Toy Review: Wicked Cool Toys Spartan Series 6 inch Master Chief

Technical Specifications:
• Ball Joint Head
• Ball Joint Shoulders
• Double Hinge Jointed Elbows
• Ball Joint Wrists
• Swivel Jointed Torso
• Ball Joint hips
• Double Hinge Knees
• Double Jointed Joint Ankles
• Swivel Jointed Toes
Accessories: MA40 Assault Rifle, MK50 Sidekick (pistol)
Additional Contents: Halo Infinite Code card.
Cost: $20 (US)
Availability: Mass Retail (I got mine from Target)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

The packaging is fairly standard. Which is to say it looks nice. A large window shows off the entirety of the contents. Of all the four figures in this first series of 6.5 figs, I think Chief looks the best in package. This is likely due to the green graphics and yellow-orange background that both relate to Chief’s armor/visor.

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