HFFL 2nd Anniversary GRAND PRIZE trivia question!

This promises to be MUCH harder than all the rest of the daily questions before. This is for the grand prize of a Halo Mega Bloks Night Ops Gauss Hog (as previously reviewed here).

UNSC Gauss Hog BOX Front

What are the THREE ways I hate to die the most in Halo 4?

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Lots of replies. Noone has got all three right within the same answer. So…I’m going to help this along a bit. ALL THREE have been within the answers so far. So you just need to figure out WHICH of those are the correct three. The grand prize is still up for grabs for ANYONE (who is registered with the blog).

[UPDATE] After MANY tries, the question was finally answered correctly. I absolutely hate being Sniped! Then when Reach came out, I added Assassination to that. With Halo 4, the Boltshot QUICKLY became my most next hated way to die.

Thanks for playing folks! Prizes will be mailed out this weekend. Stay tuned to HaloFanForLife.com as more contests will be on the way!


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50 thoughts on “HFFL 2nd Anniversary GRAND PRIZE trivia question!

  1. I’d imagine one of them is being killed by Gauss Warthog.. ?

  2. Well, I am going to take a shot. I have been listening to the podcast and searching the blog for the past half-hour, so I am just Going to guess
    1. Being Betrayed
    2. Getting sniped
    3. Accidental Suicide.

    Once again, just my guess. Haven’t had the pleasure of playing halo 4 with you, So I wouldn’t really know.

  3. Assassinated, Sniped, and betrayed. I am guilty as charged 🙂

    • No. Hmm, maybe I should help this along a little. ONE of your answers is one of the correct three.

  4. I’m gonna have a go and say Grenade kills on lockdown, betrayals from n00bs and by snipers

  5. 1. When u forgot that the suit works in space, not water.
    2. By a jet packing Spartan from who knows where, above. ( there you are, come to Daddy)
    3. Stink’n snipers. ( I know where you are now! )

  6. 1. Death by grenade, ………your own. ( that’s so embarrassing. )

    2. Killing Spree, killer. ( You just had to wait till my sheilds were down, didn’t you)

    3. Death before Achievement. (can you not see what I’m doing here! )

    • Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Before Halo 4, I have ALWAYS hated being sniped. When Reach came out, Assassinations were added to that. Then with Halo 4 the Boltshot.

    • While betrayals suck, there are certain gametypes that this happens in all too frequently, like Grifball, so I grin and bear it.

  7. Sniper, bolt shot and plasma grenade. That’s it I know it… Maybe haha

    • Getting stuck can stink, but if it was thrown well by the opponent, I can’t get mad about that.

    • Heh, Incin does suck because it’s VERY OP. But not as much as the Bolt shot, IMO.

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