Spirit of Fire podcast #7 What’s good in Halo 4.

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After a couple of shows where we’ve expressed our displeasure with some aspects of Halo 4, I thought it only fitting that we had a show that discusses things we LIKE about the Halo 4. I’m joined by my co-hosts, Zach and Martin for this one.

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      SoF 10-16-13

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SoF 10-16-13

In this episode you’ll here about the following (with links to certain topics if you want to follow along that way as well):

The Week in Halo
• McFarlane reveals the Halo 4 Master Chief Statue will go on sale December 6. http://halofanforlife.com/?p=11095 ; http://halofanforlife.com/?p=11141
• Halo Initiation #3 is out. Last in the 3 part mini-series leading up to Spartan Assault. http://halofanforlife.com/?p=11101
• Halo Bulletin: http://halofanforlife.com/?p=11108
– Majestic is no longer needed for Team Slayer!
-Oddball replaces King of the Hill. Has ‘Stickyball’ variant gametype sticky det/sticky nades
-Team Throwdown gets the v5 settings (give list of gametypes/maps)
-Interview with Ghostayame
– Screenshot Spotlight – Forge I like “Jurassic Park 4 Rampage”,  Pillar of Autumn, Risen
• New York Comicon has Halo presence. Frank O’Conner signs Mega Bloks Mammoth poster Panel discussions, giveaways
• AGL switches to Halo 3 for their next tournament: http://halofanforlife.com/?p=11169

Blog specific news:
• Various Halo Artwork shown on blog and put on HFFL’s Pinterest page. Specifically a great vertical timeline: http://halofanforlife.com/?p=11132
• Color me this: Halo Initiation #1 variant artwork. Several blog posts showing the original black and white art, the artists final render and my progression of the piece.
• Upcoming multi/simulcast with PGCR (Post Game Carnage Report) Various Halo community people as panel of guests. Expected to be a LONG podcast. 3-4 hours.

What is good in Halo 4?
Campaign – Good story. Nice graphics, great sound.
Multiplayer – Lots of maps within the first 6 months of release.
Spartan Ops – A great additional campaign as seen through your multiplayer spartan’s eyes. 15 maps over the course of all 10 episodes.
Forge – Magnets, three “forge” maps

Halo 3 for FREE
Finally the game we’ve been waiting for to be free is available. Mythic Maps not downloaded? Is this an issue with anyone else? E-mail me!

When I first started this up earlier today, I immediately felt a rush. Call it nostalgia if you want. All I know is that it felt good. Like I was ‘back home’ again. While I thoroughly enjoyed ODST and Reach, Halo 3 for me was the BEST of all the Halo games to date. I’m going to spend some hours playing the campaign again AND taking screenshots in theater.

This week’s podcast is just over 2 hours. Have a listen and let me know what you think of it. Reply below or on twitter. My twitter page is: https://twitter.com/HaloFanForLife or @HaloFanForLife



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  1. Good show! Thanks for referring to my post. I have to agree, I’m growing tired of talking about my dislike of the direction Halo 4 went in.

    I couldn’t listen to the live podcast last night so I am definitely looking forward to listening to it hear or on iTunes. Will Spirit of Fire be on there someday?

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