Halo Initiation #3 is available to buy!

I picked mine up this morning.

Halo Initiation 3Thus ends the short mini-series of Spartan Palmer and her first mission action as a Spartan.

The cover is excellent. The story moves almost too fast. Again, this was necessary due to the mini-series being only 3 issues long. Getting to see Davis in his gold colored armor for the first time was nice.

I’m happy with the series, though I’d have liked to have seen it stretched into 6 issues. With the story that was told, it could have easily been made into 6 issues. Ah well, can’t wait for the next Halo comic book series “Escalation!” (As I previously previewed HERE.)



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    • Your local comic book store or book store. Sometimes grocery stores carry these too. If not, then try the net. I think you can buy direct from Darkhorse.com. You’ll have to check that out though.

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