Helmets of Halo 5 Guardians: Which should return in Halo Infinite, which shouldn’t, and why. Part 2 of 3

The goal of this series of articles is to try to pair the helmets down to roughly 50 returning in Halo Infinite. I feel that number of helmets is PLENTY. Mind you, these might not line up with the armor series of articles. Meaning, I may have helmets without armor and vice versa. That’s quite deliberate as I feel some helmets look great while their armor doesn’t and again, vice versa, some armor looks great but their corresponding helmets do not.

I’ve been wanting to write these articles for awhile now. As we start to edge closer to more news about Halo Infinite, it’s time we discuss what helmets (and armor, in another series of articles I’m writing) will return.

There are some helmets that definitely have their place, some that are marginal and could be considered for returning or not, some that shouldn’t return for various reasons and a few that well…should never see the light again, LOL.

That said, I do realize that real people put in work to make these. So I try to take a light approach with helmets I’m not fond of. We are as humans though given to having varied opinions and these are mine. So they aren’t meant to be taken as the “word of Halo”.

There are more than 100 unique helmets in Halo 5 Guardians, not including skins. As such, I’ve split this subject into three articles. I’m not including the skinned versions of helmets as skins can relatively easily be changed. This topic is more about the form and functionality of the helmets themselves than their skins.

With so many helmets in Halo 5 Guardians, I felt the need to divide these up into some basic categories. These being:

  • Astronaut Types
  • Bungie Era Types
  • Character Types
  • Large Visor Types
  • Medium Visor Types
  • No or Limited Visor Types
  • Thin Visor Types

Part 2 will cover Large and Medium Visor type helmets.  Continue reading