Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Light Assault VTOL

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Mega Bloks UNSC Light Assault VTOL: Set #97102

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 10 minutes
Set Piece Count: 169
Minifigs: Spartan Mark VI Dark Blue, Jackal Sniper (Halo 4 style)
Weapons: DMR, Beam Rifle
Accessories: Yellow Jackal Light Shield
Price: $21.99 (Price may vary by store)
Special Features: The wings pivot at two points each. The tail pivots slightly.

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

[UPDATE] The pics have a yellowish tinge to them due to a small yellow casing on the lights that were above when I was taking pics for this review. So the color is off. (Even fooled my eyes) The set is indeed a light blue-ish/steel hue and NOT grey as I said below.

UNSC Light VTOL BOX front
The box design is great as has been all of the “white” packaging designs. The Reap-X logo as you see is clearly prominent.UNSC Light VTOL BOX back
Back of the box. Lots of text here. I kind of wish MEGA would have shown that the wings could pivot. That would have been a nice thing to feature on the back.
UNSC Light VTOL contents
Here are the contents of the box. The directions have a cool look to the cover. There’s a neat card with orthogonal views (see below).
UNSC Light VTOL ortho card
The card by itself. I like this. I hope MEGA does this kind of thing more often!
Here UNSC Light VTOL sorted
Here are the pieces sorted out. NOTE: I was missing one of the double sided grey pegs. It’s listed as there being three in the set. However, you only need two according to the directions. So no harm no foul here. Just odd. UNSC Light VTOL body
The body starts to take shape. UNSC Light VTOL body 2
The body is complete. There are several pivot points here. While technically the front part pivots away, I do not think that’s part of the functionality of the set. UNSC Light VTOL Wing assembly
One of the wings in progressive stages of building. The other wing is the same, just in opposite build. That’s why I didn’t post pics of that here. I am curious about the red translucent parts. You long time readers know I love translucent toys. I do here too. What’s odd though is that the turbine parts were also originally red. Now they’ve been changed to translucent smoke in color. I guess MEGA or 343 thought there was enough red already in the set.UNSC Light VTOL Tail assembly
Here is the tail assembly. The REAP-X decal is already on the left tail wing. So no need to try and put it on yourself.UNSC Light VTOL Section assembly
Here are the final sections to be put together.UNSC Light VTOL final assembly
And the set is completed! UNSC Light VTOL weapons-accessories
There is a DMR, Beam Rifle and Yellow shield (first time in that color!) included with the set.UNSC Light VTOL leftovers
Here are the left overs, again noting that I was missing one peg, that ultimately was not needed.UNSC Light VTOL leftovers workbench
I made a little workbench out of the pieces. The black tube is just resting on top of the bench.UNSC Light VTOL Spartan Minifig
Here we see the dark blue Mark VI Spartan. It really is a dark blue too. I hope we get this figure in a lighter color blue done the road. Sculpt is good as always.UNSC Light VTOL Jackal Minifig
Now here is the GEM of the set for me. The Halo 4 style Jackal. I am a BIG fan of Jackals. Loved the classic style and REALLY love this version. I haven’t checked but it looks like MEGA reused the arms. Maybe the legs too. Doesn’t matter to me if they did or not. This is a GREAT minifig. I hope I can build a small army of these. Can’t wait to see this in more sets and/or minifig blind packages.UNSC Light VTOL MinifigsTwo buds hangin’ out and saying hello!

Summary: The REAP-X branch off is a new sub-set of Halo Mega Bloks toys. REAP-X stands for “Reverse Engineered Alien Prototype Experiment.” The idea seems to be to create never before seen vehicles that are created from Forerunner technology. We may never see these in upcoming games, but then again we might. Or if not the games, maybe the TV show. This set is easy to build with little or no difficulty.

Overall Rating: I give this set 8 out for 10 medals. If this were in the game, I’d be more excited about it. It’s a good toy mind you, just very different for the Halo universe.

The price at $22 is a little high for the piece count, especially when you take into account that none of the pieces are new, with exception to the Jackal minifigure. If I were to price this, given the piece count and it being a new untested sub-line of unknown vehicles, I’d have priced it at $17-18. This lesser amount might convince people to purchase a new as yet non-canon vehicle. That in turn might spurn them to buy more REAP-X sets in the future.

Since this is a new sub-line of Halo Mega Bloks it remains to be seen if REAP-X will continue on for awhile. These REAP-X sets have been met with mixed criticism by fans. Some prefer Halo purity, meaning only having sets that have been in the games. While others, like myself welcome new sets even if they are off shoots.

It’s always a bit risky for toy manufacturers to “go off script” like this and create a sub line. I however equate these to the “Minirigs” of the Star Wars toy line from years past. Those became valuable due in part to their uniqueness. I have hopes for the same with the REAP-X line.


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  1. Love the storm jackal! I just got this set and the siegebike yesterday and I must say I like these REAP-X sets a lot more than I thought I would. I just hope they continue the REAP-X line.

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