Toy Review: Mega Bloks UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra. Now with Video!

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Mega Bloks UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra: Set #97139

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 20 minutes of sorting, 1 hour 30 minutes to build.
Set Piece Count: 460
Minifigs: Yellow Mark VI Spartan w/Blue Visor, Red Elite, Brute Stalker
Weapons: Brute Mauler, Plasma Rifle, Brute Spike Grenade, Battle Rifle
Accessories: N/A
Price: $42-45 depending on where you buy it from.
Special Features: Rotating cannons, transforming platform (Cobra)

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER) (Video Review at end of article)

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra FRONTThe packaging is fantastic as always.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra BACKThe back of the box shows off the set nicely and where it ‘transforms’ to a platform.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra ContentsThe contents of the box. Note there are two books of instructions as well as an addendum sheet.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra SORTEDThe pieces sorted out.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra Gun-Battery assembly
Here’s the turret assembly that houses the batteries, lights and sounds. Again as with the Night Ops Gauss Hog that I previously reviewed, this comes with a detachable button/wire assembly. 

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra SHADE turret assemblyThe Shade turret in steps. This is actually turned around as the smaller post should be in the front. You’ll see in the video below that I modified the design a little to make this stand more upright. Other than that, the design of the Shade is very good.  I like the MEGA has no problem with flipping pieces and showing the underside of their parts. In this case it definitely helped with accuracy when compared to the in-game model.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra SHADE w-Elite

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra 1st stepsThe Cobra starts to take shape.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra 2nd stepsHere is the combination of the cockpit with the upper portion of the Cobra.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra rear axleThe rear axle assembly. You’ll see later how this transforms positions.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra front axleThe front axle assemblies.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra turretThe turret is assembled. What I like about this is that the button to activate the sounds and lights is hidden by the rear flap on the turret. Click that down and boom, electronics!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra activation

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra completedThe Cobra completed. When you have the gun barrels on the outside as shown, they light up as yellow. Move them in to the middle and they light up as blue. (See video for that demonstration) But we’re not done yet!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra Top-Bottom views
Top and bottom views.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra Ortho viewsSide front and back views.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra Sticker sheetHere’s the sticker sheet. I almost never add stickers to my sets. I always worry that they’ll eventually peel off.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra weaponsHere are the weapons/grenades included. Starting from top left going clockwise: Brute Mauler, Plasma Rifle, Battle Rifle, Spike Grenade.

Now on to the minifigs!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra Yellow Mk VIA yellow Mark VI spartan with a cool Blue visor.

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra Red EliteMy favorite color is red, so I love the candy apple red of this Elite!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra Brute StalkerThis Brute Stalker is fantastic! Sculpt is exceptional and the paint application is near perfect!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra Minifigs w-weapons

Next I show how the vehicle looks when transformed to a stationary platform:

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra transformed
The only minor complaint here is that you have to remove the back “legs” of the vehicle and reposition them instead of them just rotating into position. Still, that’s minor and the legs hold up well whether in hidden or full view. Note how the rear wheels pivot and rotate into a flat position!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra cockpitRotate the turret out of the way to open the cockpit to add your Spartan!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra leftovers
As always there are leftover pieces. Plenty here! So what did I do? I made a mini Cobra, a Covenant Battery pack, and a shoulder mounted Gauss Cannon!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra mini-cobraThe turret even swivels on my mini-Cobra!

MB UNSC AntiArmorCobra mini-gauss canonThe shoulder mounted Gauss cannon being held by the Spartan. I can’t imagine an ODST or Marine being able to do this!

Summary: The build time is not fast, but not long either and can easily be done in one sitting. The addition of the Brute Stalker minifig (my favorite in this set) is VERY welcomed. Hopefully MEAG puts this figure out again. I’m hoping as a black version. Also as the same or very similar blue version in a future minifig packet series. The Shade turret is VERY good. Sounds and lights really make the Cobra pop with ACTION! For the piece count you get a great vehicle. Even though it’s not a mainstream vehicle from the 1st person shooter games of Halo, I highly recommend getting this set. Halo Wars had some great vehicles and I’m VERY happy that MEGA continues to dive back into that game for some cool new building sets.

Overall Rating: I give this set 10 out for 10 medals. It gets that for the value, minifigs, and electronics.

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Thanks for reading/watching!


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