Update for the 2nd Annual HFFL LANstravaganza (Halo LAN party)

I’ve got some good news folks!

On Friday, I received an e-mail back from Mega Bloks, regarding them sponsoring the LAN. They have agreed!

MB grey logo

There will door prizes for each attendee.
As well, there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of the FFA Tournament held during the LAN. There will be a 2v2 tourney as well with prizes.

As to what those are specifically, that information will be released closer to the LAN. Of course they are Halo Mega Bloks related…LOL.

As always, keep checking back to the LAN page for updated info in case you miss it during regular blog posts.


New Halo Mega Bloks Minifigures soon!

MB grey logo

Mega Bloks let know via their tors”>Facebook page that the new articulated mini figures will be available in stores soon. Here are some shots of those. They also have removable armor. Continue reading


My bud, HFFL Big Cheese sent this to me via Facebook:

Flood Light

Hmm, now why hasn’t 343 thought of making this for real? I’d totally get a light up infection form! LOL


Welcome a NEW sponsor to HFFL!

My good friend Paul, who’s son ‘HFFL Big Cheese’ is a member of my gaming group, has decided to sponsor HFFL for the 2nd Annual LANstravaganza. He’s doing so through his eBay account. Paul used to have a trading card store and has a lot of those in his auctions. However, that’s not just it. There are Dragonball Z, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Call of Duty Mega Bloks, and of course some Halo items up for auction.

Paul has agreed to give HFFL 50% of his earnings from all sales this week. This could be a very nice boost to the goal I have for the LAN and Domain renewal.

Please take a couple of minutes and check out his eBay offering here: Collectors.Choice By the way, I should note, Paul has a 100% positive rating on eBay. I’ve bought from him in the past as well. VERY good person to deal with on eBay!

He has lots of auctions starting at $1. Every and anything helps folks. You know I’d appreciate it as this has the potential to solidify the goal of making the LAN FREE.

Should you buy something from him, let him know that ‘Sal from HFFL sent you’.

Thanks again to Paul for his generous sponsorship. I’ll let you all know what that turns into for HFFL after the next seven days.


Halo Escalation #7 Review (SPOILERS)

Hmm, how can I say this in one word? Disappointing. Up until now, Escalation has had action and/or intrigue to it that I’ve enjoyed the other six issues. This one though… Continue reading

Volpin Props Needler Blueprint poster

Last September, Volpin Props made major Halo news by creating a full sized Needler. They’ve also release a poster for purchase.

I’m not sure when this went up for sale as it had a price of $15 and has now been reduced to $10. Here’s a smaller version of the print:  Continue reading

New Master Chief Bearbrick figures!

The following text is from Waypoint:

Be@rbrick Series 28 Blind Box Mini Figures

bearbrick smallMedicom is pleased to announce that Series 28 will be featuring the Master Chief under the “Hero” category as Halo’s first ever Be@rbrick character. The Be@rbrick series is notorious for having rare chase figures which are not shown on the package. I wonder if you can find ours?

Medicom Toys’ Be@rbricks figures are a collectible toy series from Japan which feature a variety of artistic themes on a standard bear-shaped figure. The Be@rbricks blind boxed series features eleven 2.75” figures with art from different categories including basic figures, artist series, and licensed brand figures with each design packed in a mystery box. Continue reading

Why Halo is my destiny and not…Destiny.

Why Halo is my destiny and not…Destiny.

For at least a year I had been debating with myself about my involvement with Bungie’s new game, Destiny. I had to consider many things.

• Do I want to have another blog?
• Do I want to be a part of another gaming community?
• What can I bring to that community?
• Is the game really worth this much effort (again-meaning will I put as much into it as I do HFFL)?
• How do I really feel about Destiny being multi-platform and Playstation owners getting content that will NOT be available for the XBOX One? Continue reading

New Pre-order skull with the Halo Master Chief Collection…

There is a new skull in town…

ShopTo HMCC Banner

The “Bonded Pair” skull is a pre-order bonus for ‘ShopTo’ customers (a UK store). What is interesting about this listing isn’t just what the skull does, but it’s exclusivity. Continue reading