Contest for Halo 4 “Engage” Carbine skin

Okay, instead of the normal trivia questions which are usually EASY with just a quick look-up on Google, I’m going to make this a bit more interactive.

I want to see your HAND DRAWN Carbines. NO PHOTOSHOP.

Here is the computer rendered file from 343. Use for reference if you’d like.Halo 4 Carbine

You have until Sunday 11:59pm (EST) to send me your drawing. You must be a registered member of the blog to enter. It’s free to register, so send me an e-mail at sal@ if you want to sign up for the blog. Just give me your desired user name and a password you want to use. You can include your drawing in that e-mail as well. Nothing over 1MB please.

If you’re already registered, send me your drawing via e-mail as well and be certain that you include your screen name here on the blog. (I”ll be checking those)

I’ll pick one for the entries and send you the code.

Drawings may be in pen, pencil, marker, crayon. Again NO computer rendered files. If I have to guess if it’s computer rendered or not, it will likely be disqualified without notice.

So let’s see those Carbines folks!!!


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6 thoughts on “Contest for Halo 4 “Engage” Carbine skin

  1. Awesome! Do I send you the picture from my registration email? And what email do I send it to? Thanks!

  2. Do you want us to just draw a copy of a Carbine, a cool new skin for the carbine, or a new design for the Carbine altogether? It sorta matters..

    • Draw the carbine as seen in Halo 4. You may add your own ‘skin” to it. It just has to be the same base Halo 4 model of the carbine.

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