Halo Toy PRE-view: Mega Bloks series 9 blind pack Halo minifigs!

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Whew, series 8 has barely been out and now we have pics of series 9!!! I want to thank Russell and Kevin, readers of the blog for passing me the link to these.



So let’s talk about these individually, shall we?

megabloks-micro-action-figures-series-9-96978-6972Ah good another Brute Stalker. Honestly, I wanted more of the blue version seen with the UNSC Cobra set (I previously reviewed HERE). However, I’ll take this one for sure! Nice color AND it has a gravity hammer. YES! Now I should be able to easily collect those hammers so I can finally make a Grifball diorama!!!

megabloks-micro-action-figures-series-9-96978-6973I am always up for more Grunts! I like the color of this little fella. Nice to have another wine color Needler as well.

megabloks-micro-action-figures-series-9-96978-6974HOLE EEEE SH…shucks!!! OMG, this is FANTASTIC!!!!! I LOVE Skirmishers. I’ve been asking and asking Mega to make these again. Now to have an Active Camo one to boot?!?
AWESOME!!!! Just a little curious why the weapon isn’t Active Camo as well. Not a detractor at all, just curious is all. I’ve got to have 2-3 of this fig. I’m betting it’s the Ultra Rare of this wave.

megabloks-micro-action-figures-series-9-96978-6975Sweet, an Alpha Crawler with the blue highlights. This is an excellent follow up to the regular Crawler and Watcher with blue highlights each in Series 8. 

megabloks-micro-action-figures-series-9-96978-6976Can we haz Recon? Why yes we can! I’m always game for Green Spartans. Though I do wish this was the “Not-Madsen” color instead. Hopefully we see him done the line.

megabloks-micro-action-figures-series-9-96978-6977Wow, we haven’t seen a Flame Marine in a LONG time, that I recall. Nice to have another one. I think it’s quite appropriate that it’s orange too. Kind of goes with the “flame” theme!

megabloks-micro-action-figures-series-9-96978-6978Yellow Security eh? Okay, I like the color. I’m just not a fan of the helmet. Too “BUG” for me. Still, I know a lot of fans who DO like this helmet, so it’s a welcome addition to the blind pack series.

megabloks-micro-action-figures-series-9-96978-6979Hmm, a Red C.I.O. Spartan and wait, what’s that he’s carrying???? Another Gravity Hammer. AHHHH YEAHHH!!! Grifball diorama here I come!!!

All in all, this is a very good line up for series 9. Excellent army builders in the Brute, Grunt, and Crawler. A welcome return of the Flame Marine. We get three Spartans. And the gem in the series to me, the Active Camo Skirmisher!

Great selection Mega!!!!



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4 thoughts on “Halo Toy PRE-view: Mega Bloks series 9 blind pack Halo minifigs!

  1. This time all the figures looks great, and the cio spartan had the color i been waiting for, but there was only one set to get a skirmisher and the active camo is not the best option, maybe they did it this way because the painting of a skirmisher had a lot of detail, but I really want a red skrmisher or even a specialist.

    • I hear ya on the Skirmisher only be available in one set. As a HUGE fan of translucent figures, I’m happy about the A/C Skirmisher. I do hope though that Mega makes the in-game red and gold (Murmillo) versions of this figure. Especially if the Murmillo comes with those forearm shields!

  2. This is one of the best looking blind bag line ups I’ve seen so far!

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