Rough times for me…

My sincere apologies friends, that I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks.

I was preparing an article for my review of Halo Wars 2 as well as a couple of toy reviews.

I got some incredibly distressing news affecting my personal life financiallly that has absorbed all of my attention. I also thought during this financial crisis I’m facing that it would not be appropriate for me to post toy reviews.

My  wife is facing a job termination. As you long time friends of the blog know, I’ve been unemployed for quite some time.

While we’ve struggled to get by during this time and do have bills that are late, we’ve been able to relatively manage it. That is changing. With the loss of her income, we are facing the very real possibility of losing our home as we won’t be able to make mortgage payments. It also would mean the loss of our vehicle which is on lease, loss of internet, so no gaming or blogging for me. Those are trivial compared to losing our home though.

All I ask is for your patience during this time.  My posting on the blog will be sporadic until I can get things in order or no longer have that ability at all. Before which I will notify you. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

As to what we need… we’ll, the most obvious is employment for me. Since it has been 6 years come the 18th of this month and I’m still struggling with depression, anxiety and PTSD, the chances of finding and sustaining employment for me become less and less. My physical disabilities also preclude me from numerous job opportunities.

Beyond that, we are faced with an $88,000 deficit.  Her unemployment checks would only alleviate about $8,000 of that. So we’re stuck with an $80,000 financial crisis.

I don’t want to lose my home. That would be the end of me. I don’t think I could face that reality with my mental health issues.

So I guess I’m asking for your prayers and thoughts as well as the previously mentioned patience.

Most respectfully,

Chris “Sal” Salerno