Classic Helmets return TODAY!

The day is finally here! We will be able to get our hands on these classic helmets later today via a special REQ Pack!


The pack will set you back either 150K REQ Points or if you really want them and dont’ want to grind the points, you can purchase it for $10 (US).

I for one am excited for these. I’ll be taking turns with Recon, Operator, EOD, Pilot and my fav of this bunch, the CQB helmet!

Look for a Halo update on your console some time in the afternoon. As soon as I know the update is available, I”ll tweet it out here: @HaloFanForLife

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More MoR! (Memories of Reach) Patch notes, plus

MoR BG image

So Memories of Reach came out yesterday!

There is a LOT more information about the update, so let’s get into what else was added/changed and perhaps a little bit of a recount as to what you may have already seen. Continue reading

New Halo 5 “Memories of Reach” Armor and Helmet Reqs Revealed

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Halo 5‘s Memories of Reach update, the sci-fi shooter’s sixth free expansion, is coming later this month. While you have to wait a little while longer to play the new content, GameSpot can today reveal some new, Noble Team-inspired Reqs that are included with the free update, including helmets and armor.

The new Reqs, showcased in the gallery below Halo: Reach-inspired characters Jorge, Emile, and Jun, includes Indomitable, Vigilant, and Intruder. All of these look pretty badass.

Another thing to note that is you will also see Carter’s armor set from Halo: Reach, but that’s been available in Halo 5 since release in October. When Memories of Reach comes out, all five members of Noble Team will have their armor represented in Halo 5.

3058192-h5-guardians-reach-armor-hero-squad+(copy) Continue reading

Spartan Armory Weapons Skins. A CLOSER look!

Want to see the skins you may get in the Spartan Armory pack, but in better detail? Well here ya go!!!

First though, here is the pack you want to buy to get these. Be FAIR WARNED!!! While you get 5 skins, you MAY get armor skins instead of 5 weapons skins.

Spartan Armory REQ logo

Now the skins according to rarity:  Continue reading

A closer look at the FREE HCW armor REQ Pack coming this weekend!!!

You may have already seen this graphic. Now you’ll get to see some better, close-up shots of them all!Halo 5 Guardians Halo World Championship REQ Pack

I really like this emblem. I may likely wear it for awhile, though I’ll change the colors to reflect Master Chief.Halo-5-Guardians-Challenger-REQ-Card-Emblem Continue reading

New REQ pack BUNDLES (for money only) My thoughts…

If you haven’t heard, 343 has made available several sets of REQ pack bundles. These however are for real money only and not available to purchase via REQ points.

Here is what they offer and their respective prices (click to make bigger):


Let’s talk about the potential Pros and Cons of this.

You can decide if what comes next is a pro of con… Continue reading

Cartographer’s Gift REQ Reveal

The following is a reblog from HaloWaypoint (My commentary immediately following the reblogged article)

The next free update to Halo 5: Guardians arrives next week and with it comes Forge, new Arena and Warzone maps, Seasons and social playlists, brand new REQs, and more. Today, we’re excited to reveal each unlockable REQ. Included are weapons, armor, and emblems you might recognize from past Halo titles, as well as some new additions.

Cartographer’s Gift marks the return of the SPNKr Rocket Launcher – the dual-tubed tool of destruction that comes in 4 flavors. You’ll also notice the full set of Gold Standard weapon skins, which are rather fitting of their Legendary rarity. We hope you’re as excited as we are for Cartographer’s Gift and the wide array of new content it brings to Halo 5. Without further ado, here’s the full REQ reveal of the Cartographer’s Gift update, which we teased in last week’s Halo Community Update.

Join us this Friday at 3 PM PT on Halo Channel and to see the new content – including Forge, new maps, REQs, and more – in action!


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Special Holiday Promo Pack for Halo 5 Guardians given today!

Next time you play Halo 5 or check your Halo 5 career on Waypoint, you will find a new REQ pack waiting for you. It’s a Christmas themed pack! Check it!!

I opened up mine via Halo Waypoint:

Holiday Promo Pack H5G

This is what I got:

Holiday Promo Pack contents H5G

The first two items are standard. Not sure about the others.

Here’s a closer look:


Awesome! I’ll be sporting both of these at some point over the course of this month.

Have you received you Teishin Raikou armor yet?

HFFL Teishin Raikou 1/3 page

Have you received you Teishin Raikou armor yet? If you played Halo 5 Guardians on or before November 7, be on the lookout for a message from XBOX to download a REQ Pack that includes this awesome armor!

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NEW REQ cards coming next week!

Lots of new REQs are dropping next week. This set 343 is calling the Battle of Shadow and Light. This set introduces a new armor/helmet set called Shinobi. As well there are 7 new variants of existing armor.

In addition to this, two new paint schemes for vehicles makes their debut. Woodland and Tundra.

New weapons skins and a great new visor called Slaugh (I think it’s pronounced slaw, as in coleslaw). One new assassination called Shove It is called both brutal and hilarious. Continue reading

Halo 5 REQ cards: Armor

Here are all of the “at launch” REQ cards for Spartan Armor (including variant paint schemes). There are actually about 90 different armors, with the rest accounted for as variant paint schemes.

The ranges of rarity are from CommonUncommonRareUltra Rare, and Legendary.

Text under each entry is what 343 added in. When you click on the cards at HaloWaypoint you will get a pop-up window that shows that additional text. I’ve saved you that step by including it here.

As there are 175 Armor REQ CARDS, I’ve broken them up into the respective rarity category.

Which one is your favorite that you currently have and which is your favorite of all 175??? Continue reading

Halo 5 REQ cards: Weapons Skins

Here are all of the 28 ‘at launch’ REQ cards for Weapons Skins.

The ranges of rarity are from UncommonRareUltra Rare, and Legendary.

As there are 28, I’ve broken them up into the respective rarity category.

Uncommon: “Spring inevitably turns to fall.”

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