Articles incoming tomorrow….been ill and busy at the same time.

Hi folks, I know the past few days I’ve been sort of light on articles. I both hurt my back over the weekend and had a super migraine. Both sort of hampered my ability to write up articles.

Hard to concentrate with the headache. As well, hard to sit up in my chair to write. SO I posted what I could in the interim.

During this time however, I’ve been handwriting down ideas for articles. In the coming days, I plan on releasing articles on what Halo means to me. This article I’ve had to write and rewrite this and continue to do so. It’s an article that is hard to pin down certain points as Halo means a LOT to me in many ways.

As well, I’ve been looking at the “ABC’s of Halo.” This is an idea I posted a week or so ago.  That article will go over what I (and readers contributions) feel the next Halo SHOULD have, as well as things we’d like to have in the game. This specific article may span over the course of a few articles as there are many things to consider.

I encourage you all to send in ideas to me about things you’d like for me to write about. As well, if you have any breaking news about Halo, PLEASE feel free to contact me. As I say to every new subscriber, I’m always looking for new and more things Halo to write about.

Thanks for continuing to come back these past few days, even though the news has been scarce. Illness and pain suck and I just needed to try to take a break.


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