Halo To The Players Podcast: Episode 6 Outpost Discovery policies and more

Topics include:
• Outpost Discovery Policies: Weapons and Props; Cosplay; Other
• Fan Made Halo Wars 2 Mastodon
• Fan Art
• Elite Meme
• Fan-made map Candor (Truth reskin)
• Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 9
• My Grind to 152

      HTTP Ep006 Outpost Discovery Policies v2

Have a listen and let me know what I can do to make this better.

Some cool Fan Art I found.

These cool fan art pieces come from @MilesTheDill via twitter. Permission was asked and granted to repost them here.

Love this action scene. The Pink Spartan stands out against the more earthy tones.

Nice SPI Spartan here.

Not sure if this is Noble Six, prior to Reach. Regardless, it’s pretty cool!

A very cool battle scene. I can totally see this in a comic book.

So what do you think of this art? Like it?

Fan Made Mega Construx Mastadon!

I’ve found another fan made Mastadon from Halo Wars 2. Just had to share it! And yes, I asked for permission to repost the pics.

I like the compactness of it.

I wonder if there is an interior in there?

Yes there is!

Here’s a comparison between their custom and a warthog.

Some excellent detail!

While this one isn’t quite to scale with the actual one from the game, it’s still got some great details!

This came from @Trapptics via twitter.