Why Halo is my destiny and not…Destiny.

Why Halo is my destiny and not…Destiny.

For at least a year I had been debating with myself about my involvement with Bungie’s new game, Destiny. I had to consider many things.

• Do I want to have another blog?
• Do I want to be a part of another gaming community?
• What can I bring to that community?
• Is the game really worth this much effort (again-meaning will I put as much into it as I do HFFL)?
• How do I really feel about Destiny being multi-platform and Playstation owners getting content that will NOT be available for the XBOX One? Continue reading

New Pre-order skull with the Halo Master Chief Collection…

There is a new skull in town…

ShopTo HMCC Banner

The “Bonded Pair” skull is a pre-order bonus for ‘ShopTo’ customers (a UK store). What is interesting about this listing isn’t just what the skull does, but it’s exclusivity. Continue reading