Canon Fodder: Bulkhead Banter

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Greetings, you wonderful humans. Last week, we dove a bit deeper into the extended lore of the Fury Storm Rifle, as well as give a quick update on the print release of the Matt Forbeck-penned Halo: New Bloodwhich launches this March 15th. This week, we’ll be talking about some awesome upcoming ship-stuff from our friends at Spartan Games, as well as introducing a brand new project that keen-eyed fans might have gotten a glimpse of recently.A few days ago, a new Halo product from the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics surfaced, piquing the interest of eager-eyed lore-lovers across a number of community haunts, who quickly went zero-to-gravemind trying to use their compound intelligence to decipher its true nature. Well, we’re here to help clear things up a bit, and give you some early details to sate certain curiosities, and set speculatory fire to others. With that in mind, read on!

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Canon Fodder: Fighting Words

Before we get started, you should know that this Canon Fodder is laden with news regarding the Arbiter in Killer Instinct as opposed to in a Halo game. However, there is also a fair bit of Sangheilli Elite info in here too.

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Greetings, fiction fans, and welcome back to Canon Fodder, your weekly look at the expansive and evolving fiction of the Halo universe. Last week we spent a bit of time looking at some of the extended lore behind new play-spaces, armors, and weapons of Halo 5: Guardians new content update – Hammer Storm – which as many of you know slammed onto the shores of your Xbox One consoles this very week. Continue reading

Canon Fodder Storm Surge

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How goes, Halo fans? This week has been a busy one at the studio as we tackled Toy Fair 2016, and are preparing for the impending arrival of Halo 5: Guardians’ next content update, Hammer Storm. Speaking of which, after reading Bravo’s excellent preview last week, more than a few of you inquired about when we might talk a bit about the lore behind some of Hammer Storm’s upcoming aspects like maps and armor. Fortunately, that particular question has a relatively easy answer: Today. So while last week we chatted about some fun fiction that certainly sits on the outskirts of canonical relevance, this week we’ll be moving the needle back much closer to the storytelling sweet spot. Let’s dive in! Continue reading

Canon Fodder: Judges & Jurys

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Greetings you narrative noodlers, and welcome back to another edition of Canon Fodder. It’s been a busy week behind the scenes lately so our lighter portions continue, but seeds are being planted, soil tended to, and rows carefully watered. Here’s hoping that the eventual fruits of our love-laden labors taste sweet upon your yearning tastebuds. Last week we tossed some much-desired attention over the Brutes’ way, highlighting the backstory behind the ultimately tragic tale of a Chieftain challenger. This week we’re switching up the normal way of things and providing a bit of a different flavor of character angle – multiple angles in fact. Oh, and there was that thing that many of you saw over the weekend. Might as well get that out of the way first, eh?

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Canon Fodder: Brute Force

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Welcome back aboard the lore train, ladies and gentlemen. Last week, we dropped a pretty heavy bombardment of juicy fiction-focused topics. As you’ll quickly notice, this week will be a much lighter and stealthier affair – though hopefully no less enjoyable. The studio is hard at work on a myriad of fronts, stoking the fires of forges both known and unknown – some far flung in the future, and some far closer than you think. This week we thought we’d offer a peculiar peek into the backstory of the Jiralhanae – well, one in particular. Though many of you have no doubt encountered him many times, you’ve never known his name. Until today that is. Let’s go ahead and dive in, shall we?


cfcethegus-855c7e5514434544866345e9aa6f402dNear the end of the Halo 3 level “The Ark,” players come across a Brute Chieftain surrounded by minions. He knows who you are, and he’s picking a fight. Some players however, might not realize how unique this particular encounter is. The typical fare is “get in there, clear out the ads, take out the boss.” It’s in some ways ingrained in our gaming muscle-memory. This fight is a bit different, however. This one’s a bit more personal. The Chieftain isn’t out to simply end you, he’s out to do it alone. 1v1 me, bro. Keen-eared players can even hear the Prophet of Truth telling him as much. As players come down the final ramp towards the encounter, you can hear the Chieftain calling you out. When the duel begins, if you don’t attack his surrounding pack, they won’t attack you either. It’s just you and the Chieftain… until you come out on top. Once victorious, his mourning and maniacal minions will try their best to even the score. Were it so easy… Continue reading

Canon Fodder: Armory Amore

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canonfodder-1-22-16-7b2cf4f8c5df415cb23492ff951b0703Greetings and salutations, fiction-friends! As many of you remember, we helped open the barrage of Infinity’s Armory info last week with a look at two new Mjolnir permutations, ATLAS and ACHILLES – the latter of which many of you showed particular interest in, prompting us to treat you to an even closer look than is perhaps typically standard. With that in mind, we’ve got a particularly meaty Fodder Feast for you today. From new information on upcoming maps to (very) deep dives on new weapons and armor. Let’s get started shall we? Continue reading

Canon Fodder: Greek Squad

Okay…yes, I’m a bit late with this. With all the issues I was having with WordPress this month, I have a bit of catching up to do…

Now on with issue 58!

