343 has a new Creative Director!

Josh Holmes is no longer Creative Director. He’s been switched to being an executive producer. We can only wonder why? Perhaps his misstep during the Halo 4 Post Mordem earlier this year.

In the meantime, we have a NEW Creative Director. His name is Tim Longo. He formally was the Creative Director for the Tomb Raider reboot and Lucas Arts “Republic Commando”. I have to say being a HUGE Star Wars fan, this is AWESOME news. Republic Commando was one of my all time favorite Star Wars video games. Think Spartan Team Noble, but with Clone Troopers instead. Trust me it’s bad arse!


So if we the Halo community get an infusion of that into Halo, I have to say we are in for a much better game than Halo 4!!!

I’ve already started following him on twitter. If you want to follow him and welcome him as well to the Halo community, go HERE.


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  1. Star wars republic commando was my favorite star wars game. It had an awsome campaign and the multi player was cool….I wished they created a sequel…but they did put the team in a few episodes of the clone wars.

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