Canon Fodder: Bulkhead Banter

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to the extended lore of the Fury Storm Rifle, as well as give a quick update on the print release of the Matt Forbeck-penned Halo: New Bloodwhich launches this March 15th. This week, we’ll be talking about some awesome upcoming ship-stuff from our friends at Spartan Games, as well as introducing a brand new project that keen-eyed fans might have gotten a glimpse of recently.A few days ago, a new Halo product from the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics surfaced, piquing the interest of eager-eyed lore-lovers across a number of community haunts, who quickly went zero-to-gravemind trying to use their compound intelligence to decipher its true nature. Well, we’re here to help clear things up a bit, and give you some early details to sate certain curiosities, and set speculatory fire to others. With that in mind, read on!