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Welcome back fiction faction. Since last we spoke, some pretty cool stuff has been brewing. Some of which we’ll be talking about soon, and others… well, you’ll just have to hold tight a bit longer. For yours truly, the week started out in glorious fashion – watching my favorite collegiate combatants hang a sixteenth badge of honor on their heroic helmets.

Today we’ll be taking a lore-laden look at much more future-forward headgear as we preview some of the fiction behind a couple of the newest Mjolnir variants to hit the Wargames fold via the fast-approaching Infinity’s Armory content update for Halo 5: Guardians. Continue reading

Canon Fodder: Holiday Shipping

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Festive greetings, fiction fans! Today will be brief so let’s get right to it. topics”>Last week we announced our upcoming narrative guide, Halo Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo, coming in 2016 from our friends and partners at Egmont Publishing. We’re incredibly pleased with the level of excitement the lore community has shown for the possibilities within the book, and we can’t wait to get it in your hands next fall.

If you recall, last week I also said that I wasn’t sure if we’d have a normal issue come out today. What can I say, Halo community, I just can’t quit you. In fact, I figured that while I’m down in sunny Florida celebrating Christmas with the rest of the Grim clan, it was only logical that we give the lore legion a small gift of their own – one that’s been on many of your wish lists for Story Claus. So today we’ll be taking a quick look at the new alien ships seen in Halo 5: Guardians. Let’s get to unwrapping! Continue reading

Canon Fodder: Mythellaneous Topics

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Welcome back, lovers-of-the-lore! We’re hoping today ends up being a pretty cool one for Halo fans of all walks and interests, as many of you have likely already spent part of the day diving into many of the new features and facets of the Cartographer’s Gift content update for Halo 5: Guardians that we detailed in last week’s issue.  I know there are countless souls within our studio walls that are eager and excited to see what Halo’s wildly creative community comes up with as the boundaries of the mode get pushed ever further.

Today though, we’re going to talk a little bit about different project we’re also pretty excited about: Halo Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo. After sneaking it into the most recent episode of The Sprint, we saw fiction fans immediately begin to speculate about the nature of the new project – many wondering the same as one of our forum members, ChasCT2, who asked “Will the Halo Mythos book which is coming out next year be the next Halo Encyclopedia?” The short answer to that question is “no,” and it was important to us to make sure our loyal lore community had a clearer inclination as to what to expect. So if it’s not the “new encyclopedia,” what is it exactly? I’m glad you asked…

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Canon Fodder: Staten It Plainly

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We’ve got a tantalizing little tease of the nigh-upon-us Halo: Shadow of Intent, a remastered Halo 101 video fresh out of the oven, some kick-started community captures, and new lore bits in the Universe section. Let’s go ahead and dive right in!



Since we first announced it back in March, Halo: Shadow of Intent has had fans incredibly excited for a variety of reasons, from its sought-after subject matter to its legendary author, Joseph Staten. If you have been following the glorious gruntmaster on Twitter, you’ve already seen a few character-constrained glimpses of the upcoming digital-first novella. After conferring a bit with Mr. Staten however, we thought it might be more fun to provide a slightly wider view for our ravenous readers… Continue reading

Canon Fodder: Fifty Caliber

Apologies for the late entry on this one. Been so busy PLAYING Halo 5! LOL

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Issue 50

canonfodder-11-16-15-f71b275daae34b079b110e257d78d69bWell folks, welcome back. As you might have noticed, you were greeted with a mighty impressive number to open this week’s installment. The fact that we are up to 50 issues in and still running strong is a testament to you, Halo’s diverse, passionate, and incredible fanbase. This week begins our first forays into what can be considered spoiler territory for Halo 5: Guardians. In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking closer at some of the scattered technology seen throughout the campaign and multiplayer playspaces, looking at how the Hunt the Truth Season 2 tied into the connected events of the universe, and yes, we’ll be talking soon about those Sangheili ships you’ve all be clamoring about. Continue reading