The Spirit of Fire podcast MULTI-Cast part 2

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This week’s podcast is a doozy. I partnered up with Robowski from Post Game Carnage Report to bring a multi/simulcast of our podcasts. As well, my co-host Zach live streamed it on his twitch channel ( ). I’m proud to say from now on, the Spirit of Fire podcast will be live streamed on Zach’s channel, so you good readers/listeners can chime in through the chatbox. We may even give out prizes in the near future through the stream…

Also, this week marks the Spirit of Fire being put onto iTunes. So if you don’t want to listen below or download from the blog, you can now go and subscribe HERE to listen on iTunes!

Anyway, so we teamed up and also invited others to join in. Robowski brought along two of his co-horts. Er co-hosts…LOL. I of course brought in Zach. Robowski invited Justin Bryce from Drunken Halo Podcast and I invited in Addicted Cha0s from

Not knowing the software I use to record the podcasts had a limit, this episode had to be broken down into two parts. The first part (here) is just a smidge over 3 hour, 20 minutes long, with this second part being 1 hour 4 minutes long.

Myself and Robowski take turns bringing up topics of discussion as well as asking our panel to respond to the topics. We jump all over from topic to topic talking about Halo 4.

Now before you listen, I want to make clear, this will for all intents and purposes be the last time I criticize Halo 4 in a podcast. Well, at least as a major portion of the podcast. After this marathon multi-cast, I kind of grew tired of saying the same stuff over and over and am about fed up with 343’s non-response… So from now on, we’re just going to report Halo as it is and not as we wish/want it to be. That is…until Halo 5 comes out!

Enjoy and don’t forget the second part to this.

Listen here:

      SoF 10-22-13 Multicast part 2

Download here:

SoF 10-22-13 Multicast part 2

Whew, again this was a doozy.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment below!


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