HaloFanForLife’s Minimalist Halo Characters: #5 Hunter

Well, we’re halfway through with today’s posting of my Halo minimalist art series. It’s day 5. Did you guess who the character would be?

As I’m sure you could tell from those large spiky things, it is of course an imposing HUNTER!

Minimalist Hunter_sm

I had to go a little bit more with color here, since the hunter has that fuel rod cannon array on it’s left “arm”. So this one has 7 colors. The lightest blue I could have maybe exchanged for the darker blue, but it just didn’t look right when I tried it. I felt the added highlighting helped, so I kept it in.

Here’s the preview of the day 6 character. Can you guess what it is?

day 6 blackened

Are you liking this series so far? What has been your favorite? Any guesses as to who/what may be in the rest of the series?

A bigger version of this and all of the other minimalist pieces will be available after they’ve all been shown. Stay tuned for more details on that.

I recreated these in Adobe Illustrator using some fun techniques and refining some of the shapes. I tried to use as few colors as possible yet show enough detail so that each character was instantly recognizable.


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4 thoughts on “HaloFanForLife’s Minimalist Halo Characters: #5 Hunter

    • This image is so small, not good enough for t-shirts. I’ll have the high-res versions available after they are all revealed. T-shirts are one way I was thinking of doing this. Stay tuned. Just 5 days and you’ll be able to get these as either posters or t-shirts. More details on that then.

  1. I have to say Sal these Minimalist art pieces are very impressive, I’ve liked everyone you’ve posted, and for very few colors used as possible yet shows so much detail 😀

    • Thanks Tom. I’d liked to have posted bigger images of these, but I’ve had my artwork stolen and posted elsewhere without being given credit or others saying it’s their work. So for now, those little images will have to do for now. A larger format of these will be available after they’ve all been shown. Details coming on that in a few days.

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