Toy Review: Wicked Cool Toys “World of Halo” Jackal Sniper

The term “World of Halo” used in the title refers to all figures in that series being in scale with one another.

Technical Specifications:
• Ball Joint Head
• Ball Joint Neck
• Hinge Joint Jaw
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Ball Joint Elbows
• Ball Joint Wrists
• Swivel Jointed Chest
• Ball Joint hips
• Hinged Joint Knees
• Hinged Joint Hocks
• Ball Jointed Joint Ankles
Accessories: Stalker Rifle, Green/Grey Figure Stand
Additional Contents: Halo Infinite Code card.
Cost: $10 (US)
Availability: Mass Retail (I got mine from Target)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The packaging has a nice shape to it. It gives off a vibe of being very “strong”, if you will. Kind of how a muscular person’s torso is. Thicker at the top, slimmer at the waist, then thicker at the hips. It could also be interpreted as being Master Chief’s helmet. Green mostly all over, with the window (visor), having an orangish color card in the background.
The back shows a pic of Master Chief in a running pose. Most of WCT’s World of Halo packaging is like this. Not sure why they went that route instead of displaying other toys in the line? But it still looks nice.
Considering that I open the packaging, the back doesn’t make much difference to me. For those that collect and keep in package, this shouldn’t matter much either as you do not generally display figures with the back facing front.

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