Halo Toy Review: Mega Bloks Ultimate Combat Pack

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Mega Bloks Ultimate Combat Pack: Set #97233

Technical Specifications:
Build Time: N/A
Set Piece Count: 167
Minifigs: Jump Pack Brute (Cyan Active Camo), Cyan Grunt, Cyan Spec Ops Grunt, Cyan Brute, Cyan Jump Pack Brute, Spartan CQB (Green Active Camo), Green Spartan CQB, Green Flame Marine. Green Spartan Recon, Green Spartan EVA, Orange Elite Pilot, Orange Elite Commando, Orange Elite Combat, Orange Grunt, Orange Spec Ops Grunt, Black Spartan Security, Black Spartan EOD, Black Spartan Scout, ODST (Bronze highlights), ODST (Silver Highlights)
Weapons: Crimson Needler X2, Crimson Plasma Rifle, Cyan Active Camo Plasma Rifle, Grey Brute Mauler, Purple Plasma Pistol, Purple Plasma Repeater, Purple Plasma Launcher, Black Spike Grenade, Translucent Purple Plasma Grenades (X4), Green Active Camo Grenade Launcher, Silver Assault Rifle, Silver Assault Rifle (Reach style), Silver DMR, Silver Grenade Launcher, Silver Spartan Laser, Silver SMG, Silver Magnum X3, Frag Grenade X2, Flame Thrower (Silver Flamethrower, Black Hose, Green gas tank)
Accessories: 2X3 figure stands (20 pieces), Cyan Active Camo Jump Pack, Black Backpack X2
Price: $49.99 Toys R Us Exclusive (My wife got this for the discount price of $29.99 on Black Friday)
Special Features: N/A
This pack is a TOYS R US Exclusive!

And on with the pics! (Click pics to make BIGGER)

MB Ultimate Combat Pack BOX FrontThe box is very nicely done showing the figures off quite nicely. This box art has a slightly different color scheme than we’ve seen in the past. It has green for the detail. Zoom in on the pic, especially the lower left side and you can see it. I really like this color scheme and hope we see it again.

MB Ultimate Combat Pack BOX BackThe back of the bos shows the set of minifigs on the provided pieces that make up the display stand. I really like that Mega gives that extra effort to include those parts so people that want to display them outside the package have the parts necessary instead of having to buy expensive display stands. THANKS Mega! 

MB Ultimate Combat Pack BOX Back detailA closer up pic of the figures included with their designations.

MB Ultimate Combat Pack BOX insideWhen you open up the box, there are slots on both sides that contain the long pieces for the display stand.

MB Ultimate Combat Pack BOX inside 2Likewise, the direction sheet is between the back of the box and the green cardboard insert.

MB Ultimate Combat Pack contentsThis is what you initially get when you take the contents out. Some might say it looks cool like that. But I have to take take those figs out of the plastic tray. 

MB Ultimate Combat Pack contents 2You get a plastic bag and some more parts for the display stand. Within the plastic bag are the pieces shown above. It’s neat that Mega even included 4 tiles that show various emblems on them.

MB Ultimate Combat Pack weapons CovenantHere are all of the Covenant Weapons and Accessories in the pack. I do like that Mega made the one Plasma Rifle in Crimson, as that is the Brute’s color for the weapon. Of course, I’m very happy with the translucent weapons and nades. 

MB Ultimate Combat Pack weapons UNSCHere are all the UNSC weapons (sans Flamethrower). That A/C Green Nade Launcher is AWESOME!!! I do wish the silver weapons were painted, even if two-toned. However, given the excellent price of the pack, this is minor.

MB Ultimate Combat Pack weapons UNSC 2The flamethrower assembled.

Now we get to the minifigs. First up, the Elites.MB Ultimate Combat Pack minifigs ElitesWhat’s cool about this is now we have Orange Elites to match the Flood infected Orange Elites that came in the Flood Siege set last year. (Which I reviewed right here: http://halofanforlife.com/?p=2531)

Next we have the grunts.
MB Ultimate Combat Pack minifigs Grunts
I love my Grunties! Can’t have enough of those little guys!

MB Ultimate Combat Pack minifigs BrutesThe Brutes are next. I’m actually digging this cyan color. I didn’t think I would, but out of the box, they look GREAT! And of course, you KNOW I was going to love the translucent Brute regardless!

We move on to the UNSC figs.MB Ultimate Combat Pack minifigs Spartans BlackI think Black is one of the best choices for color. They feel so Spec Ops/Special Forces/Seal Team, etc. While I am not a huge fan of the Security helmet, I know there are a lot of Halo Mega Bloks collectors that are. I AM a big EOD fan, so I’m happy to have that one.

Next up are the ODSTs and Flame Marine.MB Ultimate Combat Pack minifigs ODSTs MarineAs with Grunts, I don’t think you could ever have enough ODSTs. The color highlights for these two are fantastic. Not over the top team colors. Just nice metallic colors that fit well with the uniform. I’m happy that the Flame Marine comes in the green color. My favorite color for these Spartans is the default green. To me, it harkens back to the little green army men of old!

MB Ultimate Combat Pack minifigs Marine 2Some additional views of the Flame Marine, with the backpack on.

Finally we come to the Green Spartans.MB Ultimate Combat Pack minifigs Spartans GreenOkay, ONE guess which one is my favorite….LOL. First, I’m extremely happy to have CQBs. They were my favorite helmet back in Halo 3. I WISH they’d come back to Halo. Hopefully the next game! Recon is always good to have. Like the Security helmet, I’m not a huge fan of the EVA’s helmet. I think it has to do with having such a large visor. It makes me feel like they are less protected, even though they have greater visibility. Note the A/C Green CQB’s visor is painted!

MB Ultimate Combat Pack minifigs Spartans Green 2One more shot of my favorite fig in the set!

And lastly, a battle has indeed sprung up!!!!
MB Ultimate Combat Pack Battle FIN


Summary: No time needed to build this as it’s just the figures, weapons and their stands. The figs came pre-assembled. This is an excellent set. The mix of Covenant and UNSC is good. The further mix of Brutes, Grunts, Elites, ODST, Spartan and the Flame Marine makes this a well diversified set and an instant army!

Now you might be wondering why didn’t I make the display stand? I usually don’t. I instead use these black parts for an ongoing project….

Even if you didn’t get it for the sale price, at $50 for 20 minifigs, that still comes to only $2.50 per figure. That’s 50 cents to $1 cheaper than the single packed mystery figures and you know exactly what you’re getting in this set! If you lucked out and did get this for the Black Friday sale, KUDOS to you. I was surprised by my wife with this. She was a bit of a sneak and ordered this online. Ha, if I’d have known that, i wouldn’t have gone shopping for it. Then again, I wouldn’t have been able to help that nice family and save the mom $40 on the two packs she got for her two sons. So I guess it worked out for all anyway.

Overall Rating: I give this set 9.5 out for 10 medals. The only very minor thing was the bland silver weapons. Had they been two-toned, this would have got a perfect 10 from me. Still, it’s TOTALLY worth getting, even at the full price! I’d highly suggest getting this soon if you haven’t already and are on the fence about it. It’s sure to sell out during the holidays and I don’t expect Toys R Us to get a replenishment of them any time soon.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the review. If you have this set yourself, please give me your thoughts on it too!


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