Halo Toy Review: Mega Construx Arctic Jackrabbit Assault


Mega Construx Arctic Jackrabbit Assault

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 3 minutes sorting, 10 minutes building. Your time may vary as I stop to take pics for the review along the way.
Set Piece Count: 168
Minifigures: Spartan Hermes, Spartan Centurion, x2 Banished Brute, Banished Grunt Minor
Weapons: Brute Spiker, Gravity Hammer, Battle Rifle, Magnum, Plasma Pistol
Accessories: x4 Figure stands
Special Features: Jackrabbit Gun pivots
Cost: $20 US (Mass Retail)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The box art and window show off this set nicely. I really dig the figs in the window. The back of the box says which figures and weapons are inside.MB Arctic Jackrabbit BOX Continue reading

Revised Calendar for March MEGA Madness!

I had three more sets I’m adding to this month’s Toy Review Madness! I shuffled some around, so check this new calendar if you were expecting to see a specific set on a specific day.

March HFFL Toy Review Schedule Rev1

Added to the calendar are the Smuggler’s Intercept, Warzone Wasp Strike and Grunt Goblin. I then moved a few reviews to others days and now have added Tuesdays for the rest of this month to the review days!