343 Artist Shae Shatz posts a new piece of cool Concept art!


The above in Shae’s words:

The concept above was done for HALO 4. It was some work for a portion of a level that was ultimately scaled down so the team could execute it within time limits. Along the course of this experience, one would encounter a series of banshees in water that was knee deep while fighting a variety of other foes. 

So now I’m curious which level this was to be? There are a few places I can think of that this could have been added.


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2 thoughts on “343 Artist Shae Shatz posts a new piece of cool Concept art!

  1. I’m a bit disappointed about these last pieces of concept art, it looks too halo, i mean nothing new or diferent like the scenarios of destiny for example. The aesthetics of bungie is what i miss te most about the halo games ( that metal slug pelican of halo 4 is my worst reference ).

    • Don’t forget this was concept art for Halo 4, NOT the next game. SO this is old to 343, just not to us. I like this piece. Those towering blue glowing “mushrooms” for lack of a better word are pretty cool.

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