have FOUGHT HIM!

This article is conjecture, however with some research behind it to bolster my claim. If you’ve heard otherwise, please just hear me out…

Chances are, you’ve not only seen Atriox before, but have PLAYED against him if you played the original Halo Wars.

Atriox IS the unnamed Brute Commander in the ORIGIAL Halo Wars game!

So how did I come to this conclusion and what facts do I have to prove this or at least make a good argument for it? Let’s explore, shall we?

First, let’s take a look at the Brute Commander from Halo Wars.

unnamed-brute-halo-wars-comp_sm Continue reading

Halo Wars 2 Story Vidoc

There is SO much goodness in this video. Take a look then we’ll talk after…

Okay, so what did you think? First off, Blur’s visuals have gotten even BETTER.

Atriox is truly a Brute Commander to be reckoned with! Fighting off 3 Spartans and not even breaking a sweat or breathing heavy? Yeah, uh, we’re in for a fight here!

The updated look for Anders is decent. I like the new AI, though I can’t wait to see what happened to Serena.

Can you imagine being in Cryo for 28 years, then coming out of it to this? Just think about in our own lifetimes how much has happened in 28 years. For instance, if you went into Cryo in 1998, then woke up now? The world has changed DRAMATICALLY in those years. Such it is as well for the crew of the Spirit of Fire.

The story of Halo Wars 2 is really shaping up to be something special in the Halo timeline. I have a bad feeling that ending of Halo Wars to may not bode well for the crew of the Spirit of Fire… Worse still, the UNSC at large.

HFFL Exclusive Interview with Halo Wars 2 wins champion, YoungBerk!

Before we get started, I want to make expressly clear that I do not give permission to anyone other than 343 or Creative Assembly to repost this article. You may however, link to this article without posting any portion of the article, with exception to the title of the article itself as it is used exactly here. Please respect that. 

HFFL: Hello, YoungBerk, thanks for agreeing to do this interview.
YB: Hello

HFFL: Tell us a little about yourself.
YB: First, I’m 21 years old and from Berkeley CA. I’m currently a student at UC Berkeley in my sophomore year studying media studies.

HFFL: Great school! Continue reading

Know Your Enemy!

This is reblog from Halo Waypoint. Visit the Halo Wars 2 section of HFFL to get all the up to date info on the game!

During the E3 2016 Xbox Media Briefing today, we were excited and honored to share a brand new glimpse into a long awaited sequel – and next great adventure in our universe – Halo Wars 2. Created by 343 Industries and Real-Time Strategy genre veterans Creative Assembly, Halo Wars 2 lets fans on both Windows 10 and Xbox One go from the couch to the command chair to lead their forces against the enemy throughout an epic campaign and intense multiplayer action. Plus, we announced an online Multiplayer Beta running from Jun 13-20 that you can tore.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/Halo-Wars-2-Open-Beta/e78a873e-1ade-48da-9d66-6474751895c1″>download and play right now on Xbox One.

Continue reading

Halo Wars 2: Behind the Scenes, Interview, Multiplayer and Tutorial Videos!

There has been so much Halo Wars 2 news to come out over the course of the last couple of days. I would have posted this earlier, however, I’ve been BUSY playing the Beta itself.

Let’s start off with a cool BTS vid!

I don’t know about you folks, but there are a LOT of screenshots I got from this video! So many cool things in it!

Here’s an interview vid with Dan Ayoub. (Not ether interviewer says 3-43 instead of 3-4-3… Continue reading

Atriox Arises!

If you didn’t see during yesterday’s XBOX Presentation at E3, the Halo Wars 2 trailer was shown. Within it, we saw more of the Brute Baddie that we’ve caught glimpses of over the past few months.

Well now we know his name. It is Atriox.

Halo-Wars-2-Trailer-Atriox3 cropped

Atrium is the leader of a new group called “The Banished”. Taking a guess here, this off-shoot group are those who stay with the Covenant after the great Schism, but did NOT align with Jul ‘Mdama. Hence they were banished from both the Covenant and their home worlds’ armies. I say homeworlds because we also now know that the Banished are made up of several former Covenant races. Brutes, Elites, Grunts, and Hunters are confirmed. Any others outside of these has not yet been officially revealed. Continue reading

Halo Wars 2 BETA and pics!

First, let me say these are “rumored” to be in-game images. Until 343 or MS have confirmed this,. please treat as such. I found these via a post on reddit/halo.

The image below has been circulating for a few days. No word on if it’s official or not, but I figured I’d include it in here as well. (Though from the Beta screenshot, it seems legit.)Halo Wars 2 Cover RS

There will be a Beta and it’s SOON!!!

Halo-Wars-2 Beta RS

For ONE week, starting June 13 through June 20, we will get to experience Halo Wars 2 for the first time. This in Beta form! I am SO psyched by this!!

Let’s take a look at some in-game images (again these are rumored and not official, yet) Continue reading

Halo Wars 2 update

Okay, not a huge update here. This is more a follow up to the Halo Wars 2 Brute bust I originally posted in August.

Halo Wars 2 logo cropped

Here are some more pics of that. They show a more final paint job on the bust. Following these is one shot from HW2 development, and another from their erase board.

1 HW2 Brute Bust Continue reading

Halo Wars 2: Brute leader bust

Halo Wars 2 logo croppedBy now you’ve seen the Brute leader from the Halo Wars 2 trailer. I posted this earlier this month.

What you may not have seen is a sculpted bust of the Brute leader. So let’s take a look, shall we?

He’s an ugly mug, isn’t he? Not the sculpt, the actual character. I like that he’s got a kind of Scottish/Viking feel to him. This may be an insight into his character.

Halo Wars 2 Brute leader bust -2 Continue reading

Halo Wars 2 is OFFICIAL!

gamescom logo

Announced yesterday at gamescom, Halo Wars 2 will be coming to the XBOX One in the Fall of 2016!

Here’s the official trailer, followed by official press screenshots.

Continue reading