Halo Toy Review: Mattel Halo 6 inch figure Series 2 Spartan

Technical Specifications:
• Ball Joint Neck
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Swivel Biceps
• Hinge/Swivel Elbows
• Hinge/Swivel Wrists
• Ball Joint Torso
• Ball Joint Hips
• Swivel Thighs
• Double Hinged Knees
• Ball Joint Ankles
Accessories: “BoomCo” skinned AR, Magnum
Additional Contents: Instruction Manual
Cost: $18 (US)
Availability: Target Exclusive

While the box says this is a Spartan Locus, in actuality, it’s Argus armor, with a Locus helmet attached. An Argus helmet is also included, if you so choose.
This is not a deterrent though folks. This is a VERY cool looking figure regardless of which helmet you choose to have on the figure. Since I already have the Linda figure and I think the Locus is just an awesome helmet, I chose to keep that on it.

On with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The box has a large window on the front to display the figure. Instead of a build-a-figure piece, it has an extra different helmet. On the back it shows the different armor pieces and other figures from the first wave of Mattel Halo action figures.

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