THAT Atriox Bust!

Sometime in Spring this last year (2018), I reached out to Jeremy Cook of 343 to see if he might be able to come to my annual Halo LAN. He couldn’t commit then, but said he’d try. I knew it was a shot in the dark anyway, so no worse for wear.

Early July of 2018, I asked Jeremy again if he might be able to make it. He said unfortunately no. So I had another shot in the dark… I asked him if he’d be so kind to send a sketch in his stead. This to be used as the grand raffle prize. (I started having raffles two years ago to try and recoup money spent on the LAN as we have been in the hole every year.) He kindly agreed.
I followed up with him about a week later to see the progress on the sketch. He said he had something else in mind. Something 3D. Well, I had a guess, but I didn’t want to spoil the thought, so I waited for Jeremy to tell me what it was. He revealed to me that he was making an Atriox Bust. This would be only the fourth one in existence. I was floored!

He sent me the Bust with some very important instructions. This was NEVER to be sold on eBay. This included whomever won the raffle. I immediately agreed to that stipulation.

Once unpacked, I placed the bust on a shelf of my collection for folks to view it during the LAN.  Continue reading