HaloFanForLife’s Minimalist Halo Characters: #14 The Didact!!

This is it. The last of my Halo minimalist art pieces.

Who better to end this series than the big baddie of Halo 4 himself, the Didact!

Minimalist Didact v2_sm

There is a ton of detail in this one, even for a minimalist art piece. I used 8 colors for him. I could have dropped it to 7, but felt the dark red near his shoulders (which is hard to see in the small graphic above) was needed.

I was going to go with a dark background for this to help blend the Didact in However, when I did, it just didn’t seem right. SO I kept it lighter and allowed the Didact to pop off the background more.

So comes an end to my Halo minimalist art project. There were more I wanted to do, but didn’t want to drag this out too long. I have other characters in mind and would consider doing a second series of these. However, I’d like to know if YOU folks want to see more of them. Please let me know by either replying below or sending me an e-mail to sal@halofanforlife.com. Let me know which characters you’d like to see done in this style.

Alright, so I said these would be made available in a larger format after these all were revealed. I can’t sell these as posters as I had wanted to as that breaks the usage rule per Microsoft. (Not that I had expected to make any significant money from these anyway, and all the money made would have gone right back into the blog anyway) So I’m at a conundrum as to how to make these available to you folks, without my artwork being ripped off. I’ve asked Jessica Shea, aka BS Angel, if she would be willing to show these as an article on Halo Waypoint. I’m waiting to hear back from her on that. If yes, then I’ll give her my high resolution files so she can post them. If not, then I’m going to need suggestions.

A reader had asked about t-shirts. Again, because I’m not permitted to make money from these, I can’t do that either. While I could easily watermark these, that would detract from the piece itself. To boot, I’d have to place the watermark over part of the piece so it couldn’t be as easily replicated. Again, I think it would be tacky to do so for art pieces.

So again, I’m open to suggestions here.

Thanks to all of you who have been following this project, especially those who commented here. I enjoyed making these. If you look back over the whole series, I only used between 5 to 8 colors for each piece. Not to bad when trying to keep to a minimum.

I recreated these in Adobe Illustrator using some fun techniques and refining some of the shapes. I tried to use as few colors as possible yet show enough detail so that each character was instantly recognizable.


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