The Halo Bulletin 12.11.13

halobulletinheader_12-11-13Well this week’s bulletin is fairly dull with one exception. Bravo writes this one up and starts with a rehashing of the events of 343 day which took place on December 9.

Next up is the Matchmaking Update.
This focuses on Race. Rocket Race will be starting on the 23rd of December. In the meantime you can play regular race in the rotational playlist. If you’ve wanted to see yours or other community made maps in race, you’ll need to first build them off of the race gametype from the official playlist. Sigh….with respect to 343, they have way too many checkpoints and those are often so bright that it’s hard to see the track in front of you to actually enjoy the race itself. Hopefully that will be fixed in the future…

The bright spot to this bulletin is the following Matchmaking Playlist Calendar.

The previously mentiones Race and Rocket Race are there. As well, Big Team Swat, then Team DLC (YES!!!). After that comes an old favorite in Heavies. Following that is Big Rumble which is a FFA playlist with 12 people instead of 8 as in Rumble Pit. After that comes Medal Madness. Looks like earning medals are the way you score in this game type. Not sure on that though, so I’ll update you as I find out. Also, team size to be determined. Extraction comes back for the two weeks follow. Then we get yet another DLC gametype in Squad DLC (YESSSSSSS!!!!). Lastly the secretive Ninja Assassins at the end of April. No details on that just yet, so let the speculation begin!

Here are the dates each of those gametypes will be active for two weeks:
1.6 – Big Team SWAT
No shields, but lots of players and headshots. Lots of those. 8 vs. 8.
1.20 – Team DLC
Team game types on DLC maps. 4 vs. 4.
2.3 – Heavies
Big guns, big vehicles, big fun. 6 vs. 6.
2.17 – Big Rumble
Free-For-All with 12 players.
3.3 – Medal Madness
Earn medals to help your team win the match. Team sizes TBA.
3.17 – Extraction
Extract supply sites to win. 5 vs. 5.
3.31 – Squad DLC
Team game types on DLC maps. 6 vs. 6.
4.14 – Ninja Assassins
Details TBA.

Next up is some news that Halo 4 will be the game of choice for the Red Bull 5G 2013 Finals. Nice to see Halo can still be used for gaming championships!
The finals will be streamed at at 3PM JST on 12.15.13 (10PM PST on 12.14.13 /
The finals will be streamed at at 3PM JST on 12.15.13 (10PM PST on 12.14.13 1AM EST 12.15.13).

The next article is one that showcases a community made map called Advantage. Bravo has an interview with the creator of the map. Decent read. The map reminds me of Uncaged from Halo Reach. Hmm, since Bravo talked to the fellow who created it, I bet we’ll see this fast-tracked into matchmaking…

Finally the Screenshot Spotlight. This week’s subject: YELLOW To be honest, I didn’t find any one of the selections to be appealing. I think it’s more to do with the color of choice, than what is in the pics. “YOUR IN” for some bright yellow…if you take my meaning. LOL

According to Bravo, there will be a bulletin next week, however, possibly not the two weeks following due to the holidays.

To read the full bulletin, go to the official site HERE.

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