Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Siege Bike. Now with VIDEO REVIEW!

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Mega Bloks Flood Hunters Battle Unit: Set #97160

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 3 minutes
Set Piece Count: 72
Minifigs: Spartan C.I.O., Active Camo Grunt (Halo 4 style)
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Active Camo Needler
Accessories: Forerunner Structure
Price: $12.99 (Price may vary by store)
Special Features: N/A

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER) (Video Review at end of article)

UNSC Siege Bike BOX front
The box for the Siege Bike is tight! Love the white package design and the box size is not oversized for what you get inside.UNSC Siege Bike BOX back
The back of the box shows all the details of the set nicely.UNSC Siege Bike contents
Here are the contents of the box. Once again, MEGA has included an orthogonal view card. I really appreciate that extra detail. It’s not a building part, but something else that is neat to collect and sets it apart from the Main Halo line of MEGA Bloks.
UNSC Siege Bike ortho card
A better look at the card.UNSC Siege Bike sorted
All the pieces sorted out. I like that the main body pieces are two halves. This makes the set MUCH more stable than if it were built out of several plates instead.UNSC Siege Bike chassis steps
Here is the chassis going together. Pins on the halves as well as others you insert match up with holes on the other half. Note the REAP-X logo (bottom right) in the picture.UNSC Siege Bike chassis-seat steps
The halves are put together and the seat snaps on top of those. Get design choice there!UNSC Siege Bike gun-final assembly
Here we see the bike sans side gun, the gun itself, and finally with it attached. From this view, you can also see the kickstand. Now THAT is attention to detail folks! And it really works!UNSC Siege Bike ortho views
More views of the finished Siege Bike. This really is a cool little vehicle. I hope it comes to the Halo games and/or the TV show. Love to see this in action or use it in a Halo game!UNSC Siege Bike fin BIKE
The Bike with the C.I.O. Spartan riding it. The Spartan fits nicely onto the bike. It attaches at the handlebars. Also the feet line up with the kickstand on the one side and a bar on the other side.UNSC Siege Bike Forerunner structure
Here is the small Forerunner structure included in the set. I love having these small set pieces. When making a diorama, they really help to flesh out your scenes more, without taking up much room at all.UNSC Siege Bike Weapons joke
The Active Camo Needler and Assault Rifle. What’s that? You can’t see the Needler? It’s active camo!!!UNSC Siege Bike Weapons
Oh okay, you drive a hard bargain, here it is. Sorry for the blurry pic.UNSC Siege Bike Minifig Spartan CIO
The C.I.O. Spartan is Great. Excellent sculpt. It’s a dark blue color. With that it looks like dark blue is the color of choice for Spartan figures in the REA-X sub-line. The Mark VI that came with the VTOL set is the same color. (as reviewed here)
UNSC Siege Bike Minifig Grunt AC joke
Here is the active camo Grunt. What? Too soon? LOLUNSC Siege Bike Minifig Grunt AC
Ah, here it is. LOVE this minifig! Of course you know I would, as I really dig translucent toys!UNSC Siege Bike Full set
Here’s the full set.
UNSC Siege Bike leftovers
Finally the leftover pieces.I made a small stand with them. It actually balances quite nicely on the peg as you can see in the middle of the above pic.

Summary: The set is a quick build. The only difficulty I see for small kids would be the tread itself as it take a little “oomph” to slip it over the wheels. The value is great.  Two minifigs with weapons. That’s $7 of the $13 right there. So for $6 more you get the Siege Bike and Forerunner structure. I can’t say enough how I really like the look of the Bike. My only complaint is that the tread is too tight on the wheels, so it doesn’t allow for it to roll across surfaces. Given that mine will be on display however, that’s a mute point with me.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9 out for 10 medals. In the vid below I say 10 out of 10. I forgot to take into account the tread not moving on the bike, so I took off a little here in the written review.

And finally, my second ever video toy review! I’ll be making these short vid reviews from now on. Excuse the slight shakyness. Also, the background noise is my fishtank, so apologies if you hear that. (I’ll get better with this, the more I make the vid reviews.)

If the rest of the REAP-X sets are as good as this one, it’s going to be a successful line for MEGA Bloks!


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4 thoughts on “Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Siege Bike. Now with VIDEO REVIEW!

  1. Hey Sal,

    Good review, also can I point out that the treads will be stiff in the beginning. I know you don’t play with them, but just use them as models, but if you keep rolling it, it will become loose so it will roll easier.

    • “I know you don’t play with them, but just use them as models, but if you keep rolling it, it will become loose so it will roll easier.” That’s what she said! LOL. Okay, seriously good advice!

  2. I got this one a couple days ago with the vtol and cauldron clash, it’s quite a nice little set. Love the new collecters card and how the instructions are made to look like blueprints, really gives it that top secret ONI feel!

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