What does a near 2-hour conversation with PGCR get you?

I just finished a near two-hour long discussion with Robowski of Post Game Carnage Report (PGCR) about an idea for a future multi-cast/simulcast podcast between PGCR and Spirit of Fire.

To say we were both into the idea and talked a lot about the topics is an understatement. We will be having a panel of other Halo folks. Some community leaders, some everday fans, and of course Robowski, myself and portions of our ‘crews’ respectively.

Since he and I talked for almost 2 hours, I can guarantee that this multi-cast is going to be much longer. In fact we’re expecting it to be at least 3 hours, maybe 4.

What will the topics be? Hmm, well you’re just going to have to tune in for that. We are working towards recording this NEXT Tuesday (Oct, 22) with the simulcast be released either the 23rd or 24th.

Folks, this is one that if you’re a Halo fan, you NEED to listen to.

Part of the reasoning for doing a simulcast and having a panel is to show there is a larger voice than just one or the other of us that wants to have our voices and opinions heard.


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10 thoughts on “What does a near 2-hour conversation with PGCR get you?

  1. Wow. So will you be putting out the full lineup before the podcast?

    • If by that you mean who will be on the show, that shouldn’t be a problem. As for topics to be discusses, that is something you’ll have to listen to.

  2. Sorry, should have been more specific. I meant what other community members would be part of the podcast.

  3. I can’t wait for this one. I hope that someone at 343 is listening to all the feedback on the Waypoint forums and throughout the community. And I really, really hope that someone at 343 has the brass to tell M$ to give them the necessary amount of time and money to make Halo the right way with all the things H4 lacks across the board which we were all accustomed to, and not to copy/paste other FPS mechanics and gimmicks into the next Halo in a vein attempt to win over the COD kids. That does not work. It kills the community that was built over the previous games is what it does.
    Sure, H4 sold more than any previous title but the sad shape of the matchmaking numbers (or lack there of) and the endless threads, youtube videos, tweets, and podcasts pointing out what we expect and what went wrong speak volumes as to the fact that Halo needs to stay true to itself and not become some generic hodgepodge of other games wearing a Mjolnir mask!

    • GREAT Reply!!!! I’m TOTALLY using this in tonight’s recording of the Spirit of Fire podcast!

      • Cool! I hope that they not only hear us but actually do something positive with the feedback. I’ve always been for the evolution from one Halo game to the next but I never expected so many things to be broken or missing and the formula of multi-player to change as drastically as it did. So while I do play Halo 4 pretty regularly it just feels off.

      • Yes, I definitely hope they hear us this time. AND do something with the information we give. Like you, I expect each game to evolve somewhat. But not so drastically as it had into Halo 4. What so bad about this is that there are some pretty easy steps they could take to fix a lot of the issues. Yet, it seems like they want to ignore us. (How dare we fans tell them how to make a better Halo…)

  4. By the way, if you haven’t read it yet part 3 of CruelLEGACEY’s “if I were making Halo 5” is up on his site. This one focuses in on multi-player and he brings up some good ideas. The other two parts of the series are also great reads.

    • I did just last night. I’ll be commenting on this in the next podcast. Wanted to save it for then.

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