Halo Toy Review: Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 10


Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 10

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute sorting and building, each.
Set Piece Count: Varies from 12 to 22 depending on figure. See pics below for exact count for each figure.
Minifigures: Yapyap the Destroyer, Master Chief, Arbiter, Noble 6, Prophet of Mercy, the Rookie, Spartan Kat, Cortana, Tartarus, the Didact
Weapons: Respective to the order of figures above and all gold (in honor of the tenth anniversary of Mega having the Halo license) unless otherwise noted: Needler, Shotgun, Energy Sword, Assault Rifle, (Prophet does NOT come with a weapon), Suppressed SMG, Magnum, Index (Not gold), Gravity Hammer, Boltshot
Accessories: Buildable Figure Stand with post (each), Mercy comes with a Flood Infection form, Cortana comes with an enraged (red eye) Guilty Spark
Special Features: Gold color Baseplate for each figure stand with this series
Cost: $5 US (Mass Retail) Each

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

Each Halo Heroes Series before this one had 6 figures in the series. For Heroes series 10 however, there are 10 figures. All of them NAMED characters!!!

I was fortunate enough when I found these to have got them all at once. With that, I was allowed to also take the box tray they came it. So I present that here for you to see.

Here are all 10 carded figures. Continue reading