Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Blue Series Rockethog

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Mega Bloks Blue Series Rockethog: #97159

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: 30 minutes
Set Piece Count: 193
Minifigs: Spartan Mark V [B] Blue, Air Assault Spartan Blue
Weapons: Socom pistol, DMR
Accessories: N/A
Price: $20. Target Exclusive
Special Features: Rotating/pivoting Rocket turret, wheels spin, independent suspension.

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

MB Blue Rockethog FRONTThis set is part of a small “Blue” series. In particular it’s the rockethog. This version is no different than the one that came with the AA Turret VS Rockethog set, other than it’s BLUE color instead of the normal green. That said, it’s a good build! 

MB Blue Rockethog BACKThe back of the box. This shows one of the other “Blue” sets in the form of the Banshee.

MB Blue Rockethog ContentsThe contents of the box.

MB Blue Rockethog SortedThe pieces all sorted out. Good mix of black and blue pieces here. And those tan camo…we’ll get to those later.

MB Blue Rockethog chassisWell, it’s later, lol. The tan camo pieces are being used to prop up the model while building it. What’s great is later on when they are taken off then can be used as ground pieces! GREAT choice there by Mega Bloks to do this. I like them better than solid red or yellow as we normally get. Anyway…the above photo shows the chassis being put together.

MB Blue Rockethog sidesThe sides of the hog are assembled and attached.

MB Blue Rockethog front endPart of the front end assembled and attached.

MB Blue Rockethog steering-bedHere we see the steering column, console and back end assembled and attached as well.

MB Blue Rockethog windshield-FIN
The windshield and rollbars attached. Then the wheels. We have a hog, but not yet a ROCKET hog. At this point, you could stop if you wanted to keep this as a civilian warthog, which I almost did.

MB Blue Rockethog orthogonalThe orthogonal views of it, sans Rockets.

MB Blue Rockethog rocketsThe rocket assembly attached.

MB Blue Rockethog minifigsHere are the two minifigs you get with the set. If you missed the previous blue Air Assault and want one to be “Kat” from Reach, then this is a good alternative, even if the blue is darker than her actual armor color.

MB Blue Rockethog minis orthoOrthogonal views of the figures.

MB Blue Rockethog leftoversAs usual, Mega gives us plenty of leftover pieces.

MB Blue Rockethog rock wallAt first I made a rock formation with the tan camo, then made a simple wall with them. Again, kudos to Mega for choosing to use that color of blok instead of a bland solid color.

MB Blue Rockethog mechanic's lift-FINFinally, I took the remaining black and blue pieces and made a slanted mechanics lift, so a UNSC engineer could work on the hog if needed. The blu cross bar on the lift holds the hog in place.

Summary: This set takes a very short time to sort and build. While it’s an older design (as in older than the Halo 4 style), it’s still a great design for the hog. We’ve only had the rocket hog of this variety once before, so I’m glad to see it back in rotation. Also, it’s the first time we have it in blue. The build is solid and the figures look great! The value is decent. If you break it down, minifigs cost about $3 each in those single packs. This leave $14 for the hog itself, which I think is definitely worth it.

Overall Rating: I give this set 10 out for 10 medals.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the review. If you have this set yourself, please give me your thoughts on it too!


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