Toy Review: Mega Bloks Flood Hunters Battle Unit. Now with VIDEO REVIEW!

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Mega Bloks Flood Hunters Battle Unit: Set #97160

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 1 minute
Set Piece Count: 35
Minifigs: Spartan EOD, Spartan Scout, Flood Elite Combat Form, Flood Carrier Form, 6X Flood Infection Forms
Weapons: Shotgun, Flamethrower, Missile Pod
Accessories: N/A
Price: $14.99 (Price may vary by store)
Special Features: The Flood Carrier Form has a slot on top that can be opened up more to fit the Infection Forms inside or to retrieve them.

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER) (Video Review at end of article)

Flood Hunters Battle Unit BOX frontThe box art/window do an excellent job of showcasing the figures inside. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with how MEGA does their packaging.
Flood Hunters Battle Unit BOX back
The back shows off nicely the set. Curiously, the Stealth Falcon set shown, I’ve never seen at stores. Would REALLY love to own that set. Love that color. As well, a chance to own more Carrier and Infection Forms!Flood Hunters Battle Unit contents
Here is what you get inside. Only the Missile Pod needs slight assembly.Flood Hunters Battle Unit weapons
Speaking of which here it is with the other weapons in the set. The Elite doesn’t get a weapon here, unless you swap out the Spartan’s shotgun and give it to the Elite Flood Form.Flood Hunters Battle Unity flood infection forms
Popcorn Shrimp! Er…Flood Infection forms. So VERY glad MEGA gave us a whopping SIX of these in this set. That makes is SO easy to army build those little suckers!Flood Hunters Battle Unity flood carrier formCarrier_Form_Images
So here we have MEGA’s version of the Carrier form and the in-game version. MEGA’s is close and I suspect the more rounded shape was to accommodate the infection forms better. Curious though why it’s so chocolate in color as opposed to the game’s pale color. Hopefully we’ll get this fig again and in the paler color. I’m not disappointed by this mind you.
Flood Hunters Battle Unity flood carrier-infections
Here’s the slot on top showing all the Infection forms inside. LOOK OUT! One is trying to escape!Flood Hunters Battle Unity Spartan EOD
The ever well done Spartan EOD. I just LOVE this armor set. It really makes this Spartan look TOUGH! Paint detail is great and of course I swoon over the Stealth color. Probably only second to the Master Chief Green color for my favorite color choice.Flood Hunters Battle Unity Spartan Scout
The Spartan Scout’s color is just as good if not better!Flood Hunters Battle Unity Flood Elite Combat Form
I may be mistaken here, but this looks like the same Elite Flood Combat form that came in the Single packs not too long ago. Maybe a slightly different armor color. No matter, ALWAYS glad to add to the Flood army ranks!Flood Hunters Battle Unit completed set
It’s a Flood attack! Will our Spartans survive and save the day? (Of course they will!)

Summary: There is virtually no building with this set other than the missile pod, so it’s a ready to go, right out of the package set for play or display. The Stealth color for the Spartans is one of my favorites and makes this a must buy for me. Having 6 Infection Forms included where they’ve been scarce otherwise really adds to the value of this set for me. For $15 (price varies by store), I find this an EXCELLENT value. Each minifig itself would be $3.50. That brings the total to $14. So for just $1 more you get the 6 Infection Forms. (That breaks down to 17 cents each rounding up-a GREAT deal!)

Overall Rating: I give this set 9.5 out for 10 medals. Other than not having a weapon for the Elite Flood Combat Form, and arm articulation for the Carrier Form, this would have been a 10.

And finally, my first ever video toy review! I’ll be making these short vid reviews from now on. Excuse the slight shakyness. Also, the background noise is my fishtank, so apologies if you hear that. (I’ll get better with this, the more I make the vid reviews.)


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  1. Nice review, you stated everything, not much saying the word ahhh or ummm, and you voice was clear. I know you stated this all ready but if you are gonna do a review. Do it in a nice quite place so we can hear you better, but for this case it’s fine. Also if you are gonna do videos review you should use a tripod so your vids are clear and stable. but other than that its fine

    • Thanks. I’m actually building a stand out of MEGA Bloks for my cam to sit on. And yeah, the fishtank water will be turned off for those few minutes of a review.

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