Halo Toy Review: Mattel Halo 6 inch figure Series 2 Spartan Fred

Technical Specifications:
• Ball Joint Neck
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Swivel Joint Biceps
• Pivot Joint Elbows
• Ball Joint Wrists
• Ball Joint Torso
• Ball Joint Hips
• Swivel Joint Thighs
• Double Jointed Knees
• Pivot Joint Ankles
Accessories: DMR, Magnum, Build-a-Figure Crawler Snipe Back piece
Additional Contents: Instruction Manual
Cost: $18-20 (US)
Availability: Mass Retail I got mine from Toys R Us. (I bought this back before they closed, just now getting the review for it up though.)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

Spartan Fred is seen through a window with some of his armor removed. You can also see the DMR, which is attached to the inside of the box, as well as the magnum, which Fred is holding. The Build-A-Figure Crawler Snipe back piece is partially hidden behind a graphic on the front of the box.The back shows all of the contents, as well as the other figures in Series 1. It also shows the corresponding parts for the Build-A-Figure Crawler. Continue reading