New Flood game type? CAVEAT (It’s a modded game type)

My friend Addicted Cha0s tweeted the link to the following video regarding a new modded Flood game type called “Plague”.

This looks to be a lot of fun. As Flood you can choose to be any of three different kinds of flood. Small and fast, normal, or big and slow but powerful.

As Spartans you can heal each other from infection.

Wow, this just sounds amazing!

The only issue is that it’s modded. So PLEASE be aware of that should you download the maps/gametype. XBOX policy says no modding. This could leave yourselves vulnerable to banning. While I’d love to hear an official “okay” from 343 on this, they really can’t. Yes, I know Frank O’Conner stated ok on modded gametypes. That however was an impromptu saying as a convention and he even said he needed to be careful about this.

Now if this made it into the official Flood playlist in Halo 4, you bet I’d be playing it.


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4 thoughts on “New Flood game type? CAVEAT (It’s a modded game type)

  1. Sounds fun plus it would add some variety to flood. You should check out some of the maps and game types done by Mr Pokephile. He’s made some really cool custom maps and game types like trench warfare and pac man.

  2. They’re not modded, at least the two I looked at. You can find them on you tube as he has a youtube channel.

    • The map shown in the video isn’t modded, but the gametype IS. I’m still not going to take any chances here.

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