Halo Comic Book Review: Escalation #2 (SPOILERS)

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Issue 2 picks up right where issue 1 left off. The dignitaries, Lasky, Palmer and Spartans are currently in a parts depot looking to be extracted.

We readers are introduced to another Spartan. She is Spartan Ray. She specialized in Communications before she became a Spartan and is the one most qualified for what Lasky needs at the moment.

In the meantime, the depot has been found by the renegade Covenant forces. Here we are introduced to “Shipmaster” Gajat. Followed by Tek, a Skirmisher. Okay, so we were told previously that all of the Skirmishers were wiped out during the battle of Reach. I for one am HAPPY they are back in Halo. I really liked the look of the Skirmisher. As well, I found it hard to believe ALL of them would have been subjugated to Reach. Now during this interaction, we find that there is a HUMAN that seems to be running the shots. Hmm, very interesting…

Meanwhile in orbit, the Infinity, Arbiter’s group and the Brutes have lost contact with Lasky and the rest on the surface of the planet. At this time, we also find out the name of the new XO (Executive Officer /second in command) of the Infinity. His name is Bradley. That’s his last name.

Back on the planet, the rouge group of Covenant burst into the depot only to find the other group having temporarily escaped. Palmer takes one part of the group, while ordering Scruggs to take a second part of the group. Scruggs group lags behind a little. (This is important to note.) Both groups fall under attack from a Covenant Lich and it’s soldiers. Palmer gets the other Spartan’s grenades and tosses them into the Lich (via her helmet).

In the meantime, Lasky and Ray are searching for a communication station so that they an contact the fleet in space. They are almost caught by surprise by an Elite, but end up taking him out. They find what they need and Ray makes a discovery that the network itself is jamming the signal.

Palmer, Scruggs and the other Spartans are fighting off the Lich’s soldiers and win that battle. Lord Hood is suspicious of how the rogue group kept finding them so quickly and suspects there is a spy among them. He finds a UNSC tablet among the body of a dead elite.

Meanwhile, Lasky and Ray are making their way take out two more elites and steal their Banshees. What’s great here is that we see BOTH the classic Banshee and the updated Reach/Halo 4 style Banshee. Man, I’m LOVING how this story is bringing continuity together!

The rest of the rogue group where Lasky and Ray were are leaving in a hurry. They seek to intercept the VIP delegation.

HUGE SPOILER! Scruggs radios to Palmer that the other location they are going to is secure. This among the bodies of dead Spartans and Brutes. Seems HE may be the spy….

Okay, I have to say this tory is INTENSE! Mystery, action, intrigue! It’s a fantastic story and I can’t wait to see what happens in issue #3. The art again is well done. The pacing of the book is frenetic is a good way as it keeps you reading to see what happens next. That final reveal bothers me a bit. I would NEVER under any circumstances think a Spartan would be treasonous. Then again, he’s a Spartan IV and not a Spartan II, like Master Chief.

Whoo-boy! This series is going to be exciting for the third issue! I HIGHLY recommend getting this series. It may certainly have implications for the next game in the franchise.



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8 thoughts on “Halo Comic Book Review: Escalation #2 (SPOILERS)

  1. Not to discredit you or anything, but although the Skirmishers did suffer extremely high casualties during the fighting on Reach, they were not entirely wiped out. The sub species did survive and began to slowly recover. Infact there was at least one skirmisher mentioned in the Kilo 5 trilogy, that being Sav Fel.

    • You’re not discrediting me. I do however distinctly recall reading/seeing/hearing they had all been wiped out at Reach. No matter, I’m glad we’re seeing them again, even if just in comics, ATM.

  2. I am really enjoying this series. If all twelve are like this then I will be getting the hard cover version when it comes out. I wonder if 343 is using this to springboard either a story for a game that goes off of the main Master Chief story line or if this might be a way to lead into the Halo TV show? I know there are rumors of 343 working on 2 games, but who knows.

    Also, they have summaries up for up to #5 and after seeing the covers and reading the summaries, I got all kinds of excited. I won’t say any more though.

    Great job on the summary, Sal! I always enjoy the reviews! Keep up the great work!

    • Heh, believe me, I know about those. I’m going to do some previews on them. I’m definitely going to have to put a huge SPOILER ALERT in the title though… Next issue…whew!

  3. As far as the skirmishers go, that’s just what I read on the Halo wiki, but I would really like for Mega to release some more mega bloks figures of them, maybe in some differen armor colors or something. Also, have you heard anything more about those metal/christmas colored drop pods they were making? (release date, or at which stores they’ll be sold)

    • Totally agree with you on MEGA releasing more of these and in different armor colors. I’d love to have the Murmillo version of them. Drop pods are apparently out. Some people have found them all over, so check your local stores.

      • While I have yet to find the drop pods, I have been able to find the new Ghost. On the back of the box it does show the 4 drop pods, so I would assume they are out, maybe just not in great numbers yet.

      • Good find man. I’m hoping to see some new stuff very soon. I’m itching to build some new Halo Mega Bloks sets and review them here of course.

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