McFarlane Halo 4 Master Chief Statue

My friend PensHalo was lucky enough to get this grand statue. The statue emulates the cover art from Halo 4, showing Master amid the wreckage of the Forward unto Dawn.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at his statue, shall we?

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue 3-4 front-
The box is well done with graphics and shows what the model looks like inside.

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue BACK-
Here’s the back of the box. This shows the alternate hands you can pose Chief with. We’ll get to that in a bit.

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue number 717-Gawd, he missed it by THAT much! Almost 117. That would have been AWESOME!

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue foam containter-This is what you see when you open the box. The statue comes within a large foam shell.

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue Todd McF sig-A signed card by none other than Todd McFarlane himself.

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue base and sword in foam-Here is the base of the model within the foam as well as the energy sword hand.

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue base TOP-Ah, now we get to the good stuff! DETAIL! There’s a ton of detail in the base itself, parts, wires, etc.

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue base SIDE-This is the front, showing the Halo 4 logo nicely.

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue in foam-Chief is awoken from Cryo, er…styrofoam sleep!

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue HELD-This graphic show a side, front and back view of Chief. Click to make bigger. That’s some GREAT sculpting and detail there!!!

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue hand hole and weaponsSo now we come to the alternate hands. As you can see by the left most part of the above graphic, there is a hole by which you can insert any one of the three alternate hands.

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue sans right hand-
Chief is almost ready. Just needs a weapon. Which one did PensHalo choose to display him with?

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue as COVER-Why none other than the assault rifle of course. He even jokingly commented that anyone displaying this statue with anything but the AR should have their statue taken away. I agree, plus their “membership card” of being a Halo fan! LOL

McF Halo 4 Master Chief Statue Displayed-
Finally we see where PensHalo’s statue is fully on display. Hey! That looks like MY basement!!! (Oh, I wish…LOL)

Thanks for sharing your pics Pens. Another reader also sent photos of his statue as well that I’ll share sometime later this coming week.


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