Toy Review: Mega Bloks Convention Spartan Minifig

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Mega Bloks Convention Exclusive Spartan minifig

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 10 seconds…
Set Piece Count: 8
Minifigs: Spartan Mark VI, Covert Ops color
Weapons: SAW
Accessories: minifigure stand
Price: Free! (At SDCC), varies otherwise
Special Features: N/A

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

MB Con Ex Spartan packet
The figure packet front and back. Nice clean white packet design. Shows off the REAP-X sets on the back.MB Con Ex Spartan coupon
A surprise here as I hadn’t seen it posted otherwise. You get a $5 off coupon when you spend at least $20 on Halo Mega Bloks! SWEET! I will definitely make use of this!
Expires November 30, 2013. That side also shows off more of the Fall lineup of sets, while the other side shows the assembly of the figure.
MB Con Ex SpartanThe minifig has Covert Ops paint application. I like that color choice as it’s one of my top favorite colors in the Halo minifigs line. This is the first to have a neon green visor. 

Summary: Not much more to say in summary as it is just one minifig. Nicely done though!

Overall Rating: I give this set 10 out for 10 medals. It gets that rating because Mega Brands gave this away for FREE. It’s a popular sculpt in the Mark VI and it’s the first with that neon green visor. A win all the way around!

This minifig as of this writing has only been available for free from Mega Brand’s booth at San Diego Comicon. You may find it on eBay, however it’s assumed this will also be available at New York Comicon for free as well. I was lucky enough that MEGA sent me 45 of these to giveaway at my LAN event (Sept 14, 2013). With more than enough, the rest are planned to be given away as prizes for trivia questions on the blog.

This figure was produced plentifully. 5,000 were given away at SDCC and likely that many again at NYCC. So if you’re looking to get this figure and miss out on my trivia questions to get it free and can’t make it to NYCC, don’t fret. I suspect this figure will come down in price shortly. Though don’t wait too long to get it or it may become scarce.


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