Color Me this: Halo Initiation #1 Alternate cover progress…

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I worked on this some more. Here is a four-panel graphic that shows from left top going in a ‘Z’ pattern (Click on pic to make bigger):

Original                                         Friday Progress
Saturday Progress                      Actual Artist final color

So I filled in Palmer, much more of the Brute Chieftan and added a little bit of lighting on the green parts. I fill in using solid colors to start, then go back and add highlights and shadows on different layers in photoshop, using special filters. You’ll see this later.

I’m looking forward to what this may turn out to be. I have a pretty good idea already and know where I want to take this, but I’m allowing myself some freedom if the colors/affects aren’t quite working with me to change it to something else.

So are you hard at work on yours?  Remember I’ll showcase your artwork on the blog here.

Oh and PLEASE, do not worry about matching up against mine. Heck if you do better, GREAT! If not, please realize that I’ve been an artist for 40 years. And in the digital realm (Photoshop) for 16 years of that.

So don’t think you need to compete with mine or even the actual artist work. Heck, go crazy with this. Maybe send in an all multi-colored pink hued Brute! Or give him a plaid pattern on his armor. Be creative. That’s the whole point of these “Color Me This” articles. Have FUN!


